Integration with other mission-critical applications.

Many employees use specialized, mission-critical applications to do their jobs. Sales reps rely heavily on the customer relationship management application. Manufacturing engineers lean on the manufacturing resource planning system. HR managers are heavy users of the HR system. These information workers also rely heavily on your email and group calendaring system. They don't operate in a vacuum, and neither should the mission-critical applications they rely on most. Scalix Messaging Services were designed so you can integrate functions between your messaging system and other mission-critical applications to provide an optimal, high-performance environment for your information workers.

Scalix Messaging Services are server-based REST APIs that allow you to integrate your email and calendaring with other critical applications such as your CRM, content management, or ERP applications. You can integrate calendaring functions and data directly into other applications, and you can integrate data from other applications into your Scalix email and calendaring. Our messaging services can be used to automate workflows and information dissemination, synchronize calendars, and provide other performance-enhancing services.

Your HR staff, for example, may find great value in having the interview appointments they schedule in their Outlook calendars propagate into the HR system. Your sales team may find their work quality and relationships improve when the customer appointments they enter in their CRM calendar automatically appear in their Outlook calendar. Your marketing staff might find that delivery cycles are greatly accelerated when a web page update triggers an automated email notification to the team responsible for reviewing, approving, or posting the change.