Our Linux-based Scalix Server is different.

Enterprises are all too familiar with mail servers that rob IT staff of precious time and, perhaps even worse, rob them of control and predictability. IT administrators are burdened with scenarios such as a late night spent rebooting the system to complete another service pack installation, or an entire weekend spent recovering a message store.

Our Linux-based Scalix Server is different. It gives you the comprehensive enterprise messaging you need – email, group calendaring, contacts, tasks, and shared public folders – as well as the industrial-strength reliability, availability, and predictability you've been longing for.

Server-side integration platform

With Scalix Proxy Folders, introduced in Scalix 12.0, the Scalix Server becomes a first-grade integration platform. While traditional solutions often manage subscriptions to external feeds on the client, Scalix goes one step further. RSS/Atom and WebCal feeds can be subscribed directly on the server, making their content available through Scalix Clients of Choice, without having to redo configuration and the additional overhead of loading the same data multiple times. Feeds can even be mapped to a public folder, making them available for the whole organization. They can be reshared and merged with other personal or shared content.

Rock solid.

Scalix Server is based on field-proven OpenMail technology licensed from Hewlett Packard. Over the past decade, this email server technology has been deployed by some of the world's largest and most demanding enterprises while maintaining system availability of 99.999% with clustering and failover.

The message store uses a native Linux file system which has proven to be rock solid in enterprise deployments and eliminates the burden of database management.


Server scales for even the largest organizations. It supports often 50%-100% more users per server than Exchange, allowing you to consolidate servers. With SmartCache processing on local machines, you can also centralize your messaging servers at data centers and eliminate the complexity and overhead of maintaining distributed systems. And since Scalix Server doesn't silo server roles, you can grow your system as your business grows, without having to invest in additional hardware or re-architect anything.


Scalix Server gives you freedom and choice across the board. It also protects your investments in existing and future products. It supports standards-based protocols and data formats including POP, IMAP, SMTP, HTTP, CalDAV, SSL, LDAP, MIME, iCal, and vCard. It works with any LDAP-based directory. Pluggable authentication modules enable single sign-on. It provides full feature, native MAPI Outlook support. Our Server supports various storage architectures, including any DAS and Fibre Channel or iSCSI Storage Area Networks (SAN). We also foster multi-vendor environments by integrating with a broad range of 3rd party solutions. We actively test new applications to continually grow our ecosystem.