No more Junk Mail in your Inbox

With global spam rates reaching 87% and higher, and massive bots capable of spewing millions of messages per hour, businesses and service providers are faced with bloated bandwidth and deteriorating end-user satisfaction.

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Scalix AntiSpam uses Commtouch's Recurrent Pattern Detection technologies to detect and block spam in any language, including image-based spam and other types of attachment spam. Rather than evaluate the content of messages, the Commtouch Detection Center analyzes large volumes of Internet traffic in real-time, recognizing and protecting against new spam outbreaks the moment they emerge.

Superior Detection Rates

Scalix AntiSpam blocks up to 97% of incoming spam, resulting in potentially hundreds of dollars of savings per employee per year from the reduced time and distraction of dealing with unwanted messages.

Benefits of Scalix AntiSpam
  • Real time detection blocks upwards of 97% of spam
  • Effective against all spam including image-based and double-byte languages
  • Low false positive rate of less than 1 in 1.5 million
  • Global protection against all types of spam - in any location, format, content, or language