Flexible, cost-effective email for everyone.

You have the option to choose between a standard and premium user type for each of your users. Standard Users are free, and the number of Standard Users that can be provisioned is based on edition of Scalix you choose. Premium Users are licensed.

Standard Users get the following client capabilities:
  • Scalix Web Access operating in Standard mode, providing email and personal calendaring
  • Optional Scalix ActiveSync for wireless Push-Email and Calendar/Contact synchronization supporting devices implementing Microsoft ActiveSync technology
  • Novell Evolution operating in Standard mode, providing email and individual calendaring
  • Scalix Mobile Web Client
  • Support for any POP3/IMAP client
  • Support for any CalDAV client
Premium Users in all editions of Scalix get Standard User capabilities, plus:
  • Full feature, native MAPI support of Microsoft Outlook clients
  • Scalix Web Access operating in Premium mode, which additionally provides collaboration features:
    • Group scheduling including free/busy lookup
    • Public folders
    • Mailbox delegation functions
    • Permission controlled access to other users folders
  • Novell Evolution operating in Premium mode, providing the full feature set
Premium Users in Small Business, Enterprise and Hosting editions of Scalix get all Standard and Premium User capabilities, plus:
  • Recovery Folder for instant, user-driven recovery of deleted items
  • Wireless email with PIM for all devices including Blackberry via optional add-on

Having freedom of choice in user types allows you to provide email to all your users in the most cost-effective manner. For example, manufacturers often provision headquarters staff as Premium Users, giving them advanced groupware capabilities, and provision less demanding plant personnel as Standard Users, giving them email and individual calendaring. Similarly, educational institutions may decide that faculty and staff should be provisioned as Premium Users while students would be satisfied as Standard Users.