Open, Unwired, Secure and Flexible

Latest Version: 12.1 - Release Notes


Administration. Distributed.

SAC has been extended in Scalix 12.1:
  • Delegated Administration - Allows the admin to define sub-administrators that can manage certain groups of users, as defined by a so-called mailnode. This allows departmental administrators to be defined. Also available in Hosting Edition, providing for full self-management of a hosted domain.


Scalix Web Access Unleashed

SWA offers the follwing new features in Scalix 12.1:
  • Internet Explorer Support - SWA in Scalix 12.1 has been enhanced to work with IE 9 , IE 10 and IE 11.
  • Firefox Support - SWA in Scalix 12.1 has been enhanced to work with Mozilla's latest browsers.Firefox 27 support has been added.
  • Chrome - SWA in Scalix 12.1 has been enhanced to support Chrome.
  • Safari - Scalix 12.1 SWA now supports Safari.
  • Overlay Calendars - Allows the user to see multiple calendars at the same time in day, week and month views. This makes it much easier to organize events and appointments in multiple personal calendars. It also allows the user to combine personal, public and other people's calendars in a single view for easier planning and scheduling.
  • Calendar Planning Method - Allows the user to see multiple calendars in a planning sheet view at the same time at various scales, e.g. day, week, month. This allows for easy planning in teams, managing holiday calendars or doing team resource allocation.
  • Performance - Better usability through improved load times and multiple performance optimizations
  • Theming - The look and feel - colors, logos and fonts - of SWA can now be customized to better match corporate identity or to blend in Scalix Web Access with overall portal design in hosted architecture. In addition, Scalix now comes with a new default theme, providing for a fresh look.
  • Theming and Localization Kits- Allows customers and Scalix partners to provide support for other languages, customized look and feel through themes and package these up to be shared and deployed in a clean and modular way.
  • Smart SMTP-Authentication support - SWA in Scalix 12.1 has been enhanced to support smart SMTp-Authentication.


Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Outlook 2007/2010/2013 (32bit) Support on Windows 7/8 (32bit and 64bit)
  • Outlook 2007/2010/2013 Support on Windows Terminal server 2008 R1/R2 (32bit and 64bit)
  • Outlook 2007/2010/2013 Support on Windows Terminal server 2012 R1/R2 (32bit and 64bit)
  • SmartCache is completely rewritten and back as part of this new release
  • Outlook 2013 64bit support (beta!) on all supported Windows OS.


Scalix Proxy Folders for Feeds

Scalix Proxy Folders offer new functionality where it is possible to setup server-side subscriptions to in-house and external data feeds.
  • WebCal and RSS/Atom - Subscribe to newsfeeds and publicly available calendar data such as national holidays, industry events listings or sports schedules.
  • Public or Private folders - Feeds can be mapped to a personal folder in a user's mailbox, then taken offline or re-shared with other users. They can also be applied to a public folder for company wide available information.
  • Available in all Clients - While feeds currently need to be setup by an administrator, they can be seen in all clients once established. The server will manage the feed, providing user access through Outlook, SWA, IMAP, CalDAV and more.


Scalix AntiSpam and ZeroHour AntiVirus

These add-on product modules for Scalix Enterprise Edition and Scalix Small Business Edition provide for world-class Junkmail and Malware protection powered by Commtouch's patented RPD technology.
  • Easy to Setup - Software to use the subscription-based service is included in every version of Scalix and can be enabled with a license key
  • Easy to Administer - The technology uses the Commtouch Detection Center online. Up to 97% of all incoming spam is detected and blocked without any filter training or configuration.
  • Flexible Deployment - The Spam filter can be implemented right on the Scalix server and - in Scalix Enterprise Edition - on a dedicated gateway machine
  • Uses CommTouch anti-spam engine 8.0 (optional license)


Scalix ActiveSync

Connect ActiveSync enabled wireless devices directly to the Scalix server without additional software needed on the device and use them for push Email and wireless calendar and contact synchronization.
  • Wireless Clients of Choice - ActiveSync support is available on Windows Mobile devices as well as leading smartphones from many vendors, including Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, Palm and Apple.
  • Flexible Deployment - The wireless service can be implemented right on the Scalix server or on a separate SWA or dedicated wireless gateway server.
  • Based on Microsoft Technology - The Scalix ActiveSync wireless solution is based on technology licensed from Microsoft, ensuring best compatibility and investment protection for future versions.


Platform Support

  • Full support for RHEL 5 and 6
  • Full support for CentOS 5 and 6
  • Full support for SLES 10 and 11
  • Full support for ORACLE Linux 6
  • Full support for OpenSuSE 12 and 13