Robust, high availability solution designed for enterprise.

Scalix Enterprise Edition is a robust messaging solution that supports multiple servers and meets the demanding needs of enterprises. It scales for even the largest organizations. It is based on our Collaboration Platform , which serves as the foundation for all our product editions. In addition to the Scalix Collaboration Platform components and features, Enterprise Edition provides the following incremental capabilities:

Transparent multi-server support

Scalix enables you the ability to span one or more domains across multiple servers. With multi-server support, you can delegate access and folder sharing work transparently across servers, as if users were on the same server. The global address book is fully synchronized across your organization and you centrally administer all your Scalix Servers from a Single Management Console. Public folder data is replicated across servers, so that each server maintains its own copy of the data for fast access by local users.

Multi-instance support

Scalix allows multiple independent server instances to co-exist on a single server, each with its own independent user set, domain name, service processes and message store. For all intents and purposes, each instance is its own mail server. Multi-instance support is beneficial if you are part of a central group that manages IT for legally separate entities or, with Hosting Edition, for providing services to multiple larger entities where each entity requires full isolation.

High availability

While you never expect a component failure, with mission critical applications, you know you have to be fully prepared for every possibility. Power supplies can fail, memory chips can go bad, or any number of other issues can take a server off-line. Scalix supports high availability so your operations continue to run smoothly even if a server fails. It supports various high availability topologies including active-passive and active-active configurations. With support of clustering and failover, you get a seamless transition any time you need it. In addition, this gives you the freedom to take any server off-line for maintenance/upgrades when necessary - with no system downtime. Scalix also supports basic load-balancing for frontend Scalix Web Access servers when used with round robin DNS or hardware- or software-based Web load balancers.

Wireless Solution of Choice

Scalix meets all your needs for wireless Email, Calendar and Contact management. Basic wireless browser access to Email is provided through the included Scalix Mobile Web Client . For push Email and wireless Calendar and Contact synchronization on ActiveSync-enabled devices, you can run the optional Scalix ActiveSync addon product right on your Scalix server or on a separate system. BlackBerry deployments are fully supported with no client install required using the Scalix Connect for Blackberry Enterprise Server.

TNEF support for transparent Exchange co-existence.

Scalix offers full interoperability with proprietary Microsoft Exchange environments, using TNEF for transparent server-to-server co-existence. This gives you the option of either maintaining a mixed environment or migrating to Scalix over an extended period. With Scalix, “what you see is what they sent.” You get full message and calendaring fidelity and reply-ability for all Outlook groupware features including shared task reminders. When you receive a meeting request from an Exchange user, for example, it looks and acts like your other meeting requests.

Instant, user-specific recovery of deleted items.

Mail administrators live in fear of the phone call from an executive who has accidentally deleted an important presentation needed for a meeting that is about to begin. If it hasn’t happened to you already, you know some day it will. Scalix solves this problem with its Recovery Folder feature. The Recovery Folder retains emails removed from the user’s Deleted Items folder, enabling Scalix Premium Users to rapidly recover deleted items on a user-specific basis. The Recovery Folder itself is normally hidden from the user's view, but, when needed, you can make it visible to the user with a single click. You can enable the Recovery Folder feature and set the retention period for folder content on a user-specific basis.

Active Directory Extensions

Scalix Server integrates with any LDAP-based directory such as Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, RedHat/Fedora Directory Server, OpenLDAP and others. This gives you choice, flexibility, and investment protection. In addition, Scalix provides Active Directory extensions so that Scalix-specific object classes and attributes can be created within Active Directory. With Active Directory Extensions, two new Scalix-specific tabs appear in the Active Directory Users and Computers interface (ADUC), and you can manage all Scalix users and groups using the easy and familiar interface and wizards.

Scalix Migration Tool for Exchange

The optional Scalix Migration Tool for Exchange lets you easily migrate user data from Exchange 5.5, 2000, or 2003 to Scalix Premium User mailboxes. No changes to your corporate directory or network topology are required. The automated tool reliably migrates all mailboxes, messages, public folders, calendars, and directory data from your existing mail system. The migration process ensures full mailbox and message fidelity and message reply-ability. And since Scalix provides transparent server-to-server co-existence with Exchange, you can choose to maintain a mixed environment or migrate on any schedule you choose.

Scalix Enterprise Edition is priced by number of Premium Users. Scalix Enterprise Edition provides five Standard Users for every Premium User. This ratio can be unlocked to provision an unlimited number of Standard Users with an annual Premium Support commitment. To learn the difference between Premium Users and Standard Users, visit our user types page. For a detailed quotation, please complete the Request a Quote form or visit our pricing page.