Recommended reading for Scalix Administrators

Published books on Scalix include:

Scalix Administrators Guide's This new book is full of tips and tricks for administrators switching to Linux, or those who are setting up an e-mail server for the first time. Written by Markus Feilner, noted Linux author, trainer, and consultant specializing in groupware, collaboration, and virtualization, the book is a guide for setting up, implementing, and managing both the free open-source Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition of Scalix Collaboration Platform. Topics include:

  • Install, upgrade, and configure Scalix
  • Work with the Scalix Administration Console
  • Manage users and tasks
  • Deploy Scalix connector for Outlook and integrate IMAP clients
  • Monitor Scalix
  • Secure your server using firewalls, stunnel, and OpenVPN
  • Backup and restore a Scalix mail server
  • Integrate an external LDAP directory and configure Scalix LDAP server
  • High Availability and Multi-Server setups

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