The open alternative to proprietary email.

Enterprises need a robust, feature-rich messaging and collaboration platform. But IT departments are struggling because:

  • Messaging environments have become too complex and resource-intensive
  • Upgrades are too costly
  • Products are mandated for infrastructure components, desktops and more - lack of choice
  • Browser-based clients don't meet the needs of power users who need to work remotely

The Scalix technology is different. Our enterprise-class messaging and collaboration platform takes the cost and complexity out of administration and upgrades, and gives you the freedom to choose the infrastructure, applications, and desktops that best suit your business needs. As a result, your total cost of ownership is dramatically reduced, and your investment in current and future messaging systems is protected. How do we do it? With an architecture based on open standards and an industrial-strength Linux platform.

Reduce cost and complexity.

Scalix messaging technology dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership. Our Linux-based Collaboration Platform gives you 99.999% availability with clustering and failover. Our message store uses a native Linux file system which is rock solid and eliminates the need for you to manage a database. Our Server typically supports 50%-100% more users per server than Exchange, so you can consolidate servers. With our SmartCache processing on local machines, you can centralize messaging servers and eliminate the complexity of managing distributed systems. We don't silo our server roles, so you can grow your system without having to re-architect anything or invest in additional hardware. Our licensing structure allows you to upgrade your software or add a new server without incurring any licensing costs. You are free to use 32-bit or 64-bit hardware. You may choose to deploy our desktop-like web client for some or all of your users, which eliminates the need to manage desktops. You may have some less demanding users who would be fully productive provisioned as low-cost Standard Users, with email and personal calendaring. And you can choose from a selection of open source tools for data protection, storage management, and more.

Increase freedom of choice with open standards.

Our Scalix Collaboration Platform integrates with the infrastructure and client applications you have in place today or decide to deploy in the future. Scalix Server works with any LDAP-based directory you choose. Our web client works on any desktop OS, using either Firefox or Internet Explorer. Our platform provides MAPI-based, full-feature support of Outlook. Our web services platform provides non-proprietary integration with other enterprise applications and services. Scalix Server supports many different storage architectures.

Transition seamlessly.

For a smooth transition, a variety of Scalix and partner migration tools can be used to easily migrate data from Exchange and other legacy systems. No changes to your corporate directory or network topology are required. Automated tools reliably migrate all mailboxes, messages, public folders, calendars, and directory data from your existing mail system. The migration process ensures full mailbox and message fidelity and message reply-ability. Our platform provides transparent server-to-server co-existence with Exchange, so you can choose to maintain a mixed environment or migrate on any schedule you choose.

Enjoy the many benefits of moving your messaging to Linux, while gaining a new-found freedom of choice.