Centralized, web-based administration.

From managing user accounts and distribution lists, to backing up distributed message stores and ensuring maximum performance under heavy loads, mail administrators have a complex set of responsibilities. Scalix Collaboration Platform provides a powerful administrative environment to meet this challenge.


Scalix Management Console is your comprehensive GUI interface for all system and user administration. It combines the command of an intuitive, graphical interface with the anytime, anywhere convenience of a web browser. The AJAX-based Management Console allows email administrators to become quickly productive across all tasks, from managing server processes, message queues and default settings, to monitoring message store space, configuring mailbox quotas and password policies, and the like – all with ltle training.

Role-based administration allows you to securely delegate administrative tasks to others who have defined administration rights. Scalix Management Console provides robust capabilities for monitoring system status, and comprehensive multi-level activity and error logs for troubleshooting. It also enables centralized administration of multiple Scalix Servers from a single Management Console.

In addition to using our powerful GUI interface, you can execute any administrative task via a command line interface, as you choose, using one of our 250 command line scripts.


Management Plug-ins give you a way to execute multiple steps using scripts that extend and customize your Scalix management environment. Plug-ins are very powerful for automating and streamlining the repetitive tasks that can bog down valuable time, such as generating a company-wide mailing list or backing up or restoring an individual mailbox.


Scalix Server works with any LDAP-based directory such as Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, RedHat/Fedora Directory Server, OpenLDAP and others. This gives you choice, flexibility, and investment protection. Our product also includes Management Services – SOAP-based APIs that allow other applications to call up functions in the Scalix product. For example, using our Management Services framework, provisioning a user in another application can trigger automatic provisioning of that user in the Scalix Server.