Transparent, full-function support for Microsoft Outlook users.

Regardless of whether you are replacing Exchange, you want your new email system to support Outlook. The problem is, a lot of email systems support Outlook, but not all equally.

Outlook behaves differently on different mail servers, because a large part of its functionality is delivered by the underlying mail server. You can deploy a new mail server only to find that you have disgruntled users who have lost productivity because many of the Outlook functions they relied on every day simply vanished due to the new, sub-optimal MAPI implementation.

Our Outlook connector, Scalix Connect for Outlook, is different. It natively supports MAPI and provides feature-by-feature compatibility with the full range of functionality offered by Outlook. It provides the richest support of Outlook outside of Microsoft itself, transparently supporting all Outlook user functionality – not just a subset of it.

Our Outlook connector provides full-function connectivity between the Scalix Server and Outlook 2013,Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, 2003, XP and 2000. Outlook users can run in Outlook Corporate Workgroup mode which gives them all the most advanced Outlook functionality. You don't have to retrain Outlook users when you migrate their mailboxes to the Scalix Server, as their Outlook functionality is not impacted.

Our SmartCache technology addresses the needs of mobile Outlook users by insulating them from fluctuations in their network connection. SmartCache also offers automatic offline mailbox caching. It keeps email, calendaring and other information flowing continuously and transparently, whatever the network.

Our Outlook connector requires a Premium User license.