Step up from the Community Edition to a Scalix Starter Pack - bundled with ActiveSync.

Scalix Starter Packs are robust, single-server messaging solutions designed to provide smaller businesses and organizations with a full featured email and collaboration solution. It is based on the Scalix Collaboration Platform, which serves as the foundation for all of our product editions.

Scalix Starter Packs make a great upgrade for Scalix Community Edition users that need to support ActiveSync devices.

The Starter Packs come bundled with either 5 or 10 Premium Users, 5 or 10 ActiveSync User Licences, and 10 or 20 Standard Users, To help get you up and running quickly we also provide a support entitlement with each Starter Pack. To learn the difference between Premium Users and Standard Users, visit our user types page.

Upgrading from a Starter Pack to the full Small Business or Enterprise Editions involves an in-place, license key-only upgrade that can be performed without any user disruption - even while users are logged in and active. There is a one-time, per-Premium User fee to upgrade from the Starter Packs to the Small Business or Enterprise Edition.

Purchase Scalix Starter Packs Online

Scalix makes it easy to put the Starter Packs to work for you with online purchasing (subject to regional availability). Click here to Start!