ScalixReady applications.

A wide variety of 3rd party applications integrate with and complement the Scalix email and calendaring solution. A selection of best-in-class ecosystem components to choose from gives you flexibility as you create your messaging environment and deploy your Scalix solution. ScalixReady applications are those that are certified to work with Scalix Collaboration Platform.

ScalixReady applications fall into two categories:

Standards-based Applications

Many applications work with Scalix because our product connects to them via open standards. The flexible and open architecture of our Collaboration Platform provides multiple integration points using industry standards.

Scalix Certified Applications

A wide selection of applications have been specifically integrated and tested by Scalix. We provide documentation for the integration of these products where needed.

Check out our ecosystem applications page to learn about the broad selection of best-in-class applications and components that work with Scalix Collaboration Platform.