In-place upgrades from one Scalix edition to another.

Many organizations deploy one Scalix edition and later need to upgrade to another. Some businesses purchase Small Business Edition and later find they need multi-server support and high availability, so need to upgrade to Enterprise Edition. Other organizations choose to download Scalix Community Edition to try out our email and collaboration platform before making a financial commitment. Once these organizations experience first-hand what our product offers, they are ready to upgrade to an edition that supports more Premium Users, wireless devices and, for some, multiple servers.

In-place upgrades

Upgrading from one Scalix edition to another is a seamless experience. Small Business Edition users can upgrade in place to Enterprise Edition. Community Edition users deployed on a currently supported platform can upgrade in place to either Small Business Edition or Enterprise Edition. You now also have the option of selecting one of two Starter Packs designed as a low-cost entry for smaller organizations to step up from the Community Edition. Starter Packs have an added bonus of including ActiveSync.

Upgrading from a Starter Pack to the Small Business or Enterprise Edition involves a one-time, per-Premium User fee.

These upgrade paths involve an in-place, license key-only upgrade that can be performed without any user disruption - even while users are logged in and active. Simply contact your Scalix or reseller. sales rep to purchase a license key, and you're ready to go.