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Release Date: 20 November 2013


Thank you for downloading Scalix 12.0.3.

Scalix 12.0.3 is the latest upgrade of Scalix 12.0, providing important fixes to previous versions. We recommend you upgrade all systems running Scalix to this latest version.

This document includes late-breaking information about product capabilities, known issues and workarounds. Please read this document thoroughly before beginning your installation or upgrade.

For full documentation on how to install, configure and administer Scalix, see the customer documentation at In addition, after Installing the Scalix Mail Server and other applications, you can access the following online help systems, which are embedded in the product:

  • Scalix Web Access Online Help
  • Scalix Management Console Online Help
  • Scalix Connect for Microsoft Outlook Online Help

You also can learn more about any of the known issues listed here - or report others - by going to the Scalix bug tracking system at

Scalix, Inc. is committed to your success with our software. For additional information above and beyond what is provided here and in the official product documentation, visit the Scalix Forums at

Customers who have purchased support from Scalix also may also contact Scalix Technical Support to request help, ask questions about how to use a particular feature, provide feedback, or report bugs by visiting


Starting with version 11.3 Scalix Connect for Outlook now includes software developed by the OpenSSL project for use in the OpenSSL toolkit. ( It also includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and software written by Tim Hudson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Scalix would like to thank these individuals and the OpenSSL community for their valuable contributions.

Starting with version 11.3 Scalix Server now includes software based on the Universal Character Set Detector from the Mozilla project (, written by Simon Montagu (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Shy Shalom (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Shoshannah Forbes and others. Scalix would like to thank these individuals and the Mozilla community for their valuable contributions.

Installation issues

The following procedure/adjustments are mandatory if You installed CentOS6 (64bit) or ORACLE Linux 6 (x86

If port 80 is not set in ip tables, Tomcat will not work at all - scalix-tomcat service will run, but in tomcat log there will be a big backtrace

  • Add port 80 iptables afterward
  • restart iptables service
  • restart scalix-tomcat service
  • restart httpd service

After this it should working. (even ORACLE linux 6 x86)

Secondly initialization of all web applications in tomcat can take over 20 sec - tomcat will work only after initialization of its webapps. If you do that restart apache (service httpd restart)

Due to license limitations the Oracle JRE is not packaged together with Scalix anymore. You need to have installed and verify that the JRE is installed properly and no libraries are in conflict.

Important of Life Notices

When running Scalix in a mixed-version multi-server setup, where your front end servers are running SWA 12 and the back end servers have to be upgrade to version 12.0 as well.

Scalix 12 is the last release of Scalix to provide support for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (SLES 10). We recommend that you upgrade to SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (SLES 11) to prepare for the release and upgrade to Scalix 13.

Scalix 12 is the last release of Scalix to provide support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5 (RHEL5). We recommend that you upgrade to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6 (RHEL6) to prepare for the release and upgrade to Scalix 13.

Starting with version 12.0 Scalix Connect for Outlook now support Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 in 32bit version only.

Starting with version 12.0 Scalix Connect for Outlook now support Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 in 32bit version only.
Scalix is halting development of Scalix Connect for Outlook versions 12 (Outlook 2007) in Scalix 12. We recommend that you upgrade to Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013. Note that we will continue to provide support on the basis of a frozen connector version, however, no new functionality in Scalix Connect will be made available for these platforms.

Scalix Connector will be at release 13.0 run on Office 2010 and 2013 (64bit and 32 bit)

Upgrade Notices

Please read the following notes very carefully, as some specific actions might be required as you upgrade from earlier versions of Scalix.

Upgrading from any previous version

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Scalix, there are several changes of which you should be aware of:

  • Before beginning any upgrades, check your license key. If you are upgrading to or from a Small Business Edition (SBE), Enterprise Edition (EE) or Hosting Edition (HE) installation, you need to have a valid and current license key with a "Last Valid Issue Date" (LVID) on or after 30 September 2009 (2009-09-30) to use Scalix 12. If you continue installation after the respective warning and the license is not valid, your installation will downgrade to Community Edition. To check the LVID of your license, use the Scalix Management Console or the sxlicense command. To extend your upgrade subscription or get a new license key, please contact Scalix Sales.
  • It is NOT supported to run Outlook with an older Scalix Connector version against a newer server, It is not supported to run Outlook with a newer Scalix Connector version against an older server, e.g. you cannot run Scalix Connect for Outlook 12 against a Scalix 11.x server. You must always upgrade all your servers first before upgrading Scalix Connect for Outlook. When upgrading from a previous version of Scalix 11.4 or earlier.

Upgrading from a previous version of Scalix 11.4 or earlier

Please note the following:

  • If you are using omldapsync to manage Scalix users and groups through an external directory:
  • Scalix version 12 is forced to come WITHOUT Java, Oracle Java Runtime Environment due to Oracle licensing restrictions. The Scalix Tomcat installation will NOT automatically use the local installation of your current Java version, and will need to have its JAVA_HOME variable set. Any existing sync agreements for omldapsync, stored in /var/opt/scalix/<instance>/s/ldapsync/ <sync_agreement_name>/sync.cfg, will need to be updated manually to reflect the new version.
    • tomcat _uses_ default java unless you set custom JAVA_HOME in config.
  • If you are upgrading your Server to Scalix 12.0.0 or later from any previous installation of Scalix 11 and if you have changed the SMTP Relay configuration in smtpd.cfg you have to take care about at your own. You need to manually integrate the changes you made into the new smtpd.cfg after finishing the upgrade.
  • If you are upgrading from 11.4.x or earlier to 12.0.0 or later, it is recommended that you empty your IMAP caches by running the following command on your backend server. Please note that this command may only be run when nobody is signed on to the system (when the rci and IMAP services are off):

cd $(omrealpath "~/"); find user* -name imap-cache -exec rm -rf {} \;

Upgrading from Scalix 11.3 or earlier is not supported.

New Features

Scalix 12.0.0 provides the following new features:


  • Full support for CentOS 5 and 6
  • Full support for RHEL 5 and 6
  • Full support for SLES 10 and 11
  • Full support for ORACLE Linux 6 x86 and x86_64

Scalix Server

  • Use CommTouch anti-spam engine 8.0 (optional license)
  • Support of RHEL5 and RHEL6 (and drop RHEL4)
  • Support of CentOS5 and CentOS6 (and drop CentOS4)
  • Support of SLES10 and SLES11 (and drop SLES9)

And list of major bugs and enhancements fixed:

  • Bug 16241 - omslapd sends log information to syslog instead of scalix log
  • Bug 21415 - Notification handling can cause performance issues when there are large Public Folders
  • Bug 21308 - Errors after renaming Proxy Folders using SWA/IMAP client
  • Bug 21410 - Option to prevent BES client from reactivating appoinment reminder
  • Bug 21198 - Notification message was not displayed in Inbox.
  • Bug 21280 - OutTray container with negative component count prevents Outlook mailing
  • Bug 19503 - Incorrect MIME generated for PDF attachment
  • Bug 12753 - Error when opening an appointment in SWA, previously modified in OL
  • Bug 19890 - Server does not record UserFolder changes in the sync log for SmartCache
  • Bug 21281 - Reduce load on servers with lots of active users and lots of group ACLs on Public Folders
  • Bug 21294 - Truncated MIME produced (and ERRORs) when a msg has a missing 'delivery envelope'
  • Bug 20326 - Attachment filename provided in name=attribute should not be discarded
  • Bug 20493 - Server should sanitize messages with invalid Content-Transfer-Encoding
  • Bug 20515 - mime content-disposition sometimes has filename= twice
  • Bug 18759 - LDAP search is broken when | (OR) operator is used with omMailnode filter
  • Bug 21267 - Ability to delete messages from a Queue by Subject
  • Bug 21525 - ldapmapper fails to start on SLES 11 platform
  • Bug 17890 - sxmboxlist fails for some public folders
  • Bug 21167 - Some sxmbox* commands can not find users by user name.
  • Bug 21023 - sxmboxexp - segmentation violation exporting Public Folders
  • Bug 20782 - sxmbox* exits with Error Code 10 and prints message-catalog related error message
  • Bug 241 - Deferred delivery messages from sendmail - where to put them?

Scalix Web Access

  • Support for Firefox 23
  • Support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10
  • Support for Chrome
  • Support for Safari

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Support for Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7 32-bit.
  • Support Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 (only 32bit versions), Outlook 2013 (only 32bit versions)
  • NO SmartCache function. Will be in future release.
  • Completed: fixed problem memory error on closing Outlook
  • Folder Properties (SXACLExtension)
    In offline mode, acl property page is displayed, so a message comes up, that Outlook is in offline mode
  • Outlook Options (SXDelegatesExtension)
    In offline mode, Delegates property page is displayed, so a message comes up, that Outlook is in offline mode


Scalix 12.0.3

  • Completed: fixed problem memory error on closing Outlook.
  • Folder Properties (SXACLExtension)
    In offline mode, acl property page is displayed, so a message comes up, that Outlook is in offline mode.
  • Outlook Options (SXDelegatesExtension)
    In offline mode, Delegates property page is displayed, so a message comes up, that Outlook is in offline mode.

Scalix 11.4.6

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 14831 [Defect] SAC picks up the values from ALL-ROUTES incorrectly
  • Bug 20784 [Defect] MisSpellLing error in 'Starting the Scalix Admininistration Console...'
  • Bug 20883 [Defect] Centralized SAC 11.4.5 fails with RES 11.4.1 due to incompatibilities

Scalix Server

  • Bug 16822 [Defect] Large number of OM 6001 warnings in omshowlog
  • Bug 16958 [Defect] Bad SFL header on top-level folders is making mailbox inaccessible
  • Bug 19882 [Defect] Names in SWA are displayed with extra double quotes
  • Bug 20314 [Improvement] Enhance SMTP Relay to log more error details when fails to open port 25
  • Bug 20351 [Defect] After upgrade, sometimes CDA server fails to start because of stale lockfile
  • Bug 20386 [Improvement] Use bulk UAL operations in IMAP fetch ENVELOPE operations
  • Bug 20401 [Improvement] For performance reasons, access metadata on multiple folders at once
  • Bug 20428 [Improvement] EVS FOLDER-ARRIVED/FOLDER-DEPARTED notifications should not get sent when selecting a folder that is not part of the folder tree
  • Bug 20526 [Defect] omdiropt fails when using -u option
  • Bug 20529 [Defect] HTML attachment renamed into html.TXT in Outlook MAPI profile
  • Bug 20534 [Defect] Spurious Segmentation violations in during IMAP folder sync
  • Bug 20536 [Defect] sxmaint reports intermittent SMTP relay errors
  • Bug 20551 [Improvement] sxmbox* commands should be able to use the AuthId as a user identifier
  • Bug 20553 [Improvement] MIME related Error logging in IMAP should contain references to messages
  • Bug 20556 [Defect] When IMAP CORE process exits, unexpected FOLDER-DEPARTED events are delivered via EVS
  • Bug 20557 [Defect] sxmaint daily fails to move nonexisting audit log
  • Bug 20578 [Defect] Socket reads from SIS never return if SIS hangs
  • Bug 20580 [Defect] Exception subject update not propagated to device
  • Bug 20587 [Defect] Message text shown as attachment when attaching image on iPhone
  • Bug 20598 [Defect] Complex MIME msg causes repeated indexing error
  • Bug 20627 [Defect] Certain message causes a crash when FETCHing BODYSTRUCTURE
  • Bug 20628 [Improvement] Support for meeting scheduling with iCal 4.0 (Snow Leopard)
  • Bug 20646 [Defect] IMAP GETMETADATA command can leave temp file open
  • Bug 20651 [Defect] X-Appointment-In search sometimes not returning updated calendar message
  • Bug 20706 [Defect] UAL_CHKNAM mailnode to server-name option treats DRS lookup failure as a fatal error
  • Bug 20732 [Defect] Invalid List reference errors (555) when running BES UAL session
  • Bug 20778 [Defect] processes stuck because of over-long lines in submitted MIME message can cause SMTP relay to abort eventually
  • Bug 20789 [Defect] IMAP APPEND creates incorrect container type for nested multipart messages
  • Bug 20790 [Defect] IMAP APPEND fails to set Content-Id info on attachments
  • Bug 20795 [Improvement] IMAP APPEND should use more efficient technique to resolve GETSYNC time collisions
  • Bug 20827 [Defect] UAL_MODITM command fails abnormally when modifying msg with MAPI props blob that is too large
  • Bug 20832 [Defect] Subjects with embedded Newlines cause sxmboxlist line layout to break, making output hardly parseable in scripts
  • Bug 20841 [Improvement] Support IMAP "X-Scalix-Processed" FLAG to set/get value of MAPI PR_PROCESSED property
  • Bug 20849 [Defect] sxmaint 'portcheck' sometimes fails to restart service at 1st attempt
  • Bug 20857 [Improvement] Better Performance for IMAP access to Other User's private calendar items
  • Bug 20909 [Defect] Incorrect Proxy Folder msg content - Some ATOM feeds don't have correct link in email
  • Bug 21010 [Defect] in.imap41d CORE process get SegV or loops

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 20367 [Defect] Javamail NullPointerException when getMessageBySeqNumber fails
  • Bug 20543 [Improvement] Expose javamail mail.smtp configuration options in the files
  • Bug 20550 [Improvement] XmlRenderer to render FirstName and LastName
  • Bug 20581 [Defect] Calendar synchronization fails with Hibernate StaleState Exception
  • Bug 20721 [Defect] Issues with concurrent deletions from other imap clients with platform folder sync logic
  • Bug 20881 [Improvement] CalDAV should use/set the PR_PROCESSED MAPI property
  • Bug 20989 [Defect] Windows Mobile keeps syncing forever throwing null pointer Exception, on trying to reply message received from Palm Pre
  • Bug 21032 [Defect] Error when fetching message bodies when "no some of the requested ..." imap error occurs
  • Bug 21033 [Defect] All custom imap commands are prone to failure

Scalix Search and Index Services

  • Bug 20516 [Improvement] Better failsafe handling in Indexing of messages with non-RFC compliant MIME headers
  • Bug 20552 [Defect] SIS is sometimes leaking file descriptors and overusing Tomcat resources

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 18378 [Defect] Some forwareded/replied Received/Sent Messages have no body in IE7 caused by limitations of HTML rendering engine
  • Bug 20388 [Improvement] SWA should not try to use platform for loading headers in Other Users folder
  • Bug 20507 [Defect] Incorrect handling of multi-part/alternative attachments
  • Bug 20522 [Defect] Concurrent use of BES and SWA results in duplicate calendar entries
  • Bug 20542 [Improvement] Expose javamail mail.imap and mail.smtp configuration options in the files
  • Bug 20590 [Defect] Deleting contents of Search text entry field in Contacts folder deletes last selected Contact
  • Bug 20617 [Defect] SWA fails to send mail to the PDLs having space in their names
  • Bug 20695 [Defect] SWA discards X-Scalix-Filename header when updating a meeting
  • Bug 20763 [Defect] Attachment error handler is not properly defined
  • Bug 20850 [Defect] Default month view hangs after selecting calendar-set with multiple shared calendars

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 18612 [Defect] Raw RFC-2047 strings are shown in SMTP address details
  • Bug 20417 [Defect] Mails generated by ZDF's "SPHINX" are not accessable using MAPI
  • Bug 20800 [Improvement] Support PR_PROCESSED flag to help eliminate duplicate appointments
  • Bug 20802 [Defect] Cannot Update/Modify some appointments created with mapi version 10

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 14617 [Defect] Scalix installation captures all Apache URLs starting with m, not only /m
  • Bug 19069 [Improvement] Apache httpd.conf timeout should be set linked to AS timeouts
  • Bug 19096 [Defect] Cannot uninstall individual Scalix components
  • Bug 19978 [Improvement] ActiveSync installer should allow setup of wireless-only system and non-colocating platform component
  • Bug 20437 [Defect] Unable to set reserved memory for Tomcat > 1024MB during installation
  • Bug 20509 [Improvement] Configure wireless timeout value in the proxypass directive

Scalix Integration Tools

  • Bug 17278 [Defect] Scalix AD Extensions do not work on various versions of Windows Server 2003 and 2008 64-bit

Scalix 11.4.5

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 20048 [Defect] Centralized SAC does not show activesync status of users on other servers
  • Bug 20150 [Defect] sxmboxexp doesn't replace "%s" by username in the log when tryping to export a locked account
  • Bug 20197 [Defect] SAC may call sxmkindex with outdated -t flag
  • Bug 20238 [Improvement] Expose ActiveSync per-user flag in SOAP calls for omldapsync

Scalix Server

  • Bug 11863 [Improvement] Unclear system generated (omlimits related) warning messages
  • Bug 17249 [Defect] PF service errors go to ~/logs/daemon.stderr
  • Bug 18555 [Defect] Scalix removes "filename=" from MIME headers
  • Bug 19106 [Documentation] omldapsearch man page has incorrect example
  • Bug 19442 [Defect] Non-sensical error message produced by SMTP relay during startup when Commtouch Milter configured
  • Bug 20030 [Defect] Appointment with certain characters disappears from the calendar
  • Bug 20076 [Defect] BES Client cannot modify message that has been filed by another client
  • Bug 20089 [Defect] sxmaint audit log rotation can cause services to abort because of file permissions
  • Bug 20101 [Improvement] folder compaction needs to be available with active sessions, e.g. held open by BES or ActiveSync
  • Bug 20102 [Defect] Message moved from UNIX Queue to POISON if has long/corrupt RECIPIENT record. cust_RouteConfigExists problem
  • Bug 20128 [Defect] Certain mails cause as SERIOUS ERROR in Internet Mail Gateway
  • Bug 20140 [Improvement] omdelu performance and useability improvements
  • Bug 20193 [Defect] "A container cannot be opened twice by the same process" errors being logged
  • Bug 20205 [Defect] omcontain sometimes displays an incorrect MAPI named property type
  • Bug 20212 [Defect] Server corrupts received iCal data when organizer CN contains 8-bit characters
  • Bug 20218 [Defect] Strange usage error found in daemon.stderr
  • Bug 20245 [Defect] Imap server does not report message/rfc822 attachments with a disposition of 'attachment'
  • Bug 20261 [Defect] SmartCache change propagated back caused 'green cross' and conflict error in synclog
  • Bug 20271 [Defect] BES usage leaves *.ofa files in the ~/temp directory
  • Bug 20320 [Defect] UAL invalid List error (555) with BES client after UAL session recovery
  • Bug 20328 [Improvement] UAL should not delete hidden RIM.BlackBerry.FolderIDs msg from Deleted Items folder
  • Bug 20342 [Defect] UAL unable to access List record error (557) with BES client after UAL session recovery
  • Bug 20398 [Defect] BES usage gives UAL 557 error due to UAL returning negative 'Contents' field for Inbox with > 32767 items
  • Bug 20418 [Defect] Search X-APPOINTMENT-IN fails for certain recurrency patterns, resulting in events missing on ActiveSync devices
  • Bug 20422 [Improvement] Server-Side support for BES hosted mode including Directory Filtering
  • Bug 20423 [Defect] Some reminders are non-dismissable in Outlook when created/modified by ActiveSync or CalDAV client

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 16460 [Defect] Sanitization to the XML data is insufficient
  • Bug 20014 [Defect] Notifications can be lost when rendering push-notifications
  • Bug 20016 [Defect] MimeUtils.getPartList is using printStackTrace()
  • Bug 20051 [Defect] Creating a Contact with REST API doesn't work when Content-Type incl. charset definition
  • Bug 20052 [Defect] Calendar elements with umlaut in subject or location appear garbled on AS client
  • Bug 20083 [Defect] doImapFetch function allows empty message elements in the fetch array
  • Bug 20103 [Regression] mboxadmin signon broken in Scalix 11.4.4 for Scalix Messaging Services and CalDAV
  • Bug 20121 [Defect] Platform smart forward/reply always appends original message headers
  • Bug 20139 [Improvement] Return text/html body as an alternative to text/plain when fetching bodies by type
  • Bug 20148 [Improvement] RemoveStaleEntries database query to locate all parent folders can be optimized
  • Bug 20191 [Defect] ContentType comparisons are case sEnSiTiVe
  • Bug 20372 [Defect] Umlauts in messages with 8-bit content transfer encoding are corrupted for AS clients

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 16845 [Improvement] Multiple calendar overlay printing
  • Bug 18848 [Defect] Can't print Calendar's Month view
  • Bug 19224 [Improvement] JavaScript logging should work in opened child windows
  • Bug 19564 [Defect] Notes in certain contacts are not shown when using SWA
  • Bug 19614 [Defect] SWA can freeze when Theme from older Scalix version installed or selected
  • Bug 19931 [Defect] Message not being correctly displayed because of unexpected From/Sender field contents
  • Bug 19960 [Improvement] Add IE8 and FF3.5 to supported browser list
  • Bug 20034 [Defect] RightClick sendto not working with multiple recipients in peronal contact list
  • Bug 20045 [Defect] Localised "Server not available" pop-up not showing properly in German
  • Bug 20067 [Defect] Calendar view doesn't refresh after editing an appointments and moving it to a different calendar folder
  • Bug 20107 [Defect] Print preview and actual print doesnt match
  • Bug 20127 [Defect] moving single occurrence to other another calendar fails
  • Bug 20143 [Improvement] When creating an appointment in month view, start date/end date should be set to more useful defaults
  • Bug 20152 [Defect] Printing month view of calendar in 'Planning mode' doesn't display all appointments
  • Bug 20323 [Defect] Scalix sample themes not working properly

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 8284 [Defect] default view set to non-email folder or having a separate window open with a non-email folder creates error with rules wizard
  • Bug 15505 [Defect] UAL_PUTSYNC returns 2506 error - duplicated RelProp causes blob size problem
  • Bug 16425 [Defect] delete rule generates a non-deselectable checkbox in Out-of-Office wizard
  • Bug 18780 [Defect] Outlook 2007 freezes when sending mail to PDL with over 2000 users
  • Bug 19177 [Defect] Calendar Free/Busy information not displaying correctly when adding multiple attendees
  • Bug 19426 [Defect] Messages received from Microsoft Live Meeting service double-escape HTML sequences
  • Bug 19783 [Defect] Within SmartCache profile, server shutdown results in inappropriate message
  • Bug 19869 [Defect] Local Server Out of System Resources
  • Bug 19924 [Defect] Scalix and Non-Scalix Addins cannot be disabled
  • Bug 20007 [Defect] Wrong password message box window is blank
  • Bug 20081 [Defect] Certain UTF-8 encoded subject will crash Outlook 2007
  • Bug 20129 [Defect] Email delivery times sometimes get modified on handheld
  • Bug 20195 [Defect] Exception on Outlook access to BES user with comment logging
  • Bug 20207 [Defect] Umlauts in Meeting invite text show up as HTML entity sequence
  • Bug 20229 [Improvement] Update Localization Kit
  • Bug 20231 [Defect] Reminders search sometimes LISTs folders other than Inbox/Tasks/Calendar/Contacts resulting in Outlook hangs
  • Bug 20248 [Defect] Outlook 12 "/resetfolders" switch causes crash at startup
  • Bug 20249 [Improvement] SXLogger "Find" button should search all columns
  • Bug 20252 [Defect] Cannot forward Meeting Invite from External Organizer
  • Bug 20256 [Defect] Favorite Folders and shortcuts to PST Folders are not retained
  • Bug 20292 [Defect] Outlook crashes just sitting there

Scalix 11.4.4

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 19410 [Defect] 'Create New Resource' window doesn't refresh completely
  • Bug 19756 [Defect] Typo in SAC for delegate administration

Scalix Server

  • Bug 9711 [Defect] omcpoutu / omcpinu fails to save and/or restore IMAP flags
  • Bug 14731 [Defect] IMAP "FETCH BODY[TEXT]" for multiple messages produces invalid output
  • Bug 15077 [Enhancement] sxmkindex should take relative time as an option
  • Bug 15513 [Defect] IMAP LIST strips leading and trailing spaces from folder names
  • Bug 15662 [Defect] Meeting Request from sent from Windows Mobile device doesn't appear correct in Outlook or SWA
  • Bug 15757 [Defect] omscan tool saves last run time in language dependent format
  • Bug 16577 [Improvement] should not log message about hosting mode for every message received
  • Bug 18343 [Defect] Lotus Notes/Domino originated meeting request invisible in CalDAV scheduling inbox
  • Bug 18711 [Improvement] omcheck should report/fix files that affect users access and files in ~/sys
  • Bug 18839 [Defect] Sometimes 'Cannot SELECT' Calendar folder in IMAP
  • Bug 18871 [Defect] Omscan fails to correct certain file size errors
  • Bug 18936 [Improvement] sxmaint to check for files in xport.errs and xport.hold
  • Bug 19044 [Improvement] UAL_LIST and UAL_PRPLIST should return same total message tally
  • Bug 19060 [Defect] missing dependency for scalix-server package
  • Bug 19068 [Defect] Invalid container ref WARNINGs can cause IMAP login failures
  • Bug 19081 [Improvement] Better error handling in IMAP daemon when using the ct_* library
  • Bug 19086 [Defect] omsmtpd coredump in SASL authentication code
  • Bug 19122 [Defect] Copying of remote modtimes files can cause messages to be apparently missing from mailbox display
  • Bug 19132 [Improvement] indexer daemon should be logging to event log
  • Bug 19161 [Defect] omscan: Background service repeatedly and incorrectly reports user mailbox corruption after initial error
  • Bug 19169 [Enhancement] Server to use new SIS "Mailbox MOVE" command to better support index updates
  • Bug 19172 [Enhancement] Add a special message update IMAP Extension command X-SCALIX-UPDATE
  • Bug 19180 [Defect] Multi-user add/remove on a PF can cause caching errors
  • Bug 19192 [Defect] For shared folders when deleting an item (X-MOVE to "Deleted Items"), item is still visible for other users
  • Bug 19219 [Improvement] MAIL-SYSTEM should have a valid SMTP-address
  • Bug 19240 [Defect] Local Delivery ist crashing with a specific message
  • Bug 19263 [Improvement] Indexer compatibility code for old and new indexwork files
  • Bug 19284 [Defect] SWA use with user with German setting leads to duplicate Contacts folder, not allowing to create contacts in SWA
  • Bug 19290 [Defect] UAL LIST - folder ModifyTime does not reflect all content changes
  • Bug 19296 [Defect] The \\Flagged IMAP flag is not updated when subsequent users access a Public Folder
  • Bug 19297 [Improvement] Should fix useabilty issues "md" function in omcontain
  • Bug 19298 [Defect] \\Flagged changes are not propagated across multiple active users
  • Bug 19304 [Enhancement] sxmkindex should have option to delete index first before reindexing
  • Bug 19317 [Defect] 8 bit characters in Message-ID causes malformed XML for SWA
  • Bug 19333 [Defect] cts with a scalix id and scalix props data can fail to refresh SATELLITE cache
  • Bug 19338 [Defect] When adding additional servers or mailnodes, sometimes the mailnode mapping does not configure correctly
  • Bug 19339 [Improvement] Message-IDs containing invalid characters should be sanitized by and in.imap41d
  • Bug 19346 [Defect] processed meeting requests with "{" in the UID result in CalDAV problems with filename of Calendar entry
  • Bug 19363 [Defect] Msg with large distribution lists can become corrupt (missing parts) some days after delivery
  • Bug 19368 [Defect] "Null" MOVE can result in invalid imap-cache synchro
  • Bug 19408 [Defect] "Null move" does not generate the correct UAL_GETSYNC records
  • Bug 19416 [Defect] Auto-generated text/plain part of Calendar items does not contain a "charset"
  • Bug 19430 [Improvement] Output for omshowu should say 'Excluded from Tidyall'
  • Bug 19466 [Defect] omtidyu doesn't works properly for Inbox sub-folders
  • Bug 19481 [Defect] Error occurs when editing a rule for a user with comma in its display name
  • Bug 19553 [Improvement] Extend sxmboxlist to handle special folder inconsistencies
  • Bug 19573 [Improvement] X-UPDATE should permit updates which include multiple x-scalix-properties MIME parts
  • Bug 19586 [Improvement] Clearer error messages for certain indexer situations
  • Bug 19595 [Documentation] minor omshowlog man page cleanup
  • Bug 19596 [Improvement] mime.browse/index.browse to optionally return proper error codes
  • Bug 19597 [Improvement] mime.browse/index.browse to show proper usage
  • Bug 19623 [Defect] Null HTML content can occur with auto-forwarding to external mailbox
  • Bug 19626 [Improvement] 'msl' library does should cache system directory handle
  • Bug 19627 [Defect] Invitations coming in from cannot be opened by Outlook. Problem with TRIGGER:PT15M
  • Bug 19657 [Defect] Calendar unviewable when loading it from CalDAV client
  • Bug 19667 [Defect] Non-MAPI clients have restricted access perms for msgs with MAPI properties
  • Bug 19678 [Defect] Outlook sees corrupted appointment if recurrence updated from SWA
  • Bug 19683 [Improvement] X-SCALIX-UPDATE should be an advertised capability
  • Bug 19685 [Defect] IMAP fetch immediately after append can fail, resulting in iCal accepting Meeting request getting HTTP 500
  • Bug 19707 [defect] IMAP "STATUS Calendar MESSAGES" command returns a negative value after an X-UPDATE of an appointment
  • Bug 19723 [Defect] IMAP FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE returns wrong encoding and size information
  • Bug 19733 [Improvement] in.imap41d and other processes should not call getpwnam,getpwuid functions
  • Bug 19739 [Defect] Sync (UAL_GETSYNC) can omit new msgs if ctner attach order is changed by null-move/modify operation (master copy mod)
  • Bug 19760 [Defect] Appending a text/calendar iCal to the Calendar without an ORGANIZER entry causes corruption of the ATTENDEES
  • Bug 19768 [Defect] Indexer sometimes logs the wrong SIS status code
  • Bug 19795 [Defect] User can sometimes receive empty emails when server is using more then the default local delivery service
  • Bug 19863 [Improvement] Server should escape ampersand (&) character in XML snippet in o=MyContacts LDAP source
  • Bug 19865 [Defect] process dies with certain message
  • Bug 19870 [Improvement] Should not use sxmboxlist in proxy folder scripts for improved performance

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 16234 [Improvement] accessing the root /mailbox uri should show the mailbox listing for the user listed in the URL
  • Bug 16407 [Enhancement] Should be able to logout of DAV (and REST) sessions
  • Bug 17198 [Defect] Emtpy search results cause platform rendering error for swa renderer
  • Bug 17842 [Defect] Concurrency/race conditions exist with concurrent imap operations on the platform
  • Bug 18020 [Defect] Calendar Interop - SWA & Outlook & do not work properly with exceptions from reoccruing appointments
  • Bug 18299 [Defect] If SIS returns an invalid DREF, Platform-Search falls over completely while creating result set
  • Bug 18560 [Improvement] Platform should not close the folder when selecting a different folder from the current
  • Bug 18898 [Improvement] Body fetch command should not cause sync failure when message itself is missing
  • Bug 18907 [Defect] General Renderer concurrency issue triggered in ActiveSync Situations
  • Bug 19001 [Defect] Auto-REINDEX script won't run on installations without SCALIX server
  • Bug 19018 [Defect] Platform session state is preserved even though the notification session is broken
  • Bug 19019 [Defect] Remove message from cache logic produces false message removals
  • Bug 19022 [Defect] Platform response rendering code has concurrency issues
  • Bug 19049 [Improvement] Platform response rendering code should be cleaned for concurrency issues
  • Bug 19056 [Improvement] Platform should implement/support Scalix's IMAP X-Move command
  • Bug 19088 [Improvement] Platform notification should be able to consume unsolicited STOPPED events
  • Bug 19092 [Improvement] EventServer connection usage in the platform should be more robust
  • Bug 19129 [Enhancement] Platform requires the ability to delete and rename folder objects
  • Bug 19133 [Enhancement] Add capability to use X-SCALIX-UPDATE in platform
  • Bug 19149 [Enhancement] Add capability to retrieve preference messages by subject
  • Bug 19150 [Enhancement] Provide RESTful interface to determine count of outstanding items in notification queue for a client
  • Bug 19178 [Enhancement] Platform should provide an API to search the Scalix System Directory
  • Bug 19322 [Defect] Filtered UID Set API requests on Contacts folder returns expunged messages
  • Bug 19331 [Enhancement] Add capability to save sent message in sent items when requested
  • Bug 19361 [Enhancement] Add timestamps to 'response' element in the response of userinfoServlet
  • Bug 19362 [Defect] CalDAV not displaying the correct part data for ical messages
  • Bug 19365 [Defect] Server delivers non-RFC conformant message without From: field over IMAP, resulting in SWA falling over
  • Bug 19379 [Defect] Changes to a Inbox message in Outlook are not propagated to SWA
  • Bug 19394 [Defect] Platform's simpleHtml renderer susceptible to cross-site scripting
  • Bug 19415 [Defect] DAV's HTML render susceptible to cross-site scripting
  • Bug 19432 [Improvement] Notifications servlet should test if notification server is running
  • Bug 19440 [Defect] Platform individual body part fetch is failing with ClassCastException
  • Bug 19444 [Defect] Updated appointments in SWA disappearing from the calendar until next login
  • Bug 19474 [Improvement] Fetch messages by directref should not individually fetch missing message parts
  • Bug 19479 [Defect] ImapUpdateCommand and ImapStoreCommand retrieving the IMAP response UID incorrectly
  • Bug 19487 [Defect] Empty MessageRef result against Calendar folder with no results throws NullPointer
  • Bug 19502 [Documentation] Update Scalix Messaging Services RESTful API Online Documentation
  • Bug 19513 [Documentation] Built-in documentation refers to Scalix Web Services
  • Bug 19549 [Defect] sxpsql-reindex and sxpsql-vacuum fail to escape special characters in postgresql passwords
  • Bug 19551 [Enhancement] DeliveryServlet Forward should save the a forwarded message in Sent Items
  • Bug 19581 [Enhancement] Expose authid in userinfoservlet
  • Bug 19674 [Improvement] Add favicon to SimpleHTMLRenderer
  • Bug 19703 [Defect] Platform incorrectly creating multiple IMAP connections (actually Context objects) for the same user
  • Bug 19725 [Improvement] Simultaneous DAV requests should not start up multiple DAVServices
  • Bug 19800 [Defect] Platform can fetch message details for imap messages that have not properly fetched directrefs
  • Bug 19841 [Defect] Erroneous errors for caldav user is presented when fetching the body

Scalix Search and Index Services

  • Bug 18620 [Defect] Can't find messages moved to another folder by client in certain situations
  • Bug 19320 [Defect] Admin command to get all refs in index often returns the wrong number
  • Bug 19521 [Improvement] Index file is not created during DELETE request
  • Bug 19761 [Defect] Some calendar messages cannot be parsed by SIS

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 8441 [Defect] PDL name after "&" is stripped off
  • Bug 17355 [Improvement] Timer settings for message refresh should take effect immediately
  • Bug 17536 [Defect] SWA mangles text attachments
  • Bug 17696 [Defect] Calendar loading at startup which causes a failure or timeout can not be recovered
  • Bug 17996 [Defect] rejects SWA originated UPDATE because meeting_update_count=0 i.e. SEQUENCE:0
  • Bug 18181 [Defect] Resource's calendar added as additional calendar indicates null's calendar
  • Bug 18305 [Defect] SWA Reply icon does not change in some situation
  • Bug 18617 [Improvement] Add additional tracking information to track creation of partial message set
  • Bug 18634 [Defect] Exception for recurring Calendar entry adds extra occurrence
  • Bug 18675 [Defect] Blocks of messages can be lost during initial folder population due to server timeout
  • Bug 18764 [Defect] SWA cannot display calendar tab, until the calendar is loaded
  • Bug 18817 [Improvement] Remove CSS Warnings caused by SWA
  • Bug 18834 [Defect] Toolbar Label Element have a light color in Classic Theme
  • Bug 19030 [Defect] Calendar can get corrupted in Outlook when exceptions are made to recurring event via SWA
  • Bug 19213 [Defect] Changing the File As field is not reflected when reopening the contact window in SWA
  • Bug 19294 [Defect] 'Flagged' status of Public Folder msg not seen by all other SWA users
  • Bug 19311 [Defect] SWA is downloading all CSS files in addition to concatenated one
  • Bug 19427 [Defect] With calendaring turned off, cannot delete emails in SWA
  • Bug 19497 [Defect] Ampersand (&) in Calendar Folder name breaks calendaring
  • Bug 19609 [Defect] Cannot execute X-UPDATE on folders with 'Special Characters'
  • Bug 19677 [Defect] Existing attachments do not show up in attachment list when editing an appointment (in same SWA session)
  • Bug 19830 [Defect] Recipient table in SWA Accept messages missing entry for organizer

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 11700 [Enhancement] Support for MSN/Windows Desktop Search to index Scalix mail
  • Bug 17204 [Defect] OL12 - Progress indicator stalls if click in Contents pane while large folder being opened
  • Bug 18280 [Improvement] Scalix Connect Auto Upgrade message should be properly wrapped
  • Bug 18528 [Defect] Wrong message counts after dragging msgs from public folder to Inbox
  • Bug 18541 [Defect] Outlook crashes while searching mails in online mode
  • Bug 18763 [Defect] CacheMgr shuts down when do Tools->Scalix Props->AdvancedTab->SmartCacheSettings
  • Bug 18884 [Enhancement] Connector auto upgrade log should have more information
  • Bug 18888 [Defect] SXLSRV32 pop up: "No current record"/"Kein aktueller Datensatz"
  • Bug 18909 [Defect] Autoupgrade with bad version info breaks Connector installation
  • Bug 18910 [Defect] pop-up error from SXLSVR32: "Record is deleted"/"Datensatz ist gelöscht"
  • Bug 18971 [Defect] Wrong pop-up message generated after the autoupgrade
  • Bug 19027 [Defect] WMDC 6.1 (64bit and 32 bit) on Vista64 and 32 crashes when syncing Notes
  • Bug 19084 [Defect] UAC blocks updates to certificates file
  • Bug 19189 [Defect] Outlook crashes sporadically while accessing mailbox on Japanese Vista & Outlook
  • Bug 19239 [Improvement] Autoupgrade status indicator should have scalix icon
  • Bug 19255 [Enhancement] Connector version number should automatically be included in upgrade message subject
  • Bug 19262 [Defect] Delegates cannot see an Mail marked as "Private"
  • Bug 19268 [Improvement] Should rationalise sxservice log entries seen in update message
  • Bug 19283 [Defect] sxualwsd32 stopped working on exiting Outlook
  • Bug 19383 [Defect] Scalix does not appear in German profile creation options with 64bit OS
  • Bug 19460 [Defect] Mouseover on SmartCache icon has incomplete text
  • Bug 19558 [Defect] Outlook crashes when setting resource options while offline
  • Bug 19749 [Defect] "Save PW" missing from Scalix Props when Work Offline ticked
  • Bug 19751 [Defect] Multiple profile prompts during autoupgrade
  • Bug 19785 [Improvement] Performance for opening large folders
  • Bug 19842 [Defect] HTTPUpdateInstallMgr setting in mapi.cfg doesn't work
  • Bug 19895 [Defect] iTunes OutlookSyncClient crash with Scalix installed

Scalix 11.4.3 Changes/Fixes

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 14881 [Defect] JS error on refreshing *Corrupt Message *queue after reading a message from queue
  • Bug 15751 [Enhancement] License status screen is required
  • Bug 15756 [Improvement] Should be able to hide Scalix default admin groups from address book through SAC
  • Bug 16077 [Improvement] SAC: Fix font and message for launch
  • Bug 17026 [Improvement] Milter and proxy folder services should show up in SAC.
  • Bug 17431 [Improvement] Should automatically cycle RCI, local, and router when limits are changed
  • Bug 18075 [Improvement] Allow users to login to SAC using their email address or auth id
  • Bug 18153 [Improvement] Scroll-bars should be present for panes in the administration console
  • Bug 18209 [Improvement] 'Authentication ID Domain' field should be disabled by default in SAC.
  • Bug 18251 [Defect] SAC fails with routes with wildcards in the routing table
  • Bug 18431 [Defect] Unable to create new users with SAC/omldapsync in multi-server environment
  • Bug 18439 [Defect] SAC in German has "undefined" for several string variables
  • Bug 18445 [Improvement] Display hosted node.domain in SAC under Server Info for delegated admins
  • Bug 18532 [Improvement] Hide Server as a filter in User/Resource/Group from delegated admins in hosting mode
  • Bug 18697 [Defect] Installer cannot continue if the JRE package was installed first

Scalix Server

  • Bug 14181 [Improvement] omreset has references to /var/opt/scalix and /opt/scalix/global/config
  • Bug 15024 [Defect] Email missing when smartcache enabled
  • Bug 15173 [Defect] IMAP SEARCH SENTON <date> doesn't work.
  • Bug 16143 [Defect] omaddu does not use instance hostname, but host fqdn
  • Bug 16284 [Defect] SMINTFC messages are missing orig-date field according to RFC-2822
  • Bug 16287 [Improvement] should have better error message when charset converter for iconv is missing.
  • Bug 16477 [Defect] memory leak in omslapdeng when using external PAM authentication with SSL/TLS
  • Bug 16567 [Defect] Canceled meetings with exception from Exchange causes abort
  • Bug 17771 [Improvement] sxmaint should check/fix sendmail not running situation
  • Bug 17912 [Improvement] sxmaint outputs the entire fatal log in some instances unnecessarily
  • Bug 17936 [Defect] omldaputil significantly slower since upgrade from 11.1
  • Bug 18033 [Improvement] omldapsync should cleanup PID file on exit
  • Bug 18104 [Defect] Fetching a new Contact from "Contacts" result in duplicate headers
  • Bug 18105 [Defect] X-SCALIX-PROPS updates do not take affect until a CORE restart
  • Bug 18149 [Defect] Recurrence exceptions created in are not reflected in Outlook
  • Bug 18182 [Defect] Accessing additional calendar from api/dav/.../Calendar leads to 404 NotFound exception
  • Bug 18184 [Defect] Satellite server crashes and doesn't respond to omshut after invalid APPEND
  • Bug 18195 [Defect] Use of parentheses in UID SEARCH can lead to SAT server crashes
  • Bug 18221 [Defect] IMAP folder cache goes stale after moving messages into a Public Folder
  • Bug 18277 [Defect] certain messages can prevent access to a mail folder
  • Bug 18316 [Defect] Premium users can see public folders of other mailnode in SWA
  • Bug 18330 [Defect] Number of occurrences reduced by 2 when 1 instance deleted by
  • Bug 18332 [Defect] ICAL resulting from UPDATE augmented with RSVP=TRUE
  • Bug 18342 [Defect] omldapsync not working on RHEL4 with jre-1.5.0_13
  • Bug 18344 [Defect] Cannot add company public proxy folder if mailnode hosting is enabled
  • Bug 18386 [Defect] Messages can get stuck in the Sendmail Interface Queue if sendmail rejects them
  • Bug 18421 [Enhancement] sxmboxlist: Add options for listing folder and message DirectRefs
  • Bug 18427 [Improvement] omconfenu should allow PDL to be specified
  • Bug 18442 [Defect] Week Day recurrences are incorrectly rendered in ICAL with invalid INTERVAL=0 on RRULE (INTERVAL parameter should be absent or 1)
  • Bug 18496 [Defect] Using sxmboxlist command, mails from subfolder are not shown.
  • Bug 18498 [Defect] omshowu ignores filtering locked users when displaying authentication ids
  • Bug 18508 [Defect] Bad jpg message part causes to go to 100%
  • Bug 18556 [Defect] "Flagged" flag does not persist properly in the IMAP cache
  • Bug 18564 [Defect] Mime Browser Controller mime.control aborts if no item number specified for index.browse
  • Bug 18579 [Defect] omshowpdl doesn't work with PDLs that begin with "all"
  • Bug 18613 [Defect] Canada/Eastern default timezone not recognized, resulting in UTC being used for hard start and end of All day appointments
  • Bug 18656 [Defect] SmartCache Shows Green X Icon - Error 2501

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 14957 [Improvement] Proper setup for Auto-Vacuum in Postgresql
  • Bug 15146 [Improvement] Decrease time Global searches take
  • Bug 18113 [Defect] <getcontenttype> for DAV text/calendar items reported as message/rfc822
  • Bug 18308 [Defect] A message imported into SWA in a folder then moved to the inbox causes a platform cache failure
  • Bug 18339 [Improvement] Proper setup for Auto-REINDEX in Postgresql

Scalix Search and Indexing Services

  • Bug 16486 [Improvement] SIS should have a default installed in the sis config directory
  • Bug 18245 [Defect] Search results are always truncated to 189 hits.
  • Bug 18405 [Defect] search from SWA may not work when LANG is not set to en_US.UTF-8

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 4099 [Defect] locked account gets "username or password is incorrect" msg
  • Bug 12954 [Defect] Pressing Tab in forward window moves cursor to the wrong position]
  • Bug 14558 [Enhancement] swa not displaying ical message correctly for standard user
  • Bug 16824 [Defect] Hovering over a recurring appointment shows the base-appointment information not the occurrence information
  • Bug 17458 [Defect] On FF3/Mac, calendaring FreeBusy screen cutoff at lower end when adding many recipients
  • Bug 18018 [Improvement] In Permission Window, last newly added user should be highlighted/selected
  • Bug 18191 [Improvement] Add some icons in the menu
  • Bug 18199 [Defect] Time Option Menu in SWA is Faded in Firefox
  • Bug 18306 [Defect] Appointment in the "Month view" are not displayed correctly
  • Bug 18363 [Defect] SWA displays erroneous 'location' field when displaying a recurring appointment that was created in Outlook with no location in the base appointment, but with a location in an exception
  • Bug 18437 [Defect] SWA does not display message body for some messages.
  • Bug 18566 [Defect] Names and free/busy grid are not aligned in scheduling tab
  • Bug 18569 [Defect] free/busy grid is off by a pixel every 5th line

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 14521 [Defect] Unable to archive "Sent Items" folder at all
  • Bug 15802 [Defect] User name in double bytes are not properly handled
  • Bug 16136 [Defect] Controls missing from Scalix props when accessed from Control Panel
  • Bug 16647 [Defect] Message stuck in Outbox, need to send another to clear, then that one gets stuck
  • Bug 17716 [Defect] SXLogger appears during install
  • Bug 17833 [Defect] ActiveSync does not sync group invitation calendar items
  • Bug 18000 [Improvement] sxlogger should cleanly terminate on Outlook shutdown
  • Bug 18115 [Defect] Embedded images in multipart/related structure not displayed properly in smart cache mode
  • Bug 18285 [Defect] Outlook Archive appears to fail with SmartCache
  • Bug 18338 [Defect] Corrupt recurrence dialog causes OL11 crash in side-by-side view
  • Bug 18443 [Defect] Some items don't display in SmartCache
  • Bug 18530 [Defect] Scalix connect for wireless 11 - incompatible meeting requests generated by users with german umlauts and mapi
  • Bug 18533 [Defect] can not resend sent message if username has TX-Attribute
  • Bug 18537 [Defect] can not open items created by a mailbox with accentuated characters
  • Bug 18671 [Defect] SXCACHEMGR.EXE sometimes doesn't shut down

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 15294 [Improvement] Postgres instance should have logging on by default
  • Bug 18461 [Improvement] Merlin should preserve SIS file during SIS upgrade

Scalix 11.4.2

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 16691 [Defect] Updated licenses not reflected by SAC
  • Bug 17432 [Defect] Can't assign additional addresses to hosted mailnode users in SAC

Scalix Server

  • Bug 14927 [Documentation] omtidyu man page contains wrong explanation for example
  • Bug 15234 [Improvement] Prefix searches should work for SWA, IMAP and Outlook/Advanced-Find
  • Bug 15729 [Defect] omlimit output have incorrect Name expansion
  • Bug 16299 [Improvement] "conversation_topic" should not be used for ICAL SUMMARY
  • Bug 16317 [Defect] Use of omtidyallu increments the 'bad password count' for users
  • Bug 16632 [Documentation] sxmboxexp man page has incomplete explanation
  • Bug 16767 [Defect] Polish characters don't show up properly in SWA.
  • Bug 16949 [Defect] modifying appointment subject in swa is not reflected in CalDAV
  • Bug 17299 [Documentation] omconflvl man page wrong default for log size
  • Bug 17373 [Defect] ldapmapper doesn't deal with request server scripts
  • Bug 17555 [Improvement] Milter should work on Debian/Xandros
  • Bug 17595 [Defect] Certain email causes IMAP process to hang
  • Bug 17671 [Defect] SWA interprets Publish-Type iCalendar attachments as Invitations and makes underlying email unreadable.
  • Bug 17769 [Improvement] All "Special Folders" should be mapped to there normalized English names when exposed through IMAP
  • Bug 17784 [Defect] All day recurrence - exception is 24 hour not ALL DAY in ICAL
  • Bug 17809 [Defect] Meaningless message logged as warning and errors processing invites when Timezone configuration of system is incomplete.
  • Bug 17907 [Defect] Meetings in the Organizer's Calendar are not recognized as belonging to the organizer in SWA
  • Bug 17911 [Improvement] Some errors shouldn't go into fatal
  • Bug 17919 [Defect] error messages in fatal when running under en_AU.UTF-8 as system locale
  • Bug 17926 [Defect] IMAP server process aborts, reporting issue in icalparameter_new_tzid
  • Bug 18063 [Defect] SMTP discard actions can cause problems with milter interface

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 15605 [Defect] iCal.App deleting single instance of recurrence does not appear to work for ICAL clients
  • Bug 17742 [Improvement] Should support interoperability for modifying calendar description between Outlook2k3, SWA and CalDAV

Scalix Search and Indexing Services

  • Bug 14904 [Improvement] Search should find substring and prefix results
  • Bug 17847 [Defect] SIS cannot parse search strings containing nested quotes
  • Bug 17922 [Enhancement] Add a SIS searcher property to control use of leading wildcard searches
  • Bug 17974 [Improvement] Opportunity to optimize some Thunderbird (& other IMAP client) searches

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 14418 [Defect] Duplicate appointments appear when modifying appointments in shared calendars
  • Bug 14686 [Defect] SWA user can't open attachment having I18N char in filename in calendar
  • Bug 15211 [Defect] Appointment created in SWA, spanning between two months, does not show in monthly views for second month
  • Bug 15447 [Improvement] Stop Mouse cursor from jumping around when moving area borders in Firefox
  • Bug 15878 [Improvement] Firefox should support additional key sequences for SWA: Ctrl+cursors, Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Delete
  • Bug 16714 [Improvement] Multi-Day All-Day and recurring appointments should show up on all there relevant days in Upcoming Appointments
  • Bug 16737 [Enhancement] Confirmation for deleting folder
  • Bug 16980 [Defect] Adding resource manually gives error.
  • Bug 17375 [Improvement] Provide for more common order for date and time fields in appointment window
  • Bug 17774 [Defect] Read receipts are send when Preview Pane is disabled
  • Bug 17775 [Improvement] Things that cannot be themed
  • Bug 17780 [Defect] SWA does not show FF3 as supported in Browser Reject
  • Bug 17810 [Defect] "view" string in calendar sets view is not visible when translating to French and opening in IE
  • Bug 17821 [Regression] SWA direct resource booking broken
  • Bug 17843 [Defect] Icon arrangement in folder list disturbs when entered long calendar name.

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 10925 [Defect] extended characters do not display in Task owner's field
  • Bug 11984 [Defect] Delegate permission message doesn't show extended chars in principal's name
  • Bug 12027 [Defect] no extended chars in user's name in additional mailbox
  • Bug 13162 [Defect] In calender attendees list certain 8-bit/double-byte user names appear as garbled
  • Bug 13320 [Defect] Permissions tab only shows 7bit version of usernames
  • Bug 15095 [Defect] Some locally created rules for PST files do not process as expected
  • Bug 15493 [Defect] Moving messages between Mailbox and PST's causes Display Name corruption
  • Bug 16368 [Enhancement] Require interoperability with Documentum client for Outlook.
  • Bug 17155 [Defect] Corrupted recurrent Calendar items
  • Bug 17382 [Defect] Outlook crashes when tries search a contact's activity
  • Bug 17497 [Defect] Wrong unread count of INBOX when using filtering.
  • Bug 17983 [Defect] German popup box refers to "Oline arbeiten" instead of "Online arbeiten"

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 15771 [Defect] Installer quits without warning if "dig" is not available
  • Bug 15800 [Improvement] Installer should not reset the Postgres database
  • Bug 17899 [Defect] On SuSE sxpsql-checkencoding always restarts postgres

Scalix 11.4.1-U1

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 16980 [Defect] Adding resource manually gives error.
  • Bug 17774 [Defect] Read receipts are send when Preview Pane is disabled

Scalix Server

  • Bug 17506 [Defect] Corruption of DREF data in the IMAP cache

Scalix 11.4.1

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 14827 [I18N] User names appear garbled in Output of sxmbcprep and sxmkindex
  • Bug 16731 Buttons in SAC not displayed properly
  • Bug 17508 Firefox 3 causes popup dialog boxes to be huge rather than the correct size.
  • Bug 17594 "Edit Setting" dialog in SAC not displayed properly

Scalix Server

  • Bug 12568 memory leak in
  • Bug 12984 Error on setting empty Out of Office reply
  • Bug 15299 Duplicate Message Delivery can break when using multiple Local Delivery processes
  • Bug 16030 IMAP subscribe/unsubscribe no longer works for public folders
  • Bug 16254 search is generating requests that are too long to handle for httpd
  • Bug 16503 IMAP Server responds with internal error message for user blocked from using SWA
  • Bug 16676 Router is sending multiple copies of same message to remote server when sending to DL
  • Bug 16848 mails sent to public folder appear as sent from envelope-sender
  • Bug 16943 Index.browse looping
  • Bug 17036 Removing 'Additional Mailboxes' from the folder tree gives error.
  • Bug 17179 Some Proxy Folder message Distribution Lists not created in the PROXY domain.
  • Bug 17249 Proxy Folder service errors go to ~/logs/daemon.stderr
  • Bug 17282 sxdu includes content of Proxy Folders in size
  • Bug 17338 Single blank character incorrectly terminates RFC2822 header
  • Bug 17364 IMAP cannot login if user does not have top-level Public Folder permissions
  • Bug 17388 SMTP relay MAX_CLIENTS and MAX_SUBPROCS settings not documented in smtpd.cfg template
  • Bug 17391 Proxy Folders Unread handling
  • Bug 17420 IMAP satellite connections are reported as "Unlicensed client"
  • Bug 17433 The characters of Japanese Holiday Calendar are garbled in Proxy Folders
  • Bug 17438 sxpfadd doesn't work in Hosting environment
  • Bug 17469 Can't dismiss reminders in Proxy Folders
  • Bug 17489 Index_Browser causing OM 3005 error
  • Bug 17556 SMTP Relay does not milter the 1st message after a restart
  • Bug 17568 Certain message crashes SMTP relay with CT Milter turned on

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 16804 Platform needs to treat subclasses of ItemClasses same as ItemClass
  • Bug 17297 Monthly recurrences created by Apple cannot be created (we expect BYMONTHDAY)
  • Bug 17436 Color changes for calendars in SWA don't propagate to
  • Bug 17443 CalDAV returning Status Code 201=Created on modifies to calendar item
  • Bug 17444 Pre-release Mozilla Calendar Meetings in Calendar end up with corrupt ORGANIZER
  • Bug 17449 Sunbird pre-release CalDAV FREEBUSY lookups fail with 415 Unsupported Media Type

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 3647 "test" button doesn't work in Properties / Receiving Mail in SWA
  • Bug 14369 SWA show irrelevant message while login, when user does not have ability to access SWA.
  • Bug 16554 Need a way to insert normal characters that match variable names in date formats.
  • Bug 16720 Login window labels are too close to text entry fields.
  • Bug 16728 Time not shown correctly
  • Bug 16803 SWA needs to treat subclasses of ItemClasses same as ItemClass
  • Bug 16878 Group Calendaring/Planning View
  • Bug 17001 Need new way to indicate new mail...
  • Bug 17148 wrong german translation in reminder pop-up
  • Bug 17294 Hovering over an upcoming appointment causes some flickering when rendering the hoverover popup
  • Bug 17362 Need instructions and possibly kit for additional SWA spell checker languages
  • Bug 17419 swa.themes.available = false breaks Tools > Options
  • Bug 17452 Special characters on international keyboards which are typed by holding the Right ALT key or CTRL + ALT don't work in the SWA text editor
  • Bug 17466 Allday events created by Lightning show up on previous day consuming 0 time in SWA
  • Bug 17490 print function in FF2 only prints first page
  • Bug 17539 Improve logging around generic 'method_name=send' error message
  • Bug 17548 SWA shows partial list for Personal contacts
  • Bug 17569 Scalix-Default: Background of main search results area should be white
  • Bug 17598 Calendaring Toolbar has a number of minor visual oddities
  • Bug 17602 Switching from custom theme to Scalix Default results in a very broken SWA.

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 15195 "On behalf of" appends in "From" field when a message is resend.
  • Bug 16774 inbound mail using ks_c_5601 in the header appear with Korean characters in Outlook
  • Bug 16964 delegation problem with meeting-related messages
  • Bug 17071 Outlook may loose connection to primary mailbox when using permanent delegate access to other mailboxes
  • Bug 17149 OL12 hang on first run after installing new SP
  • Bug 17332 Selecting work offline option makes outlook unstable on vista platform.
  • Bug 17340 Hang on first use of Outlook 12
  • Bug 17376 subjectAltNames not recognized by Scalix Connect for Outlook
  • Bug 17410 German translation errros
  • Bug 17504 Public Folders session receives notifs when change made to private store
  • Bug 17507 Default logging settings can omit error level messages.
  • Bug 17558 During a brute force refresh, new items are not detected
  • Bug 17563 Brute force refresh inefficient and can crash Outlook

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 14663 SWA cannot be upgraded if a port number is defined in for SMTP server
  • Bug 15490 Upgrade loses log4j settings
  • Bug 15987 /favicon.ico URL of Scalix virtual host should point to an appropriate icon file
  • Bug 16049 When the platform code is upgraded the rpm overwrites any logging level changes
  • Bug 17367 Snowmobile caldav doesn't work on Xandros Server 2.

Scalix 11.4.0

Scalix Server

  • Bug 6644: Server should support MILTER interface on SMTP relay
  • Bug 13350: Should support SMTP SIZE service extension (RFC 1653)
  • Bug 13963: unread msgs in Unread Mail folder is different from Unread number
  • Bug 15395: Content is not allowed in prolog - when accessing delegated calendar
  • Bug 15409: Scalix Relay loses IP of message sender
  • Bug 15718: omtidyu/omtidyallu need option to include/exclude object types
  • Bug 16300: Outlook Originated All DAY events for BST (British Summer Time) shifted by one hour
  • Bug 16418: message causes Outlook not to start
  • Bug 16434: Indexer messes up load average calculations.
  • Bug 16445: SMTP relay aborts when USERLIST is busy.
  • Bug 16462: opt/scalix/template/tmp and pt/scalix/template/ world writable
  • Bug 16470: Deleting unread msgs with concurrent usage gives incorrect unread msg count
  • Bug 16475: sxmaint require execute bit set on /etc/opt/scalix/sxmaint.cfg
  • Bug 16476: omlicmon still leaks a little - (follow on from bug 15862)
  • Bug 16522: SMTP relay can "421 No resources" a message even when resources are available.
  • Bug 16543: looping when processing malformed message TF
  • Bug 16603: Indexer is processing items that are not visible to the user
  • Bug 16706: Inbound SMINTFC messages get slaced on the ERROR queue when SMTP conversation is interrupted

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 15585: I18N characters are not output to the text of the PREVIEW element in the XML output of REST API.
  • Bug 15637: Platform sometimes issues several IMAP NOOPs a second
  • Bug 16048: Failure to contact the notification service breaks swa
  • Bug 16112: Can't create new Calendar using
  • Bug 16178: Database insert fails in platform
  • Bug 16406: Hiding completed tasks can cause Lightning to display events in task view
  • Bug 16491: changing display name for appointment fails in Sunbird/Lightning
  • Bug 16670: Curly Brackets { and } are lost in CalDAV PUT or IMAP append
  • Bug 16742: CalDAV/Lightning: Deleting events corrupts data in public folders
  • Bug 16769: CalDAV/Lightning 0.8RC1: Recurring Events are not displayed
  • Bug 16801: Platform database error when a message is moved between folders

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 13224: Folder Permissions Window does not name folder for which permissions are changed
  • Bug 14194: Multiple copies of drafts even when msg is sent properly
  • Bug 15018: Long File Attachment Names are Being Truncated While Saving Using IE
  • Bug 15786: SWA reports IMAP protocol errors as Evaluation period expiries
  • Bug 16337: SWA gives #GUI022 error while accessing mail from Inbox randomly.
  • Bug 16364: LDAP primary host should follow IMAP referral
  • Bug 16382: Time for display update after click on message in list is too long.
  • Bug 16424: When SMTP connection fails, user should be informed rather than silently saving to drafts
  • Bug 16429: Spellchecker throws an internal error
  • Bug 16430: "Splash Page Error" when logging in using the URL method with username and password parameters
  • Bug 16435: From Bug 15018, comment #18: Filename in attachment header in received mail is truncated and not displayed anywhere
  • Bug 16556: Meeting attendee gets rewritten as [object Object] after using "Add From Address Book"
  • Bug 16616: email address isn't printed
  • Bug 16847: SWA does not show new messages in header view

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 12985: Outlook crashed when attempting to send encrypted mail; poor error handling too
  • Bug 13104: Outlook 9 and 11 wizards prompt for cache location even before user has specified they want SmartCache
  • Bug 13690: Outlook deadlocks on send mail with Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Active Virus Shield
  • Bug 14281: Installer crashes at end of upgrade when started out of Windows compressed folder
  • Bug 14590: Error reading data for a recurring Calendar item
  • Bug 14682: "Optimize for Mobile Use" in SmartCache may lose changes.
  • Bug 14833: SYSTEM address book not displayed when offline connection is re-established
  • Bug 14910: No warning given when SmartCache reverts to SafeMode
  • Bug 15240: setup.exe crashes at the end of install
  • Bug 15306: Tray icon should show simplified status
  • Bug 15385: [I18N] The last one character of display name is not displayed
  • Bug 15432: Outlook crashes while saving a rule
  • Bug 15480: Unable to create a rule using saved contact in personal folder
  • Bug 15531: umlauts are not displayed in meeting request message body
  • Bug 15639: Out of Office Agent will cause malformed read receipts
  • Bug 15640: calendar view will not be updated after several changes within a reoccurring appointment
  • Bug 15708: Doesn't contact Scalix Server using IP Address
  • Bug 15797: sxlogger crash on exit
  • Bug 16014: Outlook 2003 w/ SmartCache: empty attachment causes perpetual error on mailing
  • Bug 16039: Outlook 2007: Deleting message in grouped subject view causes OL "Not Responding".
  • Bug 16079: During profile creation with server using SSL, asks for certificate confirmation 4 times
  • Bug 16169: OL profile created by wizard should not be SmartCache enabled by default
  • Bug 16255: MAPI Installer gives error when stored inside a deep hierarchy of folders
  • Bug 16262: Outlook crashes after delete or move a message.
  • Bug 16398: Outlook displays invalid mail count after deleting large number of mails from folder.
  • Bug 16447: SmartCache: Auto-file to subfolder doesn't increment unread count
  • Bug 16584: connector should have at least a fallback to non_ssl_port connect via 5729
  • Bug 16630: 11.3 Localization kit required
  • Bug 16643: SSL should read root certificates from Windows Certificate Store rather than c:\program files\scalix\connect\cacerts.pem
  • Bug 16675: [Outlook 2007] Subject etc lost when moving messages to PST
  • Bug 16986: ServerName enhancements for Delegate connections
  • Bug 17153: Progress indicator sometimes not visible or updated on OL12
  • Bug 17191: pre-OL12 - Progress indicator stalls if click in Contents pane while large folder being opened
  • Bug 17196: Use SSL option missing from profile wizard when creating non Kerberos profile

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 16657: On Debian platforms, scalix-tomcat init script does not set ulimit
  • Bug 16705: Regression: Double FirstName in Internet address format

Supported Environments

Scalix 12.0.3 is supported on the following platforms:

  • Scalix Server: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5/6, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10/11, CentOS 5/6,Supported architectures are i386 and x86_64.Scalix Connect for Outlook: The following combinations of Windows and Outlook are supported


Outlook version

XP 32 Bit SP3

2003 SP3, 2007 SP2, 2010

XP 64 Bit SP2

2003 SP3, 2007 SP2

Vista 32 Bit SP2

2003 SP3, 2007 SP2, 2010

Vista 64 Bit SP2

2003 SP3, 2007 SP2

Win7 64bit

2003 SP3, 2007 SP2, 2010, 2013*

Win7 32bit

2003 SP3, 2007 SP2, 2010, 2013*

  • ribbon image may diaplayed wrong.
    1) Other combinations of Service Packs may work also but are not part of our QA process.
  • Scalix Web Access and Scalix Management Console: IE9 and IE 10 on Windows; Firefox 25.0 on Windows, Mac OS/X or Linux. Other browsers based on the IE and Gecko engines may work. Chrome 31.0 on Windows, Mac OS/X or Linux.

System Requirements

Please the Scalix Installation guide for current minimum system requirements.


Note that the choice of storage environments will have a major influence on performance of your Scalix system. Scalix as an application is largely I/O-bound, using variable, small-blocksize random read/write synchronous file I/O.

Also note that Scalix does not support putting a Scalix Message Store on a NFS- or SMB-based storage device such as a NAS Filer. Performance issues and/or Message Store corruption can occur. This is true for all Linux distributions using Linux 2.6.x kernels as the NFS client software in these kernels have known issues with file locking operations, which Scalix heavily relies on.

We suggest putting the Scalix message store on a Hardware RAID Array, using RAID 1+0 for best performance. The use of RAID 5 or RAID 6 will result in substantially worse performance due to the nature of Scalix Disk I/O patterns (small, synchronous random writes) and is not recommended. In larger installations, we do recommend using iSCSI- or FibreChannel-based SAN storage. We also recommend the use of battery-backed write cache on the RAID controller where available


The Scalix 12.0.3 Release consists of a self-extracting shell archives for Linux and a separate ZIP file download for the Windows components.

The Components in the package and their respective version numbers are as follows:




Scalix Installer

Linux .bin


Scalix Server

Linux .bin

Scalix Character Set Detectors

Linux .bin


Scalix Libical

Linux .bin


Scalix iconv Extras

Linux .bin


Scalix Management Services (SAC, RES)

Linux .bin

Scalix Messaging Services ("Platform")

Linux .bin

Scalix Web Access (SWA)

Linux .bin

Scalix Mobile Web Client (Mobile)

Linux .bin

Scalix Search and Indexing Services (SIS)

Linux .bin

Scalix Text Extractors for Indexing and Search *

Linux .bin


Scalix DB (Postgres)

Linux .bin


Scalix Tomcat Connector

Linux .bin


Scalix Tomcat

Linux .bin


Scalix Connect for Evolution

Linux .bin

Scalix Connect for Outlook

Windows .zip

Scalix Migration Tool (SMT) ***

Windows .zip

Scalix Active Directory Extensions (ADE) ****

Windows .zip

* Text extractors allow the indexing of binary Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and PDF documents. They are only available as part of Scalix Small Business Edition (SBE) or Enterprise Edition (EE)
** For Scalix Community Edition downloads, Scalix Connect for Outlook (MAPI) is a separate ZIP-file download.
*** The Scalix Migration Tool is a separately-sold product to migrate eMail, Calendar, Contacts and other objects from Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003 to Scalix. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.
**** The Scalix Active Directory Extensions are only available as part of Scalix Small Business Edition (SBE) or Enterprise Edition (EE)

Known Issues and Workarounds

Scalix Admin Tools




JRE for omldapsync


Unable to change password for sxadmin.

Workaround: Have administrative users change their passwords in their clients before accessing the management console, remove the pre-set flag on the command line (ommodu with a -E option) or avoid the use of pre-expired passwords entirely


when creating a mailnode using the Mailnode screen in SAC, public folder structure in hosting mode is not created and users cannot login.

Do not create the Hosted Mailnode using the Mailnode Screen in SAC; use the provided SAC Hosted Mailnode plugin instead. In Scalix 11.5, the functionality will be fully embedded into SAC and the plugins will go away


Default values for LDAP size limit inadequate

The size limit for LDAP queries in SAC may be insufficient for even simple installations. The default will be raised in a future release. The limit can be manually adjusted in if the said error appears

Scalix Server





Umlauts in passwords do not work correctly

It is recommended not to use non-ASCII characters in passwords. For best security and compatibility, use a combination of ASCII characters, numbers and special characters. non-ASCII characters in passwords are subject to client processing and are not likely to work across different clients


ommodu --resource Y does not create calendar folder and set calendar permissions

It is not recommended to change a normal user to a resource. Delete the user mailbox and create a new one, which will have the calendar folder setup. Otherwise, you'll have to log-in to a calendar-enabled client with the user and setup folder permissions on the Calendar manually


LDAP server should disable anonymous binds by default to allow for better security

The desired effect can be achieved by setting LDAP_MUST_AUTHENTICATE=TRUE in general.cfg


sxhostcfg script silently assumes sxadmin as admin username and fails if that's not the case

For Scalix 11.4, the default admin username ("sxadmin") must be accepted during installation for Hosting mode to work correctly. In Scalix 11.5, this restriction no longer applies as Hosting edition setup works differently altogether


sxaa: An applied filter including non-ascii characters is not effective.

This will be fixed in a future release of Scalix


omtidy omtidyallu options -d -w0 cause problems

The combination of options will be disabled in a future release of Scalix and should be considered unsupported and deprecated


RSS ProxyFolder should keep history of entries independent of server feed content

The behaviour will change in a future release of Scalix


FREEBUSY not working properly in iCal

Currently, Free/Busy data is published by F/B-enabled clients like Outlook and SWA. The functionality will move to the server in Scalix 11.5, allowing non-F/B-publishing clients to work correctly


Some special characters not allowed in Proxy Folder names

Do not use any of these characters in proxy folder names: "[", "]", "$", "%", "*", "#" or "/"


Can't recognize CJK user names in Proxy Folder setup

Find out the ASCII version of the Scalix username (as per omshowu) and use this to create the proxy folder as a workaround


omscan server cycle will not run if time was in the future during last cycle

Reset the Server Cycle timer using omscan -Z


sxdu -r should automatically correct wrong recovery folder size.

The wrong size information can be corrected by running omscan in "-S" fix mode and then deleting another item, so that it gets added to the recovery folder. Future versions of Scalix will automatically correct the wrong information


Allow for unlimited number of elements in a folder, including Inbox.

Scalix 12 will eventually allow for an unlimited number of items in each folder. For Scalix 11, the limitations are 128K (=131072) items per folder (including subfolder entries, but NOT including subfolder items) and 32K (=32767) when Outlook is supposed to access the folder using Scalix Connect


ommodpdl fails when CN has more than 40 characters

Use PDL names shorter than 40 characters


Duplicate sub-Folders Created in BB device after moving messages in SWA.

This is a known issue with Scalix Connect for Blackberry Enterprise Server. It will be fixed in a future release

Scalix Messaging Services





Cannot authenticate against Messaging Services, CalDAV or ActiveSync when password contains ":"

Use passwords not containing a colon character when using one of these services


CalDAV should allow viewing of attachments

This functionality will be added in a future release of Scalix


CalDAV scheduling POST to Outbox should result in message in Sent Items

This will be improved in a future release of Scalix, as the CalDAV-Scheduling standard evolves towards a full RFC

Scalix Web Access





Folder name having greater then (<) and (>) lesser then sign are not displayed in folder tree

Do not use "<" and ">" characters when naming folders for use in SWA


Invoking SWA within a frameset yields erroneous error message

Using SWA inside a frameset is currently not supported. A future version of SWA will be made more portal-friendly


Attaching file having semicolon in filename removes all the earlier attachments.

Using semicolons in attachment names is not supported for SWA. The behavior will be improved for a future release


SWA appears to allow changes to read-only Proxy Folder

Future versions of SWA will display proxy folders differently and not allow changes using UI limitations


SWA test button should trigger browser prompt to install appropriate media plugin on IE7

Correct Media plugins must be installed manually before the SWA session for SWA to play sounds correctly on receiving email


Folder names with ! don't work in SWA, do in Outlook, cause issues in sxmboxexp/imp

Do not use folder names containing exclamation marks ("!") to be able to use a folder in SWA


Can't open attachment with apostrophe in the file name

In Internet Explorer and when running on Vista, files with apostrophes in the name cannot be opened when received as an attachment. This will be fixed in a future release. As a workaround, please re-send the file with the attachment renamed. In general, it is not recommended to use filenames with special characters for attachments


Search Result Pane returns blank window, when pop-up blocker is turned on.

The search window will be integrated into the main window in a future release of Scalix. Popup handling will be improved. For the time being, popup blocking must be fully disabled for SWA to work correctly


Keep getting "Your request to the server has timed out. Keep trying?" popup message.

Scalix 11.5 will vastly improve on SWA used bandwidth and how timeouts are managed. The number of occurrences of this (valid) timeout will be reduced


SWA fails to send mail to the PDLs having special characters in their names.

Certain special characters like double quotes ("), ampersand (&), angle quotes (<>) or semicolon (;) should not be used in the display name of a personal distribution list in the SWA contact folder; otherwise, it will not be possible to send email to these distribution lists

Scalix Connect for Outlook





OLE embeded objects are not viewable on the message in the Sent Items folder

The use of embedded OLE objects is not supported with current versions of Scalix Connect


MAPI limits number of items displayed in a folder to the first 32767

Currently, only the first 32767 items in any folder can be accessed through Outlook/MAPI. This limit will be lifted in a future release of Scalix


Subject displays empty in sent items folder when mail sent with more than 178 i18n chars.

This issue will be resolved in future versions of Scalix


Scalix (Outlook) Help doesnt show up on Vista and Windows 7.

Online help for Scalix Connect for Outlook is currently unavailable on Windows Vista. This will be fixed in a later release


System address book cached copy should be updated on change

User must wait for the AB_DOWNLOAD_INTERVAL to expire and/or restart Outlook for Address Book Changes to be propagated to SmartCache


Support for "To-Do Bar" search for Tasks on Outlook 2007

This feature of Outlook 2007 or higher will be supported in Scalix 11.5


When searching in Outlook the "search in subfolders" option is ignored for subfolders with special characters in their names.

The behavior will be improved in a future release of Scalix. It is not recommended to use non-ascii characters in folder names for maximum client compatibility



"Recall message" functionality should be supported with Scalix Connect.

This may be implemented in a future release of Scalix. It should be noted, however, that the funtionality is only weakly implemented in Outlook, as in many cases only a "Disregard previous message" message can be provided


Repairing connector installation gives outlook information store error.

Do not use the "Repair" option at this time. If there are any issues with the installation of Scalix Connect for Outlook, uninstall and re-install the connector


Regression: Setup.exe uses CPU more than 95% while setup is triggered from shared folder.

This is a known issue with the Scalix Connect for Outlook installer. Copy the setup.exe file to a local drive before launching the installer


Progress indicator sometimes not visible or updated on OL12

This issue happens rarely with Scalix Connect for Outlook 11.4.5


iTunes does not support sync with iphone using iTunes OutlookSyncClient

Support for wired synchronization using Outlook and iTunes will be supported in Scalix 11.5. Scalix ActiveSync, providing for Push Email and wireless calendar and contact synchronization, could be used as a better alternative


Outlook Connect does not install if filename is renamed in Vista

Leave the filename of the installation image as Setup.exe


Outlook 2003 used right after intallation can report error: "Unable to open default email folder..."

Start Outlook once and activate it before using it with Scalix Connect


WDS: Support indexing of non-cache profiles and ensure it scales appropriately

As of Scalix 11.4.5, Windows Desktop Search will correctly index SmartCache profiles. Future versions will enable non-cached profiles to be indexed as well


Support for Blackberry Desktop Manager

Blackberry Desktop Manager v4.1 and v4.2 can be enabled to work with Scalix using a patch to those products provided in the "extras" folder of the Scalix Connect distribution. Future versions of Scalix connect will support BBDM without such a patch


Scalix Connect to support Google Desktop Search

A future version of Scalix Connect will support Google Desktop Search. Use Windows Desktop Search with Scalix Connect 11.4.5 or higher as a workaround

Scalix Installation





Unable to login into Mobile Web Client after reconfiguring only DB/only messaging services

When reconfiguring either of these components, choose all components to be reconfigured


Installation fails if hostname contains uppercase characters.

Use a hostname for your scalix server consisting of all-lowercase characters


Installer should be smart enough to handle running scalix server with license upgrade during installation

If you need a different Scalix license key after a planned upgrade, install that license key before running the installer to upgrade the software


Custom Install path to rpms in graphical installer does not support spaces in directory name

Do not unpack the Scalix package into a directory that has spaces in any component. This issue is fixed in Scalix 11.5


On SLES10 64-Bit, has undefined symbol: proxy_module

This is caused by the Novell/SuSE setup putting the module lines in the configu file in wrong order. Manually check /etc/init.d/apache2 and make sure that the APACHE_MODULES entry contains all of "proxy", "proxy_ajp" and "proxy_http", in this order, correct it if necessary and restart Apache




Copyright 2013 Scalix, Inc. All rights reserved.