Push Email and PIM Synchronization for Wireless Clients of Choice.

Scalix ActiveSync is a server-side wireless server implementation of the Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007 ActiveSync "Over-the-Air" (ActiveSync OTA) protocol based on protocol specifications licensed from Microsoft. It provides for push email, wireless calendar and contact synchronization as well as device management.

Scalix ActiveSync is an addon product for Scalix Server, implemented as a Java J2EE Web application. It can be deployed right on the Scalix Server in a single-server setup. It can also run on a separate machine, or on a system acting as a webmail server for external Scalix Web Access.

Further technical details can be found here.

Now available - Scalix ActiveSync 1.0 - included in the Enterprise Trial available here

Scalix ActiveSync is currently available as a separately licensed add-on to Scalix Small Business and Scalix Enterprise editions.

An existing customer has two options:

1.) To add ActiveSync to your current Scalix deployment, contact Scalix Sales or your Scalix reseller to arrange a trial or to purchase an ActiveSync license.

2.) To start with a trial in a non-production environment, use the normal Enterprise Trial process (which now includes ActiveSync) and install a complete, separate system with Scalix Server and Scalix ActiveSync.