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Release 11, Reviewed by Michael Caton

A detailed review of Scalix Collaboration Platform including the web client interface, Outlook support, wireless support, search capabilities, administration, and the product's ability to integrate with other enterprise applications.

“In just three years, Scalix has made considerable progress in turning its namesake e-mail and calendaring platform into a compelling enterprise-class option... From an administrative standpoint, managing Scalix is a straightforward affair.”

Release 11, Reviewed by Michael Stutz

A detailed review of Scalix Collaboration Platform including the installation process, product internationalization, the mobile web client, search and indexing services, the product documentation and online support offerings.

“An enterprise ready system.”

Release 10, reviewed by Mike Heck

A detailed review of features, performance, ease of use, integration, and more. Scalix 10 rated “Excellent” with a score of 8.7 (out of 10)

“Scalix 10 is a proven mail solution with strong support for in-place systems, including Active Directory, and exceptional compatibility with Outlook. Its AJAX Web client lacks little, making the transition from desktop e-mail apps transparent. The calendar and scheduling also work seamlessly among different e-mail clients and systems. Furthermore, an AJAX admin console eases system management.”

Release 10, Reviewed by Dennis Advani

A high level overview of features and capabilities, the installation process, web client features, packaging, options, and costs. Published in Technology & Business magazine.

“This is a very complex and feature-rich mail server, but it would have to be the easiest Linux installation I’ve ever done.... Scalix has clearly worked to make its software a nice fit for an established Exchange mail environment.... Unless you have already committed thousands of dollars to another solution, we can not think of any reason not to consider this e-mail server solution.”

Release 9, Reviewed by Michael Caton

A review of Scalix 9 features and capabilities, including the web client, web-based administation console, Active Directory integration, and product architecture.

“Scalix Server maintains the fidelity of the Outlook-to-Exchange user experience better than any of the other products reviewed here.”

Release 9, reviewed by John Clyman

A detailed review of Scalix client support, configuration, and more.

“An appealing alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server for companies that prefer a Linux-based mail and groupware platform.”