Open standards for choice and investment protection.

Our standards-based architecture gives you freedom, flexibility, and investment protection. Our product supports the widest range of standards-based protocols and data formats possible. The net result to you? Choice. Flexibility. Investment protection today and into the future.

Technology: Architecture

You are free to use your existing LDAP directory, or choose the infrastructure that best meets the needs of your business. You get the broadest choice of feature-rich client applications. You can use your existing email clients, or choose from a broad selection to find the client that best meets the needs of each user. We support client applications that work across all desktops and browsers, so you are empowered to provide all users with a consistent, high-performance experience.

Our philosophy is to deliver an open product that provides maximum choice. In keeping with this philosophy, we also support proprietary Microsoft environments. With Scalix, you get transparent server-to-server co-existence with Exchange, so you are free to maintain a mixed environment or to choose any schedule for your migration to Scalix Collaboration Platform. You also get full message and calendaring fidelity and reply-ability across different systems and clients.

Through our wireless partner Notify Technology Corporation, we offer a network-independent wireless solution that works across all leading wireless devices. And you can deploy our Mobile Web Client for less demanding users who need basic wireless email while away from their desks.

Our web services platform allows you to integrate your Scalix email and calendaring with other critical applications such as your CRM, content management, or ERP applications.

We've released source code for our Collaboration Platform, which is the core code base for all of our product editions. Our software can be ported to any platform, and can be extended, localized and customized.

Enjoy the many benefits of moving your messaging to Linux, while preserving the investment you've already made in your messaging ecosystem. And gain a new-found freedom of choice and a dramatically reduced total cost of ownership.

Some capabilities are only available in certain Scalix product editions. To understand the differences between our product editions, visit our Compare Editions page.