All wireless networks. All leading devices. All user needs.

Supporting a mobile workforce presents challenges. It can be problematic to users if you standardize on a single wireless network and device, and it can be problematic to your IT overhead if you don't. While standardizing on one wireless network is ideal for IT, it is often not practical for users, as carrier coverage often varies by geography. To complicate matters, many users own a wireless device already, and often are locked into a service contract.

You may also have a segment of users who have less demanding mobility needs, but who need basic access to email while traveling between customer locations or offices. While the expense of a full-featured wireless device and client-server solution is overkill for these users, you need to provide them with something and your options are limited.

Finally, as technology improves, you need the flexibility to change devices and networks to best meet the needs of your organization.

Scalix addresses all of these mobility needs. With Scalix, you have the freedom of choice between the Scalix ActiveSync addon addon product that can be run right on the Scalix server or a separate machine, the Scalix Connect for BlackBerry Enterprise Server that fully supports BlackBerry devices with no client-side add-on required, as well as a low touch, low cost solution for basic email access from any browser-equipped device using the Scalix Mobile Web Access web client.