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When upgrading Scalix 11 versions, it can be useful to recreate some text indexes - particularly to improve indexing of certain attachment-types, such as Excel documents.

However, the indexing process will consume more system resources than normal server operations; consider whether to run this procedure, at your discretion.

(Alternately, you might reindex only specific users with demonstrable search problems w/ attachments indexed before Scalix 11.0.3. Both procedures are described here.)

Rebuilding the search indexes for all users

To reset and recreate the indexes for the message store, use the following steps:

  • Shutdown the Scalix Mail Server and Scalix Tomcat:
/etc/init.d/scalix-tomcat stop; omshut
  • Delete the index and the work queue files:
rm -rf /var/opt/scalix/??/indexes/*
rm -rf /var/opt/scalix/??/s/indexwork/*
  • Restart the Scalix Mail Server and Scalix Tomcat:
/etc/init.d/scalix-tomcat start; omrc
  • Initiate Indexing for the message store:
sxmkindex -r 0

Rebuilding the search index for a specific user

To reset the index for a particular user:

  • Identify the user's unique index id
omshowu -n "User Name" | grep ^SIS | cut -d "/" -f 4
  • Delete the user's index directory
rm -Rf /var/opt/scalix/??/indexes/ID

where ID was obtained from the previous step

  • Initiate indexing for the user's mailbox
sxmkindex -r 0 "User Name"

Note: The man page for sxmkindex contain further options, e.g. to run reindexing by user only. In addition, the Installation Guide has information on how to throttle indexer load on a large and loaded system using IDX_MAXLOAD and IDX_MINLOAD.