Find the Scalix edition that best meets your needs.

We provide a variety of Scalix editions, designed to meet the needs of organizations of every size. All Scalix editions are based on the Scalix Collaboration Platform – our robust, enterprise-class email and group calendaring solution.

Scalix Edition Comparison Datasheet (PDF)
Community Edition Small Business Edition Enterprise Edition Hosting Edition
Multiple Tenants
Multiple Instances
High Availability
Scalix Migration Tool2
Archiver Service
Active Directory Extensions
Exchange Co-existence
Recovery Folder3
Scalix AntiSpam2
Scalix ZeroHour AntiVirus2
Scalix ActiveSync2
Scalix Connect for BES3
NotifyLink Wireless Email / PIM5
Scalix Mobile Web Client
Scalix Proxy Folders
Scalix CalDAV Server
Scalix GUI Installer
Scalix GUI Admin Console
Delegated Administration
Scalix Localization Kit
Scalix Web Access
Scalix Management Services
Scalix Outlook MAPI Connector6
Scalix Evolution Connector6
Search and Indexing Services
Scalix Messaging Services
Included Premium Users 5 20/50 7 Minimum of 50 Minimum of 100
Add-on Premium Users N/A 10 / 25 Pack A la carte A la carte
Maximum Premium Users 5 250 Unlimited Unlimited
Standard Users Free Unlimited FREE
(3 Standard Users for every Premium User)
(5 Standard Users for every Premium User)
Minimum of 100
Support Services
None 1 / 2 incidents (valid for one year from date of purchase6) 3 incidents (valid for one year from date of purchase) None
Available post-deployment Email Incidents Email incidents (telephone incidents, annual support packages) Email incidents (telephone incidents, annual support packages) Email incidents (telephone incidents, annual support packages)


1 Multi-Tenancy cannot be combined with Multi-Server operations, i.e. a domain run as part of a multi-tenant setup cannot span multiple servers

2 Scalix ActiveSync, Scalix Migration Tool for Exchange, Scalix AntiSpam and Scalix ZeroHour AntiVirus are available at additional cost for all Scalix editions except Community Edition. Contact our Scalix Partners or sales department for details.

3Scalix Connect for BlackBerry Enterprise Server functionality requires a Premium User account. There is an additional charge for use with Small Business Edition.

4Recovery folder functionality is only available to Premium Users on commercial versions of Scalix.

5Wireless functionality enabled by the 3rd party NotifyLink product requires a Premium User account.

6The Connectors for Outlook and Evolution are only available to Premium Users.

7 Based on version of Small Business Edition, please see our pricing page for details.