Free software available for download.

You can download Community Edition or the source code for our Collaboration Platform. Both are free.

Scalix Release Notes

Free, unlimited use

Scalix Community Edition is a product we've packaged and made available for free so every organization can try out and use our robust messaging solution. It includes Scalix Collaboration Platform - which serves as the foundation for all our product editions - and 5 Premium User mailboxes. As such, Community Edition is a field-proven, commercial grade email platform. As with all Scalix editions, it has a flexible, open architecture, and supports Outlook, Evolution, Scalix Web Access, and any IMAP or POP client. It can be customized, extended and integrated.

Note that if you download our Enterprise Trial instead of this Community Edition, it will revert to a Community Edition feature set after the trial period is over so you can try the full product without losing your configuration and data.


Source Packages

Scalix Collaboration Platform

The source code for Scalix Collaboration Platform, also available for free, is the base code for all of our product editions. With the source code, you can port our software to new platforms, and can localize, customize, and extend it. Source code is available today for the Management Console, Management Services, Management Plug-ins, Messaging Services, Mobile Web Client, Search & Indexing Services, Installer, and Localization Kit.


*These distributions are not recommended for production because of the frequency of upgrades.

Community Edition System Requirements for Scalix 12.7

Supported Operating Systems
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
CentOS 6/CentOS 7
ORACLE Linux 6/ORACLE Linux 7
SuSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP4
SuSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1
OpenSuSE 13.2
Ubuntu 14.04*
Debian 7*
1GB RAM Disk Space
1 GB for base installation
+ Space for user mailboxes
+ Space for client caches equivalent to 15% of data being indexed
+ 30% additional for LVM snapshot