Release Date: 30 September 2008


Thank you for downloading Scalix 11.4.2.

Scalix 11.4.2 is the latest release of Scalix 11, providing important fixes to previous versions. We recommend you upgrade all systems running Scalix 11 to this latest release.

This document includes late-breaking information about product capabilities, known issues and workarounds. Please read this document thoroughly before beginning your installation or upgrade.

For full documentation on how to install, configure and administer Scalix, see the customer documentation at In addition, after Installing the Scalix Mail Server and other applications, you can access the following online help systems, which are embedded in the product:

  • Scalix Web Access Online Help
  • Scalix Management Console Online Help
  • Scalix Connect for Microsoft Outlook Online Help

You also can learn more about any of the known issues listed here - or report others - by going to the Scalix bug tracking system at

Scalix, Inc. is committed to your success with our software. For additional information above and beyond what is provided here and in the official product documentation, visit the Scalix Forums at Customers who have purchased support from Scalix also may also contact Scalix Technical Support to request help, ask questions about how to use a particular feature, provide feedback, or report bugs by visiting


Starting with version 11.3 Scalix Connect for Outlook now includes software developed by the OpenSSL project for use in the OpenSSL toolkit. ( It also includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and software written by Tim Hudson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Scalix would like to thank these individuals and the OpenSSL community for their valuable contributions.

Starting with version 11.3 Scalix Server now includes software based on the Universal Character Set Detector from the Mozilla project (, written by Simon Montagu (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Shy Shalom (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Shoshannah Forbes <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> and others. Scalix would like to thank these individuals and the Mozilla community for their valuable contributions.

Important End of Life Notices

When running Scalix in a mixed-version multi-server setup, where your front end servers are running SWA 11 and the back end servers have version 10 installed, the following restrictions apply:

  • Frontend servers using SWA 11.0 through 11.4 and back end servers using Scalix 10 no longer work together. This combination has ceased to work on June 30th, 2008. If you want to continue using this configuration, you will need to either upgrade your back end servers to Scalix 11 or upgrade your frontend servers to Scalix 11.4.1. Please read on if you choose to implement the latter change.
  • Frontend servers using SWA 11.4.1 and higher and back end servers using Scalix 10 will cease to work together on December 31st, 2008. If you plan to continue using the configuration after this date, you will need to upgrade all your Scalix 10 servers to Scalix 11 as mixed configurations will no longer be supported.

Scalix 11.4.X was the last release of Scalix to provide support for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES 9). We recommend that you upgrade to SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (SLES 10).

Scalix is planning to freeze development of Scalix Connect for Outlook for Outlook versions 9 (Outlook 2000) and 10 (Outlook XP/2002) in one of the next releases of Scalix. We recommend that you consider upgrading to Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007. Note that we will continue to provide support on the basis of a frozen connector version, however, no new functionality in Scalix Connect will be made available for these platforms.

Scalix is committed to both providing programmatic access to the system as well as to promote the use of open standards. With Scalix 11.3, we released support for CalDAV (RFC 4791) and will continue to enhance Scalix WebDAV capabilities in future releases. As there is significant overlap between the technologies, we are considering to halt further development and then later remove support for Scalix REST-based Messaging Services APIs, which use proprietary interfaces and data formats. If you are using Scalix Messaging Services for your application development, we recommend investigating into updating your code to use CalDAV/WebDAV interfaces instead. No date has been set for this change yet.

Please note that as of July, 1st, 2008 all customers wanting to install Scalix AntiSpam and/or Scalix ZeroHour AntiVirus will need to upgrade their Scalix installation to 11.4.1 or higher. Also customers who are currently using either product option and want to update their license will need to upgrade to Scalix 11.4.1.

As of 11.4.2 Scalix no longer supports OpenSuSE 10.2. If you wish to continue using OpenSuSE you will need to upgrade to 11.0

Upgrade Notices

Please read the following carefully, as some specific actions might be required as you upgrade from earlier versions of Scalix.

 If you are upgrading from a previous version of Scalix, there are several changes of which you should be aware:

  • Before beginning any upgrades, check your license key. If you are upgrading to or from a Small Business Edition (SBE) or Enterprise Edition (EE) installation, you need to have a valid and current license key with a "Last Valid Issue Date" (LVID) on or after 1 May 2008 (2008-05-01) to use Scalix 11.4.2. If the license is not valid, your installation will downgrade to Community Edition. To check the LVID of your license, use the Scalix Management Console or the sxlicense command. To extend your upgrade subscription or get a new license key, please contact Scalix Sales at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • After upgrading to any version of Scalix 11 from Scalix 10 or earlier, you cannot downgrade to a previous version because of permanent changes to the structure of the message store.
  • Scalix 11 changes the file system layout significantly from previous versions. If you have customizations stored in any files under the Scalix home directory (/var/opt/scalix), back them up before upgrading. In addition, any custom scripts with hard-coded references to /var/opt/scalix (such as ommaint or ombackup) must be updated because they point to a file structure that has been changed. For more on this issue, see the workaround for updating custom scripts. If you have any filesystems mounted below /var/opt/scalix (e.g. separate mountpoints for tmp and/or temp), you will need to unmount these before the upgrade. Otherwise, the upgrade will fail.
  • The location of all files has changed in this release from /var/opt/scalix (aka ~) to /var/opt/scalix/<nn> which will be referred to as <instance>. The meaning of ~ for Scalix 11 changes to be the directory <instance>/s. In addition, some tomcat logfiles have been renamed.
  • Scalix 11 requires the package sendmail-cf as an additional prerequisite, which should be installed manually before starting the installer. If not, the installer will detect the missing package.
  • Direct upgrade from versions of Scalix prior to Scalix 10 is not supported. You must first upgrade to Scalix 10, then upgrade again to Scalix 11. You can directly upgrade from Scalix 10 to any version of Scalix 11, including Scalix 11.4.2.
  • When upgrading from Scalix 10.x to any version of Scalix 11, make sure your message store is in a consistent state before you begin the upgrade. We recommend running the omscan -Aafvx command to verify and fix pre-existing message store issues. Due to a necessary message store format upgrade when upgrading to Scalix 11, data corruption can occur when trying to do this on a message store with pre-existing consistency issues.
  • We recommend you upgrade all components at the same time if possible. If you can't do all systems at once, follow these rules:
    • You can run Outlook with a Scalix 10.0.x MAPI connector against a Scalix 11 server.
    • You must not run Outlook with a Scalix 11 MAPI connector against a Scalix 10 server. This combination can cause invalid data in the message store and interoperability issues.
    • You can run a Scalix 11 SWA web server against a Scalix 10 server. You cannot run a Scalix 10 SWA web server against a Scalix 11 server.
    • You can use a Scalix 11 Management server to manage a server installed with Scalix 10. You cannot use a Scalix 10 Management server to manage a server installed with Scalix 11.
    • It is supported to run Outlook with an older Scalix Connector version against a newer server, e.g. you can run Scalix Connect for Outlook 11.1 against a Scalix 11.4.2 server. It is not supported to run Outlook with a newer Scalix Connector version against an older server, e.g. you cannot run Scalix Connect for Outlook 11.4.2 against a Scalix 11.3 server. You must always upgrade all your servers first before upgrading Scalix Connect for Outlook.
  • Scalix 11 requires slightly more disk space than its predecessors because it adds a new header cache database and a full text index. So before upgrade, check the size of the message store and add another 5% to 10% to the amount of disk space required.
  • Scalix 11 provides new full-text indexed search capability, used by both Outlook and Scalix Web Access. After the upgrade, the index must be initialized. When run for the first time, this is a time-consuming process and may take days for a large message store. During this time, the system will experience higher load and performance impacts. Also, search functionality is not fully available until the index is created. You can control the pace at which the index is created and schedule resources as required. See the sxmkindex man page for further information. The Scalix installer will ask you at the end of an upgrade install, if it should kick-off creation of the index. For large systems, you might want to decline this and schedule the index creation manually.
  • Starting with Scalix 11.4 tomcat will now listen on port 8080 (see Bug 17402). If you have any other services using this port you will need to configure them to listen on another port.

If you are upgrading Scalix Connect for Outlook to version 11.4.2 from any previous version of Scalix Connect for Outlook 11, there are several things to be aware of:

  • When upgrading from Scalix 11.0.0 you should create new profiles for any clients using SmartCache to benefit from all fixes contained in Scalix 11.1
  • When upgrading from Scalix 11.0.1, Scalix 11.0.2 or Scalix, you may need to create new profiles for some users using SmartCache to benefit from all fixes  in Scalix 11.4
  • When upgrading from Scalix 11.0.3 or later, there is no need to recreate Outlook profiles or re-initialize the cache.
  • On Windows Vista, Scalix Connect for Outlook 11.3 cannot be upgraded to 11.4 using Auto-Upgrade. You will have to manually install the new version of Scalix Connect or use a Windows software management tool to deploy the new version. Auto-Upgrade from Scalix Connect for Outlook 11.4 to future versions will work.

If you are using omldapsync to manage Scalix users and groups through an external directory:

  • Since version 11.3 Scalix comes with an updated version of Java, Sun Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0 Patch 13 (JRE 1.5.0_13) while versions of Scalix 11 up until Scalix 11.0.4 used Sun Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0 Patch 6 (JRE 1.5.0_06) and Scalix 11.1/11.2 use Sun Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0 Patch 11 (JRE 1.5.0_11). The Scalix Tomcat installation is updated automatically to use the new Java version. However, any existing sync agreements for omldapsync, stored in /var/opt/scalix/<instance>/s/ldapsync/<sync_agreement_name>/sync.cfg, need to be updated manually to reflect the new version, e.g. the following change will need to be done in all config files:


If you are upgrading your server to Scalix 11.3 or later from any previous installation of Scalix 11, there are a number of new packages supporting Scalix Server:

  • scalix-libical - this replaces libical as shipped with earlier versions of Scalix and must be selected in the installer when installing or upgrading the scalix-server package.
  • scalix-iconv-extras - this is an optional install that adds additional character set for Japanese character sets to the os-supplied iconv character set conversion library. It improves Scalix I18N character set support and Scalix recommends installing this on all systems running scalix-server.
  • scalix-chardet - this is software derived from the Mozilla Universal Character Set Detection library. It is used for automatically detecting character sets in incoming email messages with incomplete or incorrect MIME headers. As of Scalix 11.3, scalix-server depends on this library and it must be selected in the installer when installing or upgrading the scalix-server package.

If you are using Scalix Community Edition and you are upgrading your server to Scalix 11.3 or later from any previous version of Scalix, please note that the number of free Premium User licenses has changed from 25 to 10.

  • If you have more than 10 Premium Users configured, the installer will detect this and not allow you to upgrade. You will need to convert some of your Premium Users to Standard Users before continuing with the upgrade.
  • If you need more than 10 premium users, you will need to upgrade your Scalix installation to Small Business Edition or Enterprise Edition. Please contact Scalix Sales at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

If you are upgrading your Server to Scalix 11.4, 11.4.2 or later from any previous installation of Scalix 11 and if you have changed the SMTP Relay configuration in smtpd.cfg your changes will be saved in Osmtpd.cfg since Scalix 11.4 and 11.4.2 deliver a new version of smtpd.cfg. You need to manually integrate the changes you made into the new smtpd.cfg after finishing the upgrade.

In 11.4.1 the auto upgrade binary has been renamed from SXInstallMgr.exe to SXAutoUpgrade.exe.

Starting with 11.4.1 Proxy Folders no longer contribute to the size of a user's mailbox, please refer to Proxy Folder Technical Bulletin for details.

In Scalix 11.4.1 the default behavior when detecting the body of a mail has changed (Bug 17338). Before 11.4.1 lines containing only whitespaces acted as separator between headers and body. Starting with 11.4.1 only empty lines are allowed as separators. This has been changed to comply to RFC2822. You can switch back to the old, pre 11.4.1 behavior by adding WHITESPACE_CRLF_IS_BREAK=TRUE in ~/sys/general.cfg and restarting the server. Please note that the old behavior violates RFC2822.

If you are upgrading to Scalix 11.4.2, have a multiserver setup and wildcards in your routing table (run omshowrt -q all -d) you will need to apply a patch to sxshowmn or else SAC may fail (Bug 18251). Thiss will be fixed in a later version of Scalix.

If you are upgrading to Scalix 11.4.2, using RHEL 4 or CentOS 4 as operating system and using omldapsync you will need to install Sun's JDK 1.6 due to a build system incompatibility (Bug 18342). To install and activate version 1.6 of the JDK follow these steps:

Please also check the Scalix 11 Upgrade FAQ on the Scalix Wiki.

New in Scalix 11

New Features in Scalix 11.4.2

Scalix 11.4.2 provides the following new features:


  • Support for OpenSuSE 10.2 is replaced with support for OpenSuSE 11.0 on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Support for Lightning/Sunbird with initial support for Lightning 0.9

Management and Administration (Scalix Management Console)

  • Delegated Administration will allow you to delegate certain managament task to other users.

New Features in Scalix 11.4.1

Scalix 11.4.1 provides the following new features:


  • Support for Fedora Core 7 is replaced with support for Fedora 9 on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms

Scalix Web Access

  • Calendar Planning Mode
  • Support for Firefox 3.0
  • Localization and Theming kits for developers

New Features in Scalix 11.4

Scalix 11.4 provides the following new features:


  • Full support for CentOS 4 and 5
  • New Products: Scalix AntiSpam and Scalix ZeroHour AntiVirus (optionally licensed)

Scalix Server

  • New MILTER interface on SMTP Relay
  • Added support for Proxy Folders: Ability to integrate external read-only feeds (WebCal/ics and RSS/ATOM) as virtual folders

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Extended CalDAV support for Apple iCal
    • Ability to create new calendars and manage calendar properties
    • Ability to schedule meetings and view Free/Busy information
  • Support for Lightning/Sunbird with initial support for Lightning 0.8

Scalix Web Access

  • Support for Firefox 3.0b5
  • New calendaring mode with overlay views
  • Ability to open other user's calendar without adding the whole mailbox
  • Support for theming and new Scalix Default theme
  • Reduced server load and improved performance when handling large mailboxes

Scalix Connect for Outlook (for Scalix "Premium" users only)

  • Support for Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit*
  • Improved SmartCache usability and stability
  • Increased compatibility with additional AntiVirus, AntiSpam Packages
  • Ability to use multiple network names and IP addresses for connection configuration
  • SSL certificate management integrated with Windows certificate store

* Running Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 on Vista 64bit is subject to a number of issues and known limitations. Please see Bug 17250 for details.

New Features in Scalix 11.3

Scalix 11.3 provides the following new features:


  • Scalix now supports CentOS 4 and CentOS 5 for evaluation and community use on 32-bit and 64-bit Intel and AMD platforms
  • The server package format has changed from .tar.gz to self-extracting shell archives with integrated checksum verification.


  • Scalix Community Edition now includes 10 free Premium User licenses
  • Scalix Community Edition no longer includes the Archiving Service

Scalix Server

  • The server can now automatically detect many character sets for messages with missing or incorrect MIME headers
  • I18N character set support has been improved, especially for ISO-2022-JP and related proprietary character sets
  • omscan now prints information about all problems fixed and the output format is more readable. More types of problems are found and repaired.
  • The ommaint tool that was previously a separate download from the Admin Resource Kit has now been made an officially supported part of the product, under the name sxmaint. Please remove older versions of ommaint that you have installed in places such as /usr/bin or similar. Only the new version in /opt/scalix/bin/sxmaint should be used. Please see the man page for details.

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Scalix now provides CalDAV based access to the user's calendars

Scalix Web Access

  • SWA load time has been significantly improved in both WAN and LAN environments
  • SWA now allows to run on all browsers based on the IE and Mozilla Gecko engines
  • Messages can now be copied to other folders using Drag&Drop while holding the Control key
  • User can now choose whether or not to include his signature when replying to or forwarding messages
  • The Delete key can now be used to delete a message in the main window even when the preview pane is in focus
  • Subfolders of Sent Items now show the To column instead of the from column, same as the Sent Items folder itself
  • User can now see BCC information in Sent Items folder, for both preview and while reading a message
  • User can now reset all preferences to system-defined defaults, useful when troubleshooting SWA
  • The Address Book is now also accessible directly from the Toolbar independent of creating a message
  • Administrator can now add custom menu items linking to external web pages in the config file

Scalix Connect for Outlook (for Scalix "Premium" users only)

  • Scalix Connect for Outlook now supports Outlook 2007
  • Scalix Connect for Outlook now supports connecting to Scalix Server securely without a VPN via UAL over SSL
  • Items in the user's inbox can now be modified, including attachments, consistent with Outlook running against Exchange

New Features in Scalix 11.2

Scalix 11.2 provides the following new features:


  • Support for Fedora Core 5 is replaced with support for Fedora 7 on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • Support for OpenSuSE 10.1 is replaced with support for OpenSuSE 10.2 on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • For use in Service Provider environments, a feature can be enabled through an additional license that enables the partitioning of a single Scalix instance into multiple independent partitions, each with their own Address Book/Global Address List, without use of additional resources. This enables the use of Scalix in multi-tenant environments such as hosted ISP and ASP offerings. Please contact Scalix Sales (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for licensing details for this feature.


  • The sxaa tool that was previously a separate download from the Admin Resource Kit has now been made an officially supported part of the product. Please remove older versions of sxaa that you have installed in places such as /usr/bin or similar. Only the new version in /opt/scalix/bin should be used.
  • omscan can now be setup to run only during certain times of the day to prevent overload (Enhancement 14894)

Scalix Connect for Outlook (for Scalix "Premium" users only)

  • Scalix Connect now provides full support for synchronisation of devices running Windows Mobile 2005 or Windows Mobile 6 with Microsoft Active Sync 4.5 against Outlook 2003 over USB. (Note: a couple of rarely seen issues remain; please see Known Issues under Scalix Connect for Outlook for details)

New Features in Scalix 11.1

Scalix 11.1 provides the following new features:

Scalix Server

  • Scalix Server supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5) on 32-bit (i386) and 64-bit (x86_64) platforms
  • SMTP tracing can be activated externally without restarting the SMTP relay (Enhancement 15268)
  • Message IDs of processed messages are now shown on the processes command line in ps output (Enhancement 15272)

Scalix Web Access

  • Added menu item so that the user can clear his Nickname/Address resolution cache (Enhancement 15274)

Scalix Connect for Outlook (for Scalix "Premium" users only)

  • Scalix SmartCache has been enhanced to automatically recreate a deleted cache and to manually recreate the cache for troubleshooting purposes without recreating the user's profile (Enhancements 13518, 15307)

Scalix Connect for Evolution

  • Scalix Connect for Evolution supports Novell Evolution 2.8 on Fedora Core 6 (Support for other Linux Desktop platforms is available through provided source code for Scalix Connect for Evolution that can be compiled on any platform running Evolution 2.4, 2.6 or 2.8)

New Features in Scalix 11.0

Scalix 11 includes many new product features and improvements across all product components:

Scalix Mail Server

  • Unicode/UTF-8/Double-Byte character set support.
  • Handles arbitrary character sets.
  • New import tools for backup and restore (sxmboxexp and sxmboximp).
  • Deployment tracking.

Scalix Web Access

  • Full support for shared folders and delegation for both the principle (to set up delegation) and the delegate (to access the principle's folders and act on their behalf).
  • Improved email search - simple and fast.
  • Context-sensitive rollovers provide rapid browsing of appointments, contacts, and message previews.
  • Fast, powerful folder views.
  • Indexing of message-headers provides rapid startup and folder access.
  • Improved Contacts interface provides simple, powerful access to your address book.
  • New Out of Office assistant (interoperable with Outlook).

Scalix Connect for Outlook (for Scalix "Premium" users only)

  • New SmartCache feature improves performance and reduces bandwidth use by putting a copy of the user's mailbox on the local computer.
  • Improved PDA sync via certified support of PDA cradle synchronisation. One version of software for PalmOS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry devices.
  • Full support for shared folders and delegation for both the principle (to set up delegation) and the delegate (to access the principle's folders and act on their behalf).


  • Scalix Mobile Web Client runs on HTML browsers on any wireless devices and allows the user to perform simple operations such as read the Inbox, and reply or forward messages.

Management and Administration (Scalix Management Console)

  • Resource management via the Scalix Management Console.
  • Extensions now available via Management Plugins.
  • More user attributes exposed through the console

Services Architecture

  • Scalix Messaging Services provides server-based web services around mail and calendaring.
  • Scalix Management Services provides SOAP-based APIs enabling management, administration and provisioning. Enhances ability to manage resources from the Scalix Management Console.

Internationalization and Localization

  • Internationalization via global character sets.
  • Localization kits for Outlook, SWA, and search kits.

Scalix Search and Indexing Service

  • On-demand indexing of all private and public folder messages as they are added to the store.
  • Sub-second, mailbox-wide message retrieval.
  • Web services interface available.
  • Localizable.
  • Built on open-source Lucene technology.

Note: This product includes a 'phone home' feature, which, for Community Edition installations, summarizes basic server and installation information such as platform type and number of users, and periodically sends it back to Scalix via email. This information helps Scalix to track product usage statistically and better plan our upcoming releases. The information is also sent by email to your administrator account so that you can confirm that the content is simple, transparent and non-sensitive. Except where disallowed by local statute, it is a violation of the licensing conditions to disable or circumvent this feature. Installing a Small Business or Enterprise Edition license key deactivates this feature.

Note: Group scheduling features and public folders in Scalix Connect for Evolution are available only to Scalix Premium users, not Standard users.

Bugs fixed in Scalix 11.x

Fixed in 11.4.2

The following issues have been addressed in Scalix 11.4.2:

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 16691 [Defect] Updated licenses not reflected by SAC
  • Bug 17432 [Defect] Can't assign additional addresses to hosted mailnode users in SAC

Scalix Server

  • Bug 14927 [Documentation] omtidyu man page contains wrong explanation for example
  • Bug 15234 [Improvement] Prefix searches should work for SWA, IMAP and Outlook/Advanced-Find
  • Bug 15729 [Defect] omlimit output have incorrect Name expansion
  • Bug 16299 [Improvement] "conversation_topic" should not be used for ICAL SUMMARY
  • Bug 16317 [Defect] Use of omtidyallu increments the 'bad password count' for users
  • Bug 16632 [Documentation] sxmboxexp man page has incomplete explanation
  • Bug 16767 [Defect] Polish characters don't show up properly in SWA.
  • Bug 16949 [Defect] modifing appointment subject in swa is not reflected in calDAV
  • Bug 17299 [Documentation] omconflvl man page wrong default for log size
  • Bug 17373 [Defect] ldapmapper doesn't deal with request server scripts
  • Bug 17555 [Improvement] Milter should work on Debian/Xandros
  • Bug 17595 [Defect] Certain email causes IMAP process to hang
  • Bug 17671 [Defect] SWA interprets Publish-Type iCalendar attachments as Invitations and makes underlying email unreadable.
  • Bug 17769 [Improvement] All "Special Folders" should be mapped to there normalized english names when exposed through IMAP
  • Bug 17784 [Defect] All day recurrence - exception is 24 hour not ALL DAY in ICAL
  • Bug 17809 [Defect] Meaningless message logged as warning and errors processing invites when Timezone configuration of system is incomplete.
  • Bug 17907 [Defect] Meetings in the Organizer's Calendar are not recognised as belonging to the organizer in SWA
  • Bug 17911 [Improvement] Some errors shouldn't go into fatal
  • Bug 17919 [Defect] error messages in fatal when running under en_AU.UTF-8 as system locale
  • Bug 17926 [Defect] IMAP server process aborts, reporting issue in icalparameter_new_tzid
  • Bug 18063 [Defect] SMTP discard actions can cause problems with milter interface

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 15605 [Defect] iCal.App deleting single instance of recurrence does not appear to work for ICAL clients
  • Bug 17742 [Improvement] Should support interoperability for modifying calendar description between Outlook2k3, SWA and CalDAV

Scalix Search and Indexing Services

  • Bug 14904 [Improvement] Search should find substring and prefix results
  • Bug 17847 [Defect] SIS cannot parse search strings containing nested quotes
  • Bug 17922 [Enhancement] Add a SIS searcher property to control use of leading wildcard searches
  • Bug 17974 [Improvement] Opportunity to optimise some Thunderbird (& other IMAP client) searches

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 14418 [Defect] Duplicate appointments appear when modifying appointments in shared calendars
  • Bug 14686 [Defect] SWA user can't open attachment having I18N char in filename in calendar
  • Bug 15211 [Defect] Appointment created in SWA, spanning between two months, does not show in monthly views for second mont
  • Bug 15447 [Improvement] Stop Mouse cursor from jumping around when moving area borders in Firefox
  • Bug 15878 [Improvement] Firefox should support additional key sequences for SWA: Ctrl+cursors, Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Delete
  • Bug 16714 [Improvement] Multi-Day All-Day and recurring appointments should show up on all there relevant days in Upcoming Appointments
  • Bug 16737 [Enhancement] Confirmation for deleting folder
  • Bug 16980 [Defect] Adding resource manually gives error.
  • Bug 17375 [Improvement] Provide for more common order for date and time fields in appointment window
  • Bug 17774 [Defect] Read receipts are send when Preview Pane is disabled
  • Bug 17775 [Improvement] Things that cannot be themed
  • Bug 17780 [Defect] SWA does not show FF3 as supported in Browser Reject
  • Bug 17810 [Defect] "view" string in calendar sets view is not visible when translating to french and opening in IE
  • Bug 17821 [Regression] SWA direct resource booking broken
  • Bug 17843 [Defect] Icon arrangment in folder list disturbs when entered long calendar name.

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 10925 [Defect] extended characters do not display in Task owner's field
  • Bug 11984 [Defect] Delegate permission message doesn't show extended chars in principal's name
  • Bug 12027 [Defect] no extended chars in user's name in additional mailbox
  • Bug 13162 [Defect] In calender attendees list certain 8-bit/double-byte user names appear as garbled
  • Bug 13320 [Defect] Permissions tab only shows 7bit version of usernames
  • Bug 15095 [Defect] Some locally created rules for PST files do not process as expected
  • Bug 15493 [Defect] Moving messages between Mailbox and PST's causes Display Name corruption
  • Bug 16368 [Enhancement] Require interoperability with Documentum client for Outlook.
  • Bug 17155 [Defect] Corrupted recurrent Calendar items
  • Bug 17382 [Defect] Outlook crashes when tries search a contact's activity
  • Bug 17497 [Defect] Wrong unread count of INBOX when using filtering.
  • Bug 17983 [Defect] German popup box refers to "Oline arbeiten" instead of "Online arbeiten"

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 15771 [Defect] Installer quits without warning if "dig" is not available
  • Bug 15800 [Improvement] Installer should not reset the Postgres database
  • Bug 17899 [Defect] On SuSE sxpsql-checkencoding always restarts postgres

Fixed in 11.4.1 U1

The following issues have been addressed in Scalix 11.4.1 U1:

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug16980 [Defect] Adding resource manually gives error.
  • Bug17774 [Defect] Read receipts are send when Preview Pane is disabled

Scalix Server

  • Bug 17506 [Defect] Corruption of DREF data in the IMAP cache

Fixed in 11.4.1

The following issues have been addressed in Scalix 11.4.1:

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 14827 [I18N] User names appear garbled in Output of sxmbcprep and sxmkindex
  • Bug 16731 Buttons in SAC not displayed properly
  • Bug 17508 Firefox 3 causes popup dialog boxes to be huge rather than the correct size.
  • Bug 17594 "Edit Setting" dialog in SAC not displayed properly

Scalix Server

  • Bug 12568 memory leak in
  • Bug 12984 Error on setting empty Out of Office reply
  • Bug 15299 Duplicate Message Delivery can break when using multiple Local Delivery processes
  • Bug 16030 IMAP subscribe/unsubsribe no longer works for public folders
  • Bug 16254 search is generating requests that are too long to handle for httpd
  • Bug 16503 IMAP Server responds with internal error message for user blocked from using SWA
  • Bug 16676 Router is sending multiple copies of same message to remote server when sending to DL
  • Bug 16848 mails sent to public folder appear as sent from envelope-sender
  • Bug 16943 Index.browse looping
  • Bug 17036 Removing 'Additional Mailboxes' from the folder tree gives error.
  • Bug 17179 Some Proxy Folder message Distribution Lists not created in the PROXY domain.
  • Bug 17249 Proxy Folder service errors go to ~/logs/daemon.stderr
  • Bug 17282 sxdu includes content of Proxy Folders in size
  • Bug 17338 Single blank character incorrectly terminates RFC2822 header
  • Bug 17364 IMAP cannot login if user does not have top-level Public Folder permissions
  • Bug 17388 SMTP relay MAX_CLIENTS and MAX_SUBPROCS settings not documented in smtpd.cfg template
  • Bug 17391 Proxy Folders Unread handling
  • Bug 17420 IMAP satellite connections are reported as "Unlicensed client"
  • Bug 17433 The characters of Japanese Holiday Calendar are garbled in Proxy Folders
  • Bug 17438 sxpfadd doesn't work in Hosting environment
  • Bug 17469 Can't dismiss reminders in Proxy Folders
  • Bug 17489 Index_Browser causing OM 3005 error
  • Bug 17556 SMTP Relay does not milter the 1st message after a restart
  • Bug 17568 Certain message crashes SMTP relay with CT Milter turned on

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 16804 Platform needs to treat subclasses of ItemClasses same as ItemClass
  • Bug 17297 Monthly recurrences created by Apple cannot be created (we expect BYMONTHDAY)
  • Bug 17436 Color changes for calendars in SWA don't propagate to
  • Bug 17443 CalDAV returning Status Code 201=Created on modifies to calendar item
  • Bug 17444 Pre-release Mozilla Calendar Meetings in Calendar end up with corrupt ORGANIZER
  • Bug 17449 Sunbird pre-release CalDAV FREEBUSY lookups fail with 415 Unsupported Media Type

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 3647 "test" button doesn't work in Properties / Receiving Mail in SWA
  • Bug 14369 SWA show irrelevant message while login, when user does not have ability to access SWA.
  • Bug 16554 Need a way to insert normal characters that match variable names in date formats.
  • Bug 16720 Login window labels are too close to text entry fields.
  • Bug 16728 Time not shown correctly
  • Bug 16803 SWA needs to treat subclasses of ItemClasses same as ItemClass
  • Bug 16878 Group Calendaring/Planning View
  • Bug 17001 Need new way to indicate new mail...
  • Bug 17148 wrong german translation in reminder pop-up
  • Bug 17294 Hovering over an upcoming appointment causes some flickering when rendering the hoverover popup
  • Bug 17362 Need instructions and possibly kit for additional SWA spell checker languages
  • Bug 17419 swa.themes.available = false breaks Tools > Options
  • Bug 17452 Special characters on international keyboards which are typed by holding the Right ALT key or CTRL + ALT don't work in the SWA text editor
  • Bug 17466 Allday events created by Lightning show up on previous day consuming 0 time in SWA
  • Bug 17490 print function in FF2 only prints first page
  • Bug 17539 Improve logging around generic 'method_name=send' error message
  • Bug 17548 SWA shows partial list for Personal contacts
  • Bug 17569 Scalix-Default: Background of main search results area should be white
  • Bug 17598 Calendaring Toolbar has a number of minor visual oddities
  • Bug 17602 Switching from custom theme to Scalix Default results in a very broken SWA.

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 15195 "On behalf of" appends in "From" field when a message is resend.
  • Bug 16774 inbound mail using ks_c_5601 in the header appear with korean characters in Outlook
  • Bug 16964 delegation problem with meeting-related messages
  • Bug 17071 Outlook may loose connection to primary mailbox when using permanent delegate access to other mailboxes
  • Bug 17149 OL12 hang on first run after installing new SP
  • Bug 17332 Selecting work offline option makes outlook unstable on vista platform.
  • Bug 17340 Hang on first use of Outlook 12
  • Bug 17376 subjectAltNames not recognised by Scalix Connect for Outlook
  • Bug 17410 German translation errros
  • Bug 17504 Public Folders session receives notifs when change made to private store
  • Bug 17507 Default logging settings can omit error level messages.
  • Bug 17558 During a brute force refresh, new items are not detected
  • Bug 17563 Brute force refresh inefficient and can crash Outlook

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 14663 SWA cannot be upgraded if a port number is defined in for SMTP server
  • Bug 15490 Upgrade loses log4j settings
  • Bug 15987 /favicon.ico URL of Scalix virtual host should point to an appropriate icon file
  • Bug 16049 When the platform code is upgraded the rpm overwrites any logging level changes
  • Bug 17367 Snowmobile caldav doesn't work on Xandros Server 2.

Fixed in 11.4

The following issues have been addressed in Scalix 11.4:

Scalix Server

  • Bug 6644: Server should support MILTER interface on SMTP relay
  • Bug 13350: Should suppo at SMTP SIZE service extension (RFC 1653)
  • Bug 13963: unread msgs in Unread Mail folder is different from Unread number
  • Bug 15395: Content is not allowed in prolog - when accessing delegated calendar
  • Bug 15409: Scalix Relay loses IP of message sender
  • Bug 15718: omtidyu/omtidyallu need option to include/exclude object types
  • Bug 16300: Outlook Originated All DAY events for BST (British Summer Time) shifted by one hour
  • Bug 16418: message causes Outlook not to start
  • Bug 16434: Indexer messes up load average calculations.
  • Bug 16445: SMTP relay aborts when USERLIST is busy.
  • Bug 16462: opt/scalix/template/tmp and opt/scalix/template/ world writable
  • Bug 16470: Deleting unread msgs with concurrent usage gives incorrect unread msg count
  • Bug 16475: sxmaint require execute bit set on /etc/opt/scalix/sxmaint.cfg
  • Bug 16476: omlicmon still leaks a little - (follow on from bug 15862)
  • Bug 16522: SMTP relay can "421 No resources" a message even when resources are available.
  • Bug 16543: looping when processing malformed message TF
  • Bug 16603: Indexer is processing items that are not visible to the user
  • Bug 16706: Inbound SMINTFC messages get placed on the ERROR queue when SMTP conversation is interrupted

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 15585: I18N characters are not output to the text of the PREVIEW element in the XML output of REST API.
  • Bug 15637: Platform sometimes issues several IMAP NOOPs a second
  • Bug 16048: Failure to contact the notification service breaks swa
  • Bug 16112: Can't create new Calendar using
  • Bug 16178: Database insert fails in platform
  • Bug 16406: Hiding completed tasks can cause Lightning to display events in task view
  • Bug 16491: changing display name for appointment fails in Sunbird/Lightning
  • Bug 16670: Curly Brackets { and } are lost in CalDAV PUT or IMAP append
  • Bug 16742: CalDAV/Lightning: Deleting events corrupts data in public folders
  • Bug 16769: CalDAV/Lightning 0.8RC1: Recurring Events are not displayed
  • Bug 16801: Platform database error when a message is moved between folders

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 13224: Folder Permissions Window does not name folder for which permissions are changed
  • Bug 14194: Multiple copies of drafts even when msg is sent properly
  • Bug 15018: Long File Attachment Names are Being Truncated While Saving Using IE
  • Bug 15786: SWA reports IMAP protocol errors as Evaluation period expiries
  • Bug 16337: SWA gives #GUI022 error while accessing mail from Inbox randomly.
  • Bug 16364: LDAP primary host should follow IMAP referral
  • Bug 16382: Time for display update after click on message in list is too long.
  • Bug 16424: When SMTP connection fails, user should be informed rather than silently saving to drafts
  • Bug 16429: Spellchecker throws an internal error
  • Bug 16430: "Splash Page Error" when logging in using the URL method with username and password parameters
  • Bug 16435: From Bug 15018, comment #18: Filename in attachment header in received mail is truncated and not displayed anywhere
  • Bug 16556: Meeting attendee gets rewritten as [object Object] after using "Add From Address Book"
  • Bug 16616: email address isn't printed
  • Bug 16847: SWA does not show new messages in header view

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 12985: Outlook crashed when attempting to send encrypted mail; poor error handling too
  • Bug 13104: Outlook 9 and 11 wizards prompt for cache location even before user has specified they want SmartCache
  • Bug 13690: Outlook deadlocks on send mail with Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Active Virus Shield
  • Bug 14281: Installer crashes at end of upgrade when started out of Windows compressed folder
  • Bug 14590: Error reading data for a recurring Calendar item
  • Bug 14682: "Optimize for Mobile Use" in SmartCache may lose changes.
  • Bug 14833: SYSTEM address book not displayed when offline connection is re-established
  • Bug 14910: No warning given when SmartCache reverts to SafeMode
  • Bug 15240: setup.exe crashes at the end of install
  • Bug 15306: Tray icon should show simplified status
  • Bug 15385: [I18N] The last one character of display name is not displayed
  • Bug 15432: Outlook crashes while saving a rule
  • Bug 15480: Unable to create a rule using saved contact in personal folder
  • Bug 15531: umlauts are not displayed in meeting request message body
  • Bug 15639: Out of Office Agent will cause malformed read receipts
  • Bug 15640: calendar view will not be updated after several changes within a reoccurring appointment
  • Bug 15708: Doesn't contact Scalix Server using IP Address
  • Bug 15797: sxlogger crash on exit
  • Bug 16014: Outlook 2003 w/ SmartCache: empty attachment causes perpetual error on mailing
  • Bug 16039: Outlook 2007: Deleting message in grouped subject view causes OL "Not Responding".
  • Bug 16079: During profile creation with server using SSL, asks for certificate confirmation 4 times
  • Bug 16169: OL profile created by wizard should not be SmartCache enabled by default
  • Bug 16255: MAPI Installer gives error when stored inside a deep hierarchy of folders
  • Bug 16262: Outlook crashes after delete or move a message.
  • Bug 16398: Outlook displays invalid mail count after deleting large number of mails from folder.
  • Bug 16447: SmartCache: Auto-file to subfolder doesn't increment unread count
  • Bug 16584: connector should have at least a fallback to non_ssl_port connect via 5729
  • Bug 16630: 11.3 Localization kit required
  • Bug 16643: SSL should read root certificates from Windows Certificate Store rather than c:\program files\scalix\connect\cacerts.pem
  • Bug 16675: [Outlook 2007] Subject etc lost when moving messages to PST
  • Bug 16986: ServerName enhancements for Delegate connections
  • Bug 17153: Progress indicator sometimes not visible or updated on OL12
  • Bug 17191: pre-OL12 - Progress indicator stalls if click in Contents pane while large folder being opened
  • Bug 17196: Use SSL option missing from profile wizard when creating non Kerberos profile

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 16657: On Debian platforms, scalix-tomcat init script does not set ulimit
  • Bug 16705: Regression: Double FirstName in Internet address format

Fixed in 11.3 U1

The following issues have been addressed in Scalix 11.3 U1:

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 15018: Long File Attachment Names are Being Truncated  While Saving Using IE
  • Bug 16429: Spellchecker throws an internal error
  • Bug 16430: "Splash Page Error" when logging in using the URL method with username and password parameters

Fixed in Scalix 11.3

The following issues have been addressed in Scalix 11.3:

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 16040: omldapsync terminated during delta/mapping phase

Scalix Server

  • Bug 00928: Unread count can be incorrect for Outbox when viewed by Outlook
  • Bug 03319: omscan reports contact with bad extension
  • Bug 08166: omscan headings aren't very useful to administrators
  • Bug 10259: omscan does not find containers wrongly attached to the User tray
  • Bug 10306: omscan fails to delete old sockets in temp
  • Bug 10379: Default Rule Ex:"C" <G.S> gets appended in Settings->FQDN->General tab->Mail Address Settings while modifying domain
  • Bug 11729: omscan: doesn't have a column for Recovery folder size
  • Bug 12415: All the contents after ÿ (Alt+y) are discarded in SWA when the message is sent through OL in RTF format.
  • Bug 13079: I18N:OM 24142:Conversion from GB2312 to UCS2 not found for Outlook created msg with Chinese characters in body.
  • Bug 13099: Unable to login SWA if the recovery folder visibility is set, for newly created user.
  • Bug 13776: Rules created by outlook to match on "from people or distribution list" do not work
  • Bug 13926: inappropriate german localisation for size limit warning
  • Bug 14535: Redirect and file interaction leaving messages in intray
  • Bug 15082: ommaint -weekly should do more with omscan
  • Bug 15391: Only redirect will be processed when out of office and redirect configured
  • Bug 15398: [I18N-JP] Content-Type is not set for mail which sent from Outlook
  • Bug 15399: [I18N-JP] need to be able to specify character set and encoding for HTML bodyparts
  • Bug 15411: [I18N-JP] When the character encoding is ISO-2022-JP, the text should be encoded as 7-bit ascii
  • Bug 15623: TNEF gateway: Occasionally get 1169 error - msg put on ERROR queue
  • Bug 15675: omscan fix mode should report/log what it's changing
  • Bug 15745: Auto-action name filter broken after 11.02 change
  • Bug 15761: sxaa: should allow CommonName of sender/group to be specified
  • Bug 15781: smtp relay may crash under certain circumstances.
  • Bug 15830: Web Rules Wizard: needs extending to have a 'group' filter.
  • Bug 15848: ommaint bug with diskspace check
  • Bug 15849: Character set handling insufficient for ISO-2022-JP
  • Bug 15853: ldapmapper dies from SIGPIPE (exit code 141)
  • Bug 15862: memory leak in omlicmon
  • Bug 15865: Character set conversion sometimes leaves bad transfer encoding
  • Bug 15866: Msgs from SMINTFC get all content serialised
  • Bug 15868: Delivery envelope in serialised file has incorrect, inflated size
  • Bug 15947: BB permissions on subfolders don't seem to work correctly
  • Bug 15957: personal folder and delegate access permissions with umlauts are corrupt after upgrade from 10.0.5 to 11.2
  • Bug 15988: ommodu may lock system, waiting for read on ˜/temp/licc
  • Bug 16032: OM 4646: Too many Files open. Cannot open any more after upgrade from 10 to 11
  • Bug 16107: non-ascii foldername rendered as ? chars in IMAP Other Users namespace
  • Bug 16244: ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 upgrade doesn't work for delegate TF (000002k file)
  • Bug 16310: IMAP Server sometimes fails to connect to event server

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 15984: Cannot configure LDAP access to use authentication

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 13791: Server failed to send back a valid XML response
  • Bug 14211: Date Navigator headers cannot be localized
  • Bug 14263: [I18N-JP] Spellchecker needs to handle additional and unsupported languages more gracefully
  • Bug 14684: [I18N] Japanese characters in the Calendar are garbled
  • Bug 14688: ASCII-only mail is sent as UTF-8 when submitted through Firefox
  • Bug 14805: First message in SWA is tagged as read when SWA is opened
  • Bug 15338: [I18N-JP] Can't change date in Appointment info window
  • Bug 15606: SWA load time too long in WAN environments
  • Bug 15715: SWA posts SOAP#27 Connection Terminated Error
  • Bug 15777: First-time SWA load after upgrade does not finish loading with large mailbox
  • Bug 15823: Character set handling insufficient for ISO-2022-JP
  • Bug 15935: new mail not shown in SWA
  • Bug 15938: Incorrect URL is loaded when clicking web page link in contacts info
  • Bug 15983: SWA Doesn't handle downlevel IMAP server well

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 07996: Cannot modify messages in Inbox or delete attachments, inconsistent with Exchange
  • Bug 08821: GetSync can request changes for a folder not being synced
  • Bug 11882: Messages moved to public folders re-appear in Inbox
  • Bug 13092: Unable to open synclog by choosing 'Show SyncLog' menu item
  • Bug 15591: Attachments in incoming mails saved to disk are RO
  • Bug 15627: Attachment opening not expected behavior - read only
  • Bug 15730: View of public folder will not be refreshed after moving message from inbox
  • Bug 15911: Special folder names not localised - Connector detects language from latest Outlook
  • Bug 16322: GroupBy feature set, causes repeating columns

Fixed in Scalix 11.2

The following issues have been addressed in Scalix 11.2:

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 12802: Error occurs on changing a mailnode on "Create User Wizard" page
  • Bug 13665: "Install License" button disappears after navigating between tabs
  • Bug 14857: On Xandros, cannot get 3rd party license information
  • Bug 15043: SAC does not show 'scalix-text-extractors' as installed component *
  • Bug 15617: SAC ignores the last domain when more than 1 domain exists in a license
  • Bug 15664: When creating users and resources in SAC, 'Notes' cannot gain focus from the mouse
  • Bug 15704: Some strings around licensing are misleading

Scalix Server

  • Bug 01162: omscan may sometimes remove items which are not real orphans
  • Bug 11520: omstat -q is extremely slow with large queues
  • Bug 13316: sxmboxexp does not produce list if folder selection is used
  • Bug 14104: omsolve text does not make any sense for 10272 error
  • Bug 14509: man page for omldapsync shows agreement type 13 as deprecated
  • Bug 14745: Web-based rules wizard does not handle umlauts and special characters correctly
  • Bug 14907: Default script has syntax error
  • Bug 15143. Need to upgrade out-of-office auto replies automatically during upgrade from Scalix 10
  • Bug 15261: omcheck needs to chown/chgrp before chmod
  • Bug 15401: ommodu segfaults from SAC, omdelu also from cmdline
  • Bug 15541: diagnostic calls to er_add_backtrace should not be logged as SERIOUS ERRORs
  • Bug 15553: [OM 0] error in log from index.browser
  • Bug 15559: omldapsync not processing large entry correctly - produces delete.curr
  • Bug 15560: orphans created when input is truncated
  • Bug 15561: Performance of deleting messages from ROUTER queue is poor if queue is large
  • Bug 15608: Manpage of omaddu command contains incorrect example command
  • Bug 15609: local delivery: auto-filed messages are not primed for MIME usage (mslData not generated)
  • Bug 15614: SMTP relay truncates SMINTFC message causing OM 1001 errors and more
  • Bug 15632: IMAP LIST "" "Other Users/%" does not function correctly
  • Bug 15650: sxmboximp should not restore folder permissions when individual message is restored
  • Bug 15653: IMAP migration: Some calendar items not migrated
  • Bug 15688: ATTENDEE and ORGANIZER sometimes missing from IMAP-appended messages
  • Bug 15697: UAL: MAIL_ACK command should check for routable recipient
  • Bug 15702: sxaa to handle UTF-8 correctly
  • Bug 15714: IMAP APPEND fails with certain combinations of messages and directory entries
  • Bug 15716: MYRIGHTS failure from IMAP, caused by [OM 3544] more Records than expected read during operation
  • Bug 15746: IMAP processes hang forever

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 13142: I18N characters appear as garbled and Content Type has nonsense value "base64"
  • Bug 15320: a message with non-MIME-encoded Subject header containing ESC characters throws exception
  • Bug 15569: output=ical returns VCALENDAR containing extra data from previous requests

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 15393: User sees service termination in browser after some time

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 12884: [ActiveSync] Duplicate contacts gets added on the device
  • Bug 12936: Message deletion loses cursor position in GroupBy view
  • Bug 13072: [ActiveSync] Duplicate task gets added to the device
  • Bug 13466: [ActiveSync] Deleting a mail from Inbox of device prevents it from syncing with Outlook
  • Bug 14541: [ActiveSync] fails to sync from "cold" and requires multiple password prompts
  • Bug 14752: Scalix does not show up as additional server type with Outlook 2007 (Note: Outlook 2007 is not supported with Scalix 11.2; this is work in progress)
  • Bug 14804: Error message in Outlook Connector refers to "doc XYZ"
  • Bug 15019: Read receipts via TNEF route (from Exchange) are not deletable
  • Bug 15132: SmartCache encounters fatal error
  • Bug 15154: sxservice.exe causes 100% CPU load
  • Bug 15418: [ActiveSync] Attention required status for notes appears even though there are no notes to be synchronized
  • Bug 15419: Cache recreation does not take place if we rename/delete the user-defined cache folder
  • Bug 15472: sxlogger.exe randomly crashes on exit from Outlook
  • Bug 15557: Outlook cannot open more than one delegated calendar to manage/edit
  • Bug 15580: Special chars and german umlauts within G, S, CN, FN will cause an empty search result within advanced address book search
  • Bug 15620: Check for names returns malformed result
  • Bug 15705: Long URL corrupts plain text message with OL9
  • Bug 15575: Installer: Allows to install upgrade even though LVID of license key doesn't allow use
  • Bug 15767: Installer: Message for invalid LVID is confusing

* 'scalix-text-extractors' are only available for Scalix Small Business Edition (SBE) and Scalix Enterprise Edition (EE)

Fixed in Scalix 11.1.0

The following issues have been addressed in Scalix 11.1.0:

Scalix Server

  • Bug 15242: Search: Reduce Indexing I/O
  • Bug 14836: Corrupted MIME cache should be self-recovering
  • Bug 14984: sxmboximp doesn't restore folder's permissions to a working state
  • Bug 15106: IMAP spins if append a message containing a NULL char in a HEADER
  • Bug 15137: omslapd crashes, resulting in further problems
  • Bug 15196: LDAP authentication causes USERLIST lockout and process abort
  • Bug 15210: Meeting invite from Windows Mobile Phone not converted
  • Bug 15218: MIME browser caching unused
  • Bug 15245: Local delivery stalls when delivering to large mailboxes
  • Bug 15246: Multiple copies of deleted items appear in Recovery Folder
  • Bug 15256: IMAP server does not clean up its search transaction files
  • Bug 15269: index.browse process should be executed at low priority
  • Bug 15272: Show queue message id on the process command line
  • Bug 15290: omldapsync convert user code resetting GLOBAL-UNIQUE-ID to Scalix-generated value
  • Bug 15359: Indexing system does not keep up with changes
  • Bug 15386: SMTP relay partially aborts with 'Directory is unavailable at this time. Please retry later.' error

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 14918: Exception getting mail folder

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 14282: Exception thrown while logging into Mailbox
  • Bug 14884: JavaScript error on opening a meeting request after resending it
  • Bug 14949: SWA does not show new messages in header view (seen Unread count)
  • Bug 15015: Webapps should have some activity logging for diagnostic purposes
  • Bug 15115: With large mailbox, first-time SWA load never completes
  • Bug 15156: SWA loses connection just sitting there and displays error message
  • Bug 15209: Can not open attachments after 30 minutes
  • Bug 15222: Doesn't always handle connection loss gracefully
  • Bug 15274: End user functionality to clean address completion/nickname cache
  • Bug 15345: SWA should use a platform server specific to the user
  • Bug 15427: SWA overruns IMAP server connection rate limit
  • Bug 15457: Attachment mails are not getting searched through 'All Mail folders' option

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 12051: Inbox property conflict on creating cache for new mailbox
  • Bug 12716: Copy of mail is created for every login with same user via rule
  • Bug 12770: Text inside the Reply box of Out of Office loses it's format
  • Bug 13378: Forwarded messages with attachments create corrupted winmail.dat file
  • Bug 13518: Need button or desktop icon/tool to recreate the cache without recreating the profile
  • Bug 13965: setup.exe does not extract sxpro.exe
  • Bug 14379: OL-Connector in SmartCache mode should inform user about cache initialization
  • Bug 15307: When cache database is missing, SmartCache should re-initialize automatically

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 14161: scalix-postgres set to run in runlevel 2
  • Bug 14934: Upgrade Tomcat to the latest 5.5.x version
  • Bug 14935: Java 1.5.0 version upgrade
  • Bug 15047: script fails if hostnames are similar
  • Bug 15165: Tomcat connector config files are overwritten on upgrade
  • Bug 15303: Fix database charset and recreate postgres database on upgrade
  • Bug 15319: Typo in Debian tomcat postinst script
  • Bug 15413: Fails to setup postgres database password correctly on RHEL 5
  • Bug 15416: GUI installer does not provide proper screen output on RHEL 5
  • Bug 15429: scalix-tomcat start script has a syntax error on SuSE

Fixed in Scalix 11.0.4

The following issues have been addressed in Scalix 11.0.4:

Scalix Server

  • Bug 08746: Local delivery hangs when attempting a lock on a user folder
  • Bug 10808: IOP with Notes - recurring meeting, Notes originated, fails to process in SWA
  • Bug 11175: GLOBAL-UNIQUE-ID for a user needs to be consistent across USERLIST and SYSTEM directory
  • Bug 12995: Sync: Search folder visibility in the sync environment causes problems
  • Bug 14865: Strange IMAP server behavior when using delegate access with recovery folders turned on **
  • Bug 13235: IMAP error logged when no text-preview present
  • Bug 14451: Inefficient DRef resolution by mime.browse/index.browse can lead to performance problems (was: Outlook goes into not-responding state during Phase I cache init)
  • Bug 14712: ldapmapper can't send to PDLs with ACI Default set to None
  • Bug 14781: error produced by omldapsync, using openldap, global unique ID is generated by scalix
  • Bug 14787: OFS_ENABLED option should be removed
  • Bug 15013: Poor quality error message if general.cfg contains a syntax error
  • Bug 15073: unix.out hangs when processing a msg (RTF->HTML r2netcmd.bin loop)
  • Bug 15109: Locking problems can occur if compaction is attempted on container open
  • Bug 15199: M00005 full folder sync failed - because imap.fetchMessages throws javax.mail.MessageRemovedException
  • Bug 15226: PT_UNICODE smtp_address being set by MAPI SP causing mime.browse/index.browse problems

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 14876: error downloading attachment
  • Bug 15199: M00005 full folder sync failed - because imap.fetchMessages throws javax.mail.MessageRemovedException

Scalix Search and Indexing Services

  • Bug 14325: SWA search doesn't work with Locale set to german
  • Bug 14425: Indexing failure is handled gracelessly
  • Bug 14897: Tomcat at 100% CPU and heavy disk usage
  • Bug 14994: Indexer stops running
  • Bug 15002: tomcat accumulates many open fds to deleted index files
  • Bug 15036: Remove the no-longer used converters
  • Bug 15121: Meeting-invite with many recipients causes protracted, heavy server load if rich attachment present (eg, word, pdf, etc)
  • Bug 15129: Performance improvements for attachment extractors *

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 14746: Server-Side Logging needs improvement
  • Bug 14906: Two date formats in English Locale broken
  • Bug 14875: Null Pointer Exception in MailFolderTree.getInstance:82
  • Bug 15059: Large # of recurring calendar entries causes browser spin
  • Bug 15072: Multiple instances of recurrence meeting are created in delegate’s mailbox
  • Bug 15087: Client diagnostic logging needs to go to the server
  • Bug 15103: Unable to save/display Contacts with some UTF-8 characters
  • Bug 15128: Runtime error while modifying an existing private DL.
  • Bug 15171: Client generic error messages need to be made non-generic
  • Bug 15206: Sometimes SWA does not keep any options setting across login/logout

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 12880: Outlook crashes on Exit
  • Bug 14411: Better Conformance with the MAPI Specification
  • Bug 14901: SmartCache intermittently cannot display message content
  • Bug 15098: Certain Mail, when trying to forward, makes Outlook lose it's network connection
  • Bug 15099: Cannot send update to certain calendar item
  • Bug 15112: Cache not created correctly, can't display folder messages
  • Bug 15153: MAPISVC.INF not updating
  • Bug 15170: Message body ends up as untitled attachment and can't be read in Outlook
  • Bug 15176: Cross-server delegation can overwrite correct local mapi.cfg
  • Bug 15179: OL Crashes on Choosing Calendar folder after creating a new profile

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 08528: Installer fails with no eth interface present
  • Bug 11171: Network check fails with no default gateway set
  • Bug 12827: Installer should allow for Lastname<SP>Firstname Display name format
  • Bug 13143: Limit on number of open files reached for Tomcat process
  • Bug 14309: Short hostname used in server.xml Tomcat config file
  • Bug 14888: Tomcat and application thread and connection pools can become starved
  • Bug 15051: Improve handling of instance name and hostname in Installer
  • Bug 15187: On an installed system, sxtomcat-get-inst-name provides wrong result
  • Bug 15228: Configure larger thread pool for Tomcat by default

* Indexing of binary attachment types (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF) is only available for Scalix Small Business Edition (SBE) and Scalix Enterprise Edition (EE)
** The Recovery Folder feature is only available for premium users in Scalix Small Business Edition (SBE) and Scalix Enterprise Edition (EE)

Fixed in Scalix 11.0.3

The following issues have been addressed in Scalix 11.0.3:

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 13677: Subject with I18N characters displayed as ? in SAC message queue list
  • Bug 13891: Number of messages exceeds the maximum count set on local delivery page in SAC
  • Bug 14753: Active Directory GUID not quoted correctly when Internet users gets converted to Scalix Mailbox
  • Bug 14847: When using external directory for user management, "Prepare SmartCache" in SAC is greyed out

Scalix Server

  • Bug 13098: Indexer not sending correct index requests
  • Bug 13288: Internet Mail Gateway generates OM.UX 1169 errors for messages sent to Exchange users using the TNEF gateway
  • Bug 14533: /etc/init.d/ldapmapper restart fails when ldapmapper is not running
  • Bug 14545: Permission denied message for owner of public folder
  • Bug 14548: index.browse logs errors
  • Bug 14649: aborts when looking up names leaves the directory locked
  • Bug 14709: A Scalix process is corrupting shared memory
  • Bug 14711: imap-cache subdirectory becomes corrupt
  • Bug 14779: Add sxfind utility to produce map between directrefs and filenames
  • Bug 14785: IMAP should report filename of action file in message reporting that file cannot be opened
  • Bug 14809: omstat queue needs to output rich subject and name for Admin Tools use
  • Bug 14810: tf.browse does not generate correctly nested folder name, preventing sxaa from creating rules that file into nested folders
  • Bug 14821: Corrupt message in Recovery Folder stops it from being automatically tidied **
  • Bug 14834: Indexer debug log is missing timestamps
  • Bug 14870: unix.out is rejecting valid messages on TNEF route with 1168 error
  • Bug 14872: files pile up in ~/temp directory
  • Bug 14885: Bad message stalls index.browse/mime.browse, causing 100% CPU load
  • Bug 14902: External messages using ISO-8859-2 characters appear blank in Outlook 9 and Outlook 10
  • Bug 14913: RPM scriptlet on SLES produces "command not found" error
  • Bug 14939: Indexer gets stuck on broken indexwork records
  • Bug 14946: sxsearch doesn't display results for conventional search transaction files
  • Bug 14953: SIS return codes are interpreted incorrectly by the Indexer
  • Bug 14954: Add text converters to indexer so that SIS can stop using it's internal converters for attachment indexing ***
  • Bug 14968: Make Indexer re-read it's config file while running
  • Bug 14989: ual.remote process looping as a result of SmartCache activity
  • Bug 14999: Message with attachment sent using pre-Scalix-11 MAPI connector rejected by TNEF gateway
  • Bug 15037: non-text items can accidentally be sent to SIS when added to the mailbox using IMAP APPEND
  • Bug 15039: PDF attachments not correctly recognized and marked as such, creating problems for the indexer ***

Scalix Messaging Services

  • Bug 15035: Client can break API for message access

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 12370: http URL is converted to mailto when it contains an email address
  • Bug 12756: Japanese or chinese text appear as square boxes in warning message
  • Bug 12787: On SWA header bar user name with I18N characters appears as square boxes
  • Bug 13196: Online help files for en_GB locale missing
  • Bug 13492: Unable to book a resource if the resource name contains I18N characters
  • Bug 14037: When sorting by date, SWA sorts messages by "Received" timestamp, however it displays "Sent" time
  • Bug 14416: Message sort order is wrong
  • Bug 14768: Secondary sort order should always be by "Received" date
  • Bug 14777: SWA needs to support internet headers which make use of RFC2231 features
  • Bug 14817: First-of-month date in monthly view not localizable
  • Bug 14873: Tomcat JVM process crashes frequently due to heavy memory usage of SWA
  • Bug 14898: SWA double-spaces messages
  • Bug 14958: Better diagnostic logging for debugging purposes
  • Bug 15070: Replies in IE get double-spaced

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 12943: Two email addresses are shown in "From" field after the address fix up using Scalix Migration Tool (SMT) is successful
  • Bug 13707: Outlook can crash when additional mailbox is added
  • Bug 14054: Unable to search Related Messages in Outlook 2003
  • Bug 14322: Support for Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.2 needed
  • Bug 14406: Phase I sync never finishes and loops infinitely
  • Bug 14630: Messages not sent and they are sitting in Outbox for hours
  • Bug 14762: Outlook crashes after selecting SMTP address from Contacts for Out-of-Office forwarding
  • Bug 14816: Attachment opened from inbox message is opened read/write and fails back to save correctly
  • Bug 14842: Outlook crashes on choosing permissions tab of subfolder properties dialog
  • Bug 14883: Cache Manager stops syncing too soon when lifetime of 2 MAPI clients overlap
  • Bug 14923: Unable to open Recurring Meeting Request sent by Microsoft DST 2007 timezone upgrade tool
  • Bug 14929: Message fails to save on second save when set to Plain Text in ACM
  • Bug 15032: Delayed Outlook crash with unexpanded delegate account
  • Bug 15053: Outlook crashes on choosing Advanced Find

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 02924: Installer: Installer should set Rules Wizard URL differently to promote the use of the Rules Wizard over SSL where applicable
  • Bug 13205: Installer: Installer should be shipped in uncompiled form for better Python version compatibility
  • Bug 13531: Installer: Tomcat can crash when started from an environment with a valid DISPLAY variable
  • Bug 15006: Installer: Apache SSL configuration is not correctly detected for Tomcat connector
  • Bug 15011: Installer: Post-upgrade function fails to execute on Upgrade from Figaro

Scalix Migration Tool

  • Bug 13249: SMT: Scalix Migration Tool does not migration additional special folders *
  • Bug 14869: SMT: Bogus "Sent on Behalf of" on some migrated items *

* The Scalix Migration Tool (SMT) is a separate product for migrating user data from Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003 and 2007 to Scalix. Please contact Scalix Sales at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.
** The Recovery Folder feature is only available for premium users in Scalix Small Business Edition (SBE) and Scalix Enterprise Edition (EE)
*** Indexing of binary attachment types (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF) is only available for Scalix Small Business Edition (SBE) and Scalix Enterprise Edition (EE)

Fixed in Scalix

The following issues have been addressed in Scalix

Scalix Server

  • Bug 14870: unix.out: Rejecting valid msgs on the TNEF route with 1168 ERROR
  • Bug 14874: Server-generated display name in To:, From:, CC: Headers is not quoted correctly

Fixed in Scalix 11.0.2

The following issues have been addressed in Scalix 11.0.2:

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 12365: Admin Tools: JavaScript error occur while deleting a newly added mail address rule
  • Bug 13807: Admin Tools: Plugin Parameter should eliminate the word "Specify" in front of explanation text
  • Bug 14105: Admin Tools: Recovery folder button for external synced mailboxes not available

Scalix Server

  • Bug 11099: IMAP to set the UAL_DELITM delete is part of a move flag
  • Bug 12900: Server does not support RFC2231 encoded attachment filenames
  • Bug 13198: SWA does not open attachments with filenames with I18N characters in calendar entries
  • Bug 13744: Charset to To, CC can not be changed from UTF-8 to other (ISO-2022-JP, etc.)
  • Bug 13950: Mail sent via SmartCache found in wrong Folder
  • Bug 14268: Incoming internet gateway imports rfc822 address comments containing invalid chars directly into the creator name
  • Bug 14548: index.browse logs errors
  • Bug 14597: sxmboximp does not recreate a recently deleted folder
  • Bug 14644: ISO-2022-JP support should be enhanced (some characters are garbled)
  • Bug 14665: Attachment with chinese filename does not convert properly
  • Bug 14698: Long I18N attachment names replaced with underscores and message dropped to xport.err
  • Bug 14734: Some problems during container upgrade should be fixed during upgrade

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 11042: Web Access: Custom login page instruction do not work correctly
  • Bug 12548: Web Access: Opening an appointment by hitting the Enter button results in JavaScript error
  • Bug 12831: Web Access: Additional Date formats needed for Japanese Markets
  • Bug 12992: Web Access: Unknown tag gets attached with the message body during ActiveSync operation
  • Bug 13216: Web Access: Garbled Japanese text in popup dialog before logging in to SWA
  • Bug 13618: Web Access: Sorting is lost on refreshing on search result window
  • Bug 13671: Web Access: Attachment file name with i18n char garbled while trying to save attachment
  • Bug 14128: Web Access: Updated meeting is received as a new meeting request
  • Bug 14257: Web Access: Long attachment filenames truncated due to RFC2231 mishandling
  • Bug 14263: Web Access: Spellchecker  needs to handle unsupported languages more gracefully
  • Bug 14361: Web Access: Firefox autoCompletion bug triggers Exception
  • Bug 14461: Web Access: No action on clicking 'Reply' after opening an attachment
  • Bug 14472: Web Access: Unable to update a zero length appointment created through Outlook
  • Bug 14511: Web Access: Dragging Folder is missing target in the scrolled Folder Tree section
  • Bug 14530: Web Access: JavaScript error on clicking the next arrow button in the message window
  • Bug 14584: Web Access: Server side Java logging needs improvement
  • Bug 14604: Web Access: Editable field appeared far below the folder if folder tree was scrolled.
  • Bug 14620: Web Access: Updated responses for all invitees not reflected in the originator's calendar
  • Bug 14647: Web Access: Script error on dragging a message from Public Folder to Inbox
  • Bug 14648: Web Access: JS error on clicking Add button in spell checker window
  • Bug 14667: Web Access: SWA should have built-in defaults for missing values
  • Bug 13671: Web Access: Attachment filename with I18N characters is garbled while trying to save attachment

Scalix Mobile Web Client

  • Bug 13254. Mobile: Wording of German message in Mobile Web Client

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 12877: Subject size in SmartCache to small to allow for I18N
  • Bug 13950: Mail sent using SmartCache reported against wrong folder in search
  • Bug 14607: Outlook stops receiving new mail
  • Bug 14419: Mail sent with attachment shows two attachments
  • Bug 14421: Crash when trying to modify imported contacts
  • Bug 14449: Active Sync crashes while synchronizing Notes
  • Bug 14550: Dismissing reminders in Outlook generates runtime error
  • Bug 14608: Outlook Connector in SmartCache mode does not recognize server-size password change
  • Bug 14660: Cyrillic characters do not display in plain text messages using outlook 2000
  • Bug 14683: Portuguese characters appear incorrectly after upgrade to Scalix Connect
  • Bug 14698: Long chinese filename characters replaced with "_" and message dropped to xport.err
  • Bug 14750: International characters in Subject line are truncated in Outlook
  • Bug 14751: Auto-completion of addresses via external LDAP fails

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 12421: Installer: Should be possible to have Tomcat create separate logfiles for each day
  • Bug 14020: Installer: Installation falls over with poor error when "which" is not installed
  • Bug 14174: Installer: service scalix-tomcat status and stop commands do not work correctly with process ID shorter than 5 characters

Fixed in Scalix 11.0.1

The following additional issues have been addressed in Scalix 11.0.1:

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 13980: Web Access: Appointments in which start and end times are the same do not show up in SWA
  • Bug 14321: Web Access: Appointments in which start and end times are the same do not show up in SWA
  • Bug 14249: Web Access: Drag and drop sometimes misses the intended folder
  • Bug 14109: Web Access: Drag and drop sometimes misses the intended folder
  • Bug 14393: Web Access: Folder ghost does not disappear after dragging folder to an invalid location 
  • Bug 14396: Web Access: Calendar is not selectable - browser crashes
  • Bug 14488: Web Access: New Messages not received until logout/login
  • Bug 14357: Web Access: New Messages not received until logout/login

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 12877: Subject field is too short for internationalized character sets
  • Bug 12601: Subject field is too short for internationalized character sets
  • Bug 12558: Subject field is too short for internationalized character sets
  • Bug 14404: Subject field is too short for internationalized character sets
  • Bug 13504: Plain text UTF8 messages display in Outlook 9 as ISO-8859-1
  • Bug 14323: Plain text UTF8 messages display in Outlook 9 as ISO-8859-1
  • Bug 13775: Message with Read Receipt that is filtered to a PST returns a receipt that says the message was deleted without being read
  • Bug 13962: In Outlook with SmartCache enabled, the HTML character set of a multi-content message can be incorrect, causing improper HTML display
  • Bug 14143: In Outlook with SmartCache enabled, recovered emails sometimes are not visible if subsequently moved to another folder
  • Bug 14157: Lack of profile migration switch - InstallMigrateSxProfile=1. Use InstallMigrateDefaultProfile instead
  • Bug 14235: Some Unicode messages hang Outlook
  • Bug 14191: Some Unicode messages hang Outlook
  • Bug 14239: Some Unicode messages hang Outlook
  • Bug 14279: Outlook crashes if the sxadmin user repeatedly uses the right click method to see a public folder's properties
  • Bug 14331: Text preview generation for certain message causes cache to be unusable
  • Bug 14347: Some messages not added to SmartCache's cache
  • Bug 14353: The To: header does not display in the list view for a cc: recipient when the To: recipient is of SMTP type
  • Bug 14364: Outlook crashes when moving large numbers of objects from server folder to .pst file
  • Bug 14363: Outlook crashes when moving large numbers of objects from server folder to .pst file
  • Bug 14367: "Send as" functionality in office 2003 does not work in cached mode
  • Bug 14368: HTML message with embedded images sent from Outlook 2003 does not render on Outlook XP
  • Bug 14482: Attachment name garbled using Outlook Connector 10
  • Bug 14483: Unable to respond to a meeting request

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 14294: Installer: Logging fails to adequately explain that installation should fail if mount points exist under the data directory (for example, if the mount point is /var/opt/scalix/temp)
  • Bug 14057: Installer: No warning issued when expired license is used to upgrade
  • Bug 14076: Installer: No warning issued when expired license is used to upgrade
  • Bug 14470: Installer: Dependency check permits PostgreSQL version 7.3.9
  • Bug 14465: Debian release directory and tar file missing third_party and documentation subtrees
  • Bug 14491: Debian Web applications don't put files in right location and some Web applications have errors in the Debian Prerm script
  • Bug 14495: Debian Web applications don't put files in right location and some Web applications have errors in the Debian Prerm script
  • Bug 14500: On Debian, the Tomcat instance template contains relative links instead of absolute links, making Tomcat unworkable
  • Bug 14504: On Debian, the sxpsql-whitelist places Scalix lines after the catchall line in pg_hba.conf, so it is meaningless
  • Bug 14505: Debian package must include jk connector deb for Debian Sarge
  • Bug 14524: Tomcat and Postgres packages do not install correctly if server is installed, but not initialized

Scalix Search and Indexing Services

  • Bug 14155: Search: Search and Index Service fails to locate messages with exact matches due to a lock timeout problem
  • Bug 14485: Search: Invalid UID sometimes reported for newly created folder

Scalix Server

  • Bug 14131: Deleting the Scalix Recovered Items folder (using omcontain) can result in a segmentation violation when resolving references to items within that folder
  • Bug 14172: Mobile Web Client and SIS (Scalix Platform) crash if Inbox contains email with "invalid" MIME
  • Bug 14262: Acknowledgment message to non-existent user contains inaccurate error wording
  • Bug 14269: The process spins in user mode, consuming CPU and causing queue buildup
  • Bug 14270: The ldapmapper process crashes
  • Bug 14277: Users created in Active Directory cannot log in to platform or Mobile Web Client
  • Bug 14343: High Availability-specific changes to init.d startup screen need to be applied to SuSE
  • Bug 14352: Deleting a message in a POP session may cause a subsequent POP session for that same user to fail at the login (user/pass) stage
  • Bug 14397: Deleting a message in a POP session may cause a subsequent POP session for that same user to fail at the login (user/pass) stage
  • Bug 14377: The ldapmapper causes a routing loop on an Internet user if ul-authid is present
  • Bug 14380: Some messages cause the outgoing internet gateway to crash
  • Bug 14410: When sending messages from Equinox to Figaro, attachment filenames get crippled
  • Bug 11265: Content in some messages appears as an attachment instead of as body text
  • Bug 12960: Content in some messages appears as an attachment instead of as body text
  • Bug 13689: The omscan server can crash when checking orphans
  • Bug 13434: The omscan server can crash when checking orphans
  • Bug 14513: The Scalix Platform only connects to a Scalix 11.0.0.x server

Fixed in Scalix 11

The following issues have been addressed in this release:

Scalix Admin Tools

  • Bug 07493: Can't modify some user attributes in Management Console 
  • Bug 10933: Need to be able to NOT sync directories in a multi-server setup
  • Bug 11317: The Management Console does not permit use of the global mailbox limit
  • Bug 11406: The dirsync utility should not include entries with SOURCE-LID=0 in Reply_Updates
  • Bug 12343: The Management Console escapes authentication ID incorrectly
  • Bug 13644: Updates to the Management Console's Settings > Administration screen are not saved if different mount points are used for / and /opt  

Scalix Web Access

  • Bug 03807: SWA does not recognize "do not display in address book" flag
  • Bug 05194: Portal integration capabilities needed 
  • Bug 06600: Message filtering based on sensitivity levels needed 
  • Bug 07642: SWA should not automatically load embedded content, especially images from external links 
  • Bug 08137: SWA displays MIME error for some messages instead of the message 

Scalix Connect for Outlook

  • Bug 05148: Outlook does not allow groups in folder permission ACLs
  • Bug 07635: Creation of non-SSO profile needed in SSO environment 
  • Bug 07646: The Out-of-Office assistant should be able to provide additional settings for forwarding
  • Bug 08958: Address book entries with umlauts aren't found
  • Bug 09186: Importing data from a PST does not import friendly name on FROM address
  • Bug 11664: The automatic profile generation utility sxpro.exe needs the ability to specify ACM/SCM mode and cache location
  • Bug 13147: Can re-send message on behalf of someone without any permissions

Scalix Server

  • Bug 02518: The omcheck utility does not report incorrect permissions
  • Bug 05444: Need a "redirect" or "catch-all" user for misdirected messages
  • Bug 05460: Russian characters do not display in the subject line
  • Bug 05589: Very large Inbox causes local delivery to abort
  • Bug 05937: Improved error handling of Internet address with too many characters
  • Bug 06277: Need extension of rules conditions to filter out unwanted DSNs going across systems
  • Bug 06462: Message Submission Agent (MSA feature added for SMTP relay
  • Bug 06675: The omcpoutu command should be able to deal with individual folders
  • Bug 07142: The commands omcpoutu and omcpinu should be able to deal with public folders
  • Bug 08222: The add user feature takes an ID from the pool even if the add function fails
  • Bug 10331: IMAP limits number of items in a folder to 32767
  • Bug 11023: omldapsync tries to set account status on Internet user and fails
  • Bug 11010: Principal's name should appear as sender in the SMTP conversation when mailed from delegate's account
  • Bug 11062: Mail addressed to an alias is re-written to the primary alias, so the recipient can't filter based on recipient address.
  • Bug 11118: omldapsync leaves trailing "=" when additional email address is removed in AD
  • Bug 11328: Messages created through the IMAP append function lose their display name/friendly name in Outlook
  • Bug 11388: Sync agreement deletes user when GAL entry on Exchange 5.5 is hidden
  • Bug 11416: In plain text messages, attached .txt files lose their content
  • Bug 11466: PDF files do not display in Outlook when sent using Outlook Express
  • Bug 11526: omldapsync should have configurable LDAP search scope 
  • Bug 11665: omldapsync needs the concept of a primary Internet address in cases where a single directory object has multiple SMTP addresses
  • Bug 11841: Incoming Unix gateway aborts on incorrectly formed iCal data 
  • Bug 12059: IMAP satellites do not use MAX_SIGNON_PER_USER
  • Bug 12536: Import of unusually large mailbox files >4GB may fail
  • Bug 13143: Running more than one instance of omldapsync, can delete users

Scalix Installation

  • Bug 11060: NIC config files in ifcfg-eth-bus-pci format not correctly detected on SUSE

Scalix Active Directory Extensions

  • Bug 09404: Active Directory extensions should enable/disable fields based on access control entries

Supported Environments

Scalix 11.4.2 is supported on the following platforms:

  • Scalix Server: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9/10, CentOS 4/5, Fedora 9 and OpenSuSE 11.0. Supported architectures are i386 and x86_64.

    Fedora 9 and OpenSuSE 11 are supported for evaluation purposes and Community Edition use only; these are generally less suitable for production environments than their "enterprise" counterparts due to their frequent updates and short release cycles

    Note: An unsupported Community Edition package for Debian-based Linux distributions is also available.

  • Scalix Connect for Outlook: The following combinations of Windows and Outlook are supported1):

    Windows version Outlook version

    2000 Pro SP4

    2000 SP3, 2002 SP3 and 2003 SP3

    XP 32 Bit SP3

    2000 SP3, 2002 SP3, 2003 SP3, 2007 SP1

    XP 64 Bit SP2

    2003 SP3 and 2007 SP1

    Vista 32 Bit SP1

    2000 SP3, 2002 SP3, 2003 SP3, 2007 SP1

    Vista 64 Bit SP12)

    2003 SP3 and 2007 SP

    1) Other combinations of Service Packs may work also but are not part of our QA process.
    2) Running Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 on Vista 64bit is subject to a number of issues and known limitations. Please see Bug 17250 for details.

  • Scalix Web Access and Scalix Management Console: IE 6 SP2 and IE 7 on Windows; Firefox 2.x and 3 on Windows, Mac OS/X or Linux. Other browsers based on the IE and Gecko engines may work.
  • Scalix Connect for Evolution: Evolution 2.6, 2.8, 2.12, and 2.22. Depending on the distribution you choose you may need to build this package from source, others include it in binary form.

System Requirements

Please check the Scalix Installation guide for current minimum system requirements.


Note that the choice of storage environments will have a major influence on performance of your Scalix system. Scalix as an application is largely I/O-bound, using variable, small-blocksize random read/write synchronous file I/O.

Also note that Scalix does not support putting a Scalix Message Store on a NFS- or SMB-based storage device such as a NAS Filer. Performance issues and/or Message Store corruption can occur. This is true for all Linux distributions using Linux 2.6.x kernels as the NFS client software in these kernels have known issues with file locking operations, which Scalix heavily relies on.

We suggest putting the Scalix message store on a Hardware RAID Array, using RAID 1+0 for best performance. The use of RAID 5 will result in substantially worse performance due to the nature of Scalix Disk I/O patterns (small, synchronous random writes) and is not recommended. In larger installations, we do recommend using iSCSI- or FibreChannel-based SAN storage. We also recommend the use of battery-backed write cache on the RAID controller where available.


The Scalix 11.4.1 Release consists of a self-extracting shell archives for Linux and a separate ZIP file download for the Windows components.

The Components in the package and their respective version numbers are as follows:




Scalix Installer

Linux .bin

Scalix Server

Linux .bin

Scalix Character Set Detectors

Linux .bin


Scalix Libical

Linux .bin


Scalix iconv Extras

Linux .bin


Scalix Management Services (SAC, RES)

Linux .bin

Scalix Messaging Services ("Platform")

Linux .bin

Scalix Web Access (SWA)

Linux .bin

Scalix Mobile Web Client (Mobile)

Linux .bin

Scalix Search and Indexing Services (SIS)

Linux .bin

Scalix Text Extractors for Indexing and Search *

Linux .bin


Scalix DB (Postgres)

Linux .bin

Scalix Tomcat Connector

Linux .bin

Scalix Tomcat

Linux .bin


Scalix Connect for Evolution

Linux .bin

Scalix Connect for Outlook

Windows .zip

Scalix Migration Tool (SMT) ***

Windows .zip

Scalix Active Directory Extensions (ADE) ****

Windows .zip

* Text extractors allow the indexing of binary Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and PDF documents. They are only available as part of Scalix Small Business Edition (SBE) or Enterprise Edition (EE)
** For Scalix Community Edition downloads, Scalix Connect for Outlook (MAPI) is a separate ZIP-file download.
*** The Scalix Migration Tool is a separately-sold product to migrate eMail, Calendar, Contacts and other objects from Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003 to Scalix. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.
**** The Scalix Active Directory Extensions are only available as part of Scalix Small Business Edition (SBE) or Enterprise Edition (EE)

Known Issues and Workarounds

Installing the Scalix Mail Server requires Linux system administration skills and root access to the server. Coordination with your site networking team is also required to ensure that workstations are able to connect to the server (through TCP/IP sockets) and that the server itself is visible to the network, including any necessary DNS/MX configuration. If the network uses Firewalls and/or VPNs, then additional modifications to the network might be necessary to enable the required network connections to the appropriate ports on the server, as described in the Scalix Installation Guide.

Scalix Installer



If you installed SLES 9 on the Scalix server host, the python-gtk-2.0.0-215.1 package automatically installs. This version of the package forces the Scalix Installer to display the following error message:

Error: Please upgrade python-gtk package to version 2.0.0-215.3 or newer, currently installed version 2.0.0-215.1 contains a bug that affects Scalix Installer.

Exit the Scalix installer and use YaST to upgrade the python-gtk package by the means provided by SLES 9.

After installation, the automatic launch of the Scalix Management Console can sometimes be accompanied by a series of error messages saying, "Shell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory." Ignore these messages. The browser launches anyway. (Bug 4754)


Reconfiguring the Messaging Services or the PostgreSQL Database Integration with the Installation Wizard upgrade process can, in some cases, cause users to be locked out when they later try to sign in to the Scalix Mobile Web Client. (Bug 13947)

If the PostgreSQL database password changes, it must also be changed in the file,, which is located at <instance>/platform/ This requires a restart of Tomcat. If the database is on a separate server from the platform, this change must be done manually.

When replacing an existing Scalix SBE or EE license during upgrade installation, sometimes the Scalix Server is not restarted properly and the license manager will die unexpectedly (Bug 15770)

Check the status of the license monitor using the "omstat -a" command. If not running or aborted, restart the server using "omshut" and "omrc".

ommakeom quits if hostname contains uppercase characters. (Bug 15014)

Do not use uppercase characters when configuring the hostname.

sxhostcfg script silently assumes sxadmin as admin username and fails if that's not the case (Bug 15876)

Create an admin user named sxadmin.

When performing a custom install the Forward button may not respond after selecting some components to be installed (Bug 16083)

When selecting "Scalix Server" make sure to also select "Scalix Libical" and "Scalix Character Set Detection".

During scalix installation web application (webmail, sac, ...) deployment fails if domain part of hostname is in UPPER case (Bug 17710)

Change hostname to contain only lower characters prior to installation.

During update swa.settings.rulesWizardURL property in is overwritten (Bug 17759)

Change the property after updating.

Scalix Mail Server



After upgrading Scalix Mail Server from Scalix 10 to Scalix 11, users with a large number of messages in their email client folders might notice reduced client/server performance when they access the message store. This is caused by upgrades to the message store container file structure that occur when they are next accessed by a user (through the client UAL process or the local delivery service).

To control when the upgrading of the message store happens so that it doesn't slow down mailbox access, shut down the Scalix Mail Server after upgrade and with only the daemons running (omrc -n), run the commands omtidyu and omscan without the fixmode (-f) option. For example, enter: omtidyallu -M and omscan -Aa.

Note: The first time it runs after an upgrade, omscan can take twice as long as is typical because it is upgrading message store containers. Scalix recommends that you perform this task in off hours (nights or weekends) to minimize impact on the Scalix Mail Server.

If you've installed your Scalix system on host(s) running SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 (SLES9), your Outlook users will not be able to take advantage of single sign on because of a flawed Kerberos interaction between SUSE and Microsoft inherent in the Heimdal Kerberos implementation provided with SLES9.

Upgrade to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (SLES10) which uses a MIT Kerberos implementation.

[iCal Information] --

  • Exchange 5.5 does not support iCal, therefore SWA-generated meeting requests and meeting requests sent from Outlook/Exchange using the "Forward as iCalendar" do not work correctly.
  • A canceled meeting scheduled via iCal shows as "Tentative" rather than "Free".
  • Outlook 2002 (Outlook 10) with an IMAP profile does not recognize iCal messages. The only way Outlook XP will render iCal is if the content type is text/calendar and is the only body type. Most iCal messages are formatted as multipart/alternative. The same messages viewed with OL11/IMAP are correctly processed. Therefore you cannot use Outlook 10 in IMAP mode to connect to a Scalix Mail Server and process iCal type meetings.
  • All-day events across time zones appear in local time and are not marked specifically as all-day.
  • Advanced recurrence patterns are not supported, e.g. every 2 weeks, Tuesday and Sunday (where the week starts on a Monday) or yearly recurrence of the first weekend day of December.
  • Responding to an iCal meeting request and proposing a new time is not supported. Scalix does not currently support the COUNTER method of iCal.
  • Updating text for a series of recurring meetings may fail to display the update where the recurring meeting previously had exceptions.
  • Sending a meeting request from Evolution to Outlook with Scalix loses the "Optional" attendee status. As a result, all attendees appear as "Required".

[iCal Workarounds] --

  • To get full calendaring interoperability between Scalix and Exchange 5.5, use the TNEF route and Outlook as the client.
  • To make a time slot display as "free," manually remove the meeting from the calendar when accepting a cancellation request.
  • This is a Microsoft issue with Outlook 10.




  • None


  • None


  • None
  • None

If you modify an email user's name while the user is actively connected to the server, the user may not be able to sign on again using SWA or Outlook/Connect. This applies to modifications made both in the Scalix Management Console or the ommodu command on the CLI.

Use SAC or the CLI to verify that the user is logged off before making any modifications. You can then use SAC to modify the user record, or use CLI and issue the following command:

ommodu --requireSignoff -o "<name> "

Where <name> is the user's Scalix name.

If a user's account is moved from one server to another when SmartCache is enabled, local caches do not update with the user's new internal server address.

When a user is moved to a different server, the profile and cache must be recreated.

If using SmartCache in SmartCache mode, when a user's mailbox is moved from one server to another within a multi-Server Scalix Enterprise Edition environment, you must create a new profile on the user's desktop and re-initialize the user's cache.

Create a new profile on the user's desktop and re-initialize the user's cache.

If you use DDVs to store ISO bulletin board subjects, any DDVs that contain 8-bit ISO characters should be moved to the DDVn-TX variants before upgrading to 11.0. Otherwise, upgrade and/or directory synchronization may fail for these entries.

DDVs that contain 8-bit ISO characters should be moved to the DDVn-TX variants before upgrading to 11.0. On the system where the directory entry is locally owned, use omsearch to extract (e.g. omsearch -e S=bb1 -m DDV1) and ommodent to 'move' it. For example: ommodent -e S=bb1 -n DDV1=/DDV1-TX=<ddv1_value>.

With the 11.0 release, the interchange character set used for storing ORN's has been changed from T61 to UTF8. This means that when communicating with legacy Scalix machines (Scalix 10.0 and earlier) via the Sendmail Interface (SMINTFC), character set conversion needs to take place.

To achieve interoperability with legacy machines, the SMINTFC routes need to be flagged with a new "Version Number" field, which can be set with a new "-v" option to omaddrt/ommodrt and which can be viewed with the pre-existing "-f" option to omshowrt. When creating a NEW route to a Scalix 1.0.x machine, the version number should be set to "0" or "1". If creating a Sendmail interface route to another 11.0 machine, the route version should be set to "2". In multi-server environment, if a machine is upgraded to 11.0, initially all interface routes will remain as version 0. But as soon as it receives a message on one of those routes which it detects to be an 11.0 message, then the Sendmail Interface Service automatically upgrades that route to version 2. This way, as other machines in the network are upgraded, Sendmail interface communication continues to work.

In some cases, you may be able to log in to SAC using administrative privileges from a server not registered with SAC. (Bug 14088)

On each server, use a different management domain password (set during installation and applied to the sxqueryadmin user) so that they do not match.

After Scalix 11 upgrade, all directory entries (both new and existing) set up to allow mailing to a Public Folder require manual entry of a common name (CN) value, or the sendmail interface reports the user as unknown. (Bug 14017)

Run the following command on a one-time, per folder basis: ommodent -e S=+BB/IA-FORMAL=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -n "CN=Public Folder Name", where the IA-FORMAL value is the Internet address of the public folder and the CN value is the name of the Public Folder.

Cannot send eMail from external to distribution lists with default access permissions set to None when using SMTPFILTER=TRUE option (Bug 14712)

If you have set a PDL so that it cannot be sent from the outside world using, for example

   omaddaci -l PDL-Name -f Default -c read

then the ldapmapper will not recognize the affected PDLs as valid scalix addresses because it normally binds to the Scalix LDAP server anonymously and therefore cannot see "protected" PDLs itself. sendmail relies on the ldapmapper to route messages back into Scalix.  To allow the ldapmapper to correctly identify these addresses, it must use authenticated admin LDAP access. You can do this by adding a ~/sys/ldapmapper.cfg file for each Scalix instance on the server.  This can contain, for example,


in which case it re-uses the standard admin account created for Scalix Management Services during installation. You can user other admin accounts if desired. See the ldapmapper(8) man page for more information.

As of Scalix Version 11.4 SMTPFILTER is deprecated in favor of the newly introduced MILTER interface on the SMTP Relay. Integrating your filter through the new interface may provide another workaround.

When converting a normal user to a resource with 'ommodu --resource y', calendar folder is not automatically created and permissions set (Bug 10641)

Logging as the 'resource' user with either Outlook or SWA will create the calendar folder. Then, permissions for the calendar folder will need to be setup so that users who should be able to automatically book the resource have write access to the folder.

Note that permissions will be setup correctly by default for users newly created with omaddu or through the Scalix Management Console. This issue only occurs in the rare case when a normal user is converted into a resource.

On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5), setting up stunnel to provide TLS support for SMTP does not work (Red Hat Bug 284801)

You can still use SMTP over SSL (without TLS) using stunnel on RHEL5. Otherwise, please contact Red Hat through Red Hat Support to provide further priorization on fixing the bug.

The following characters are not supported for Proxy Folders (Bug 17021, 17118): $ % * / # [ ]


Proxy Folders do not support redirects or webcal:// URLs (Bug 17064)

Use the full http:// address when specifying an URL for Proxy Folders .

sxpfadd will fail to create a Proxy Folder when the username contains chinese or Japaneses characters (Bug 17220)

Use the auth-id instead if the username.

Under certain conditions the local delivery service may leak memory (Bug 12568).

Restart the local delivery service on a regular basis, e.g. nightly via cron. Users will most likely take no notice of the restart, since the only impact is that delivery during this time will take a little bit longer. This issue will be fixed in a later version of Scalix.

When searching in Outlook the "search in subfolders" option is ignored for subfolders with special French characters in their names: à,é,â ... . (Bug 15587)

Rename the subfolder to not contain French characters.

omscan server cycle will not run if time was in the future during last cycle (Bug 17374)

Reset the omscan cycle by running

omscan -Z

When using non-ASCII characters with sxaa non effective filters will be created (Bug 15908)


omtidy omtidyallu options -d -w0 cause problems (Bug 16919)

Do not use deprecated and undocumented options.

Proxy Folders only display the current content of the RSS Feed (Bug 16965)

None. This will be fixed in a future release of Scalix.

One mailbox folder can hold a maximum of 128K items (Bug 17686)

As this limitation only applies to one folder you can use additional folders to store more that 128K items in one mailbox.

sxdu -rh <user> shows used space for the recovery folder even if it is empty (Bug 17442)


omscan -S -Af -U <user>

to fix this. Please note the size will still be reported wrong until an item is moved to the recovery folder.

ommodpdl fails when CN has more than 40 characters (Bug 17772)

None. This will be fixed in a future release of Scalix.

omldapsync can't import users with a Unicode linefeed in their street address and reports the error "[OM 16078] An attribute's value contains invalid characters." (Bug 15687)

Change the attribute in question to not contain a Unicode linefeed.

Unable to log into to rules wizard when the password contains umlauts. (Bug 17472)

Change the password to not contain umlauts.

Enterprise user limit warning does not work with sys language set to en_AU.UTF-8 (Bug 17918)

Change the servers locale to en_US.UTF-8.

Failed SMTP authentications increase the bad password count even if password control is set to off (Bug 17334)

This has been fixed in 11.4.2. Make sure to disable password control when using external authentication.

Scalix Messaging Services



Cannot access calendar folders shared by other users when using CalDAV access with Apple

This functionality has been disabled for this release (See Bug 16251) because of some issues (Bug 16156). It will be fixed in a future release of Scalix

Colons in user password breaks http authentication in CalDAV (Bug 16428)

Do not use a colon as part of the password.

Free/Busy information will not be updated when adding meetings via CalDAV (Bug 16976)

None. This will be fixed in a future release of Scalix.

Creating a meeting via CalDAV will not create a message in Sent Items (Bug 17007)

None. This will be fixed in a future release of Scalix.

Exception "Sending error M00010 resource not found" logged when adding another users calendar in SWA (Bug 17110)

None. SWA automatically recovers and completes the operation.

CalDAV does not support attachments for calendar entries (Bug 16557)

None. This will be fixed in a future release of Scalix.

Scalix Search and Index Service



In some cases, keywords within complex messages or binary attachments (*) are not found when performing full text searches with Outlook or Scalix Web Access

A number of indexing issues have been fixed in Scalix 11.0.x releases. Some of these require a users mailbox to be re-indexed. Please follow the instructions provided in this How-To to reindex mailboxes.

* Indexing of binary attachment types (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF) is only available for Scalix Small Business Edition (SBE) and Scalix Enterprise Edition (EE)

Scalix Admin Tools



Users created in the Management Console whose passwords contain umlauts cannot log in to Scalix Web Access. (Bug 4108)

Change user passwords to text entries without diacritical marks.

Users who exceed their mailbox size limits do not receive messages even after you remove the limits. (Bug 4971)

After removing the mailbox size limit, restart the Client Interface, Service Router, and Local Delivery services.

A user whose name is modified while he/she is actively connected to the server may not be able to sign on again using SWA or Outlook.

Verify that the user is logged off before changing his name. Or use the command line to forcibly sign them off with the following command:

ommodu --requireSignoff -o "<user_name>"

If an administrative user has a pre-expired password (requiring that they change their password upon next login), the user cannot log on to the management console until the password is reset. (Bug 13881)

Have administrative users change their passwords in their clients before accessing the management console, remove the pre-set flag on the command line (ommodu with a -E option) or avoid the use of pre-expired passwords entirely.

Milter and proxy folder services doesn't display in SAC (Bug 17026)

None. This will be fixed in a future release of Scalix.

Sort order not correct when 100+ similar user names are present (Bug 3804)


Newly created mailnodes do no show up in SAC when using a hosted edition key (Bug 18127)

Logout and login into SAC after creating new mailnodes.

Storage overview throws invalid argument error when accessed as node full admin using IE7 (Bug 18159)

Empty the browsers cache and restart the tomcat.

Delegated Admin is not supported when using a distributed SAC/RES setup (Bug 18170)

This will be fixed in a future version of Scalix. The currently status for delegated admin setups is:

  • Hosting Edition/Hosting enabled is supported for SINGLE SERVER only.
  • Enterprise Edition is supported for Multi-Server including distributed SAC/RES with Delegated Admin mode disabled.
  • Enterprise Edition is supported for Multiple Server with SEPARATE SAC/RES on each machine, but dirsync/routing setup with or without delegated admin enabled.
  • Enterprise Edition is supported for Single Server with delegated admin enabled or not.
  • Small Business Edition is Supported for Single Server with delegated admin enabled or not.
  • Enterprise edition is NOT supported for Multiple Server with distributed SAC/RES and Delegated Mode enabled.

Scalix AntiSpam and Scalix ZeroHour AntiVirus


Scalix Connect for Outlook



OLE objects embedded in the body of an email message may not be usable by the message recipient. (Bug 723)

Transfer OLE data as an attached file.

In Outlook 2002, enabling the instant messaging feature impacts response time when viewing messages in the Preview pane.

Disable this option.

If users create additional folders using existing standard folder names ("Inbox", etc), they will not be able to open or use them in SWA or other IMAP clients that do not utilize MAPI.

Solution: Don't create folders named "Inbox" (or "Draft" or "Junk E-mail", etc.) if you want to use SWA to check your mailbox.

Once SmartCache is enabled, you cannot revert to non-SmartCache mode.

If you wish to discontinue caching, create a new profile without the SmartCache feature enabled.

The use of non-ASCII characters in display or common names to log in to SWA and Outlook is not supported.


In rare circumstances, a delegate can see a new folder created by his or her "principal" but cannot open it. This happens if the principal creates a new folder shortly after the delegate adds the principal's mailbox to his own profile.

Restart Outlook and the new folders become accessible to the delegate.

If you are trying to cradle-sync a Blackberry device with the Microsoft Outlook client, you must use Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.1.x or 4.2.x and also replace the Intellisync file ilxolk.fil with a customized Scalix version. The customized version is located in the .tar.gz file under software/scalix_connect_outlook/extras

To install the patch file for Scalix/Intellisync, please see the "extras" subdirectory of the Scalix Connect for Outlook software package for the updated file and installation instructions for Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.1.x and 4.2.x.

If a non-email folder is set to display first when launching Outlook, the Scalix Rules Wizard fails to load and the connection to the server is lost. (Bug 8284)

Only specify the Inbox folder as the initial display mode.

When using a profile with SmartCache enabled, cache initialization takes a very long time and performance is poor when running a Virus Scanner with Online Filesystem protection on the workstation.

Configure the Virus Scanner to exclude files and subdirectories in the following directory tree from online access scanning:

C:\Documents and Settings\<Windows Username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Scalix\Scalix\MAPI\Profiles

International character set and Unicode support is functional in Outlook 11 and Outlook 12, but not Outlook 9 and 10. (Bug 13324)

If Unicode support is needed, use Outlook 11 or Outlook 12.

In Sent Items folder only, the subject line displays as empty on emails with more than 178 internationalized characters. (Bug 14634)


Active Sync Issues:

  • When using Active Sync against Outlook profiles setup with Scalix SmartCache, modifications to items can be lost if an item is created on the Outlook side in offline mode and synced to the device before the change is committed from the local cache to the Scalix Server (Bug 15682)
  • When syncing recurring appointments, recurrence patters can be lost in some cases when exceptions to the recurring meeting are created (Bug 15679)
  • Cannot reply to eMail synced to the device using Active Sync (Bug 15680)

None. The issues will be fixed in a future release of Scalix.

Outlook 2007 Instant Search does not work and can crash Scalix Connect for Outlook (Bug 15389)

Disable Outlook 2007 Instant Search. This will be supported in a future release of Scalix.

Certain Outlook plugins are known to be incompatible with Scalix Connect, including

  • Microsoft Windows Desktop Search (including Instant Search in Vista/Outlook 2007) (Bug 11700, Bug 15389, Bug 16184)

Disable the conflicting plugin or deinstall the software. Scalix is working on additional plugin support for future releases of Scalix Connect.

Outlook 2007 To-Do folder is always shown as empty (Bug 15549)

The issue will be fixed in the next release of Scalix.

Running Scalix Connect for Outlook with Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 on Vista has some known issues (Bug 14770)

The issues will be fixed in the next release of Scalix.

When using a SmartCache-enabled profile, updates to the System directory are sometimes not reflected on the client and entries in the address book appear to be missing or outdated (Bug 14829)

Add the following line to general.cfg:


Where <n> is the number of days after which a resync of the address book should be forced as part of normal sync operation.

Scalix Connect for Outlook is not compatible with Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.3 (BBDM) (Bug 16151)

Support for BBDM 4.3 will be included in a future release of Scalix.

Outlook hangs when using Kaspersky Anti Virus/Active Virus Shield together with outgoing rules (Bug 13690).

Disable all outgoing rules. Incoming rules can still be used.

Some Scalix properties are missing when accessing a profile from control panel (Bug 16136)

Access Scalix Properties via Outlook's Tools menu.

On creating a new profile Outlook 2000 may display Use SSL option even when the server does not support it (Bug 16334)


Outlook 2007 fails to open mailbox with "Can not open your default email folders.The information store could not be opened." after using the installers Repair option (Bug 16693)

Uninstall and Install Scalix Connect for Outlook.

Outlook 2007 hangs on Windows XP after network connection was lost (Bug 17093)

Try the following steps:

  1. User Work Online/Work Offline to let it retry
  2. Disconnect/Reconnect Network
  3. Restart Outlook and related processes

Outlook 2007 will not repaint window when loading inbox on startup (Bug 17203)

None, the issue will be fixed in a future release of Scalix.

Outlook 2007 will stop updating the progress bar when clicking into the main window on startup (Bug 17204)

None, the issue will be fixed in a future release of Scalix.

Autoupgrade triggers User Access Control Dialog on Vista when updating Connect (Bug 17213)

This has been fixed in 11.4.1. Automatic upgrades to 11.4.1 from a former version still need an administrative user or disabled UAC. Upgrades from 11.4.1 to a later version will work with a normal user and UAC enabled.

MAPI limits number of items displayed in a folder to the first 32767 (Bug 10333)

You can distribute your messages among different folders.

"Recall this message" is not working. (Bug 15877)

None, this is an unsupported feature.

Google Desktop Search does not index mails completely and can crash Outlook. (Bug 17010)

None, Google Desktop search is not supported with Scalix Connect for Outlook.

Recurring calendar entries may become corrupt when used with Outlook 2003. (Bug 17155)

Recreate the defect calendar entries. If the item is a meeting you can also request an update from the meeting's organizer. This issue has been fixed in Scalix 11.4.2.

Sync with iPhone leads to OutlookSyncClient crash (Bug 17888)

None. Syncing your iPhone via iTunes is not supported.

Compose new mail dialog does not show up when using Outlook 2007 with a newly created user (Bug 18136)

This happens when the username and initials have not been configured. This may be due to the fact that the username dialog is hidden behind a second dialog. Depending on your OS it is a RSS feed prompt (Vista) or Instant Search (XP).

You can either start another Office application like Word and configure the username and initials there or, when starting Outlook for the first time, move the above mentioned dialog to side, thus exposing the username dialog.

Scalix Web Access



When using Internet Explorer with high-resolution displays, users with dpi settings other than 96 dpi may experience that certain modal dialogs within Scalix Web Access do not display all of the information that the dialog contains.

Set dpi setting to Normal size (96 dpi) through Windows Control Panel > Display Properties.

Popup-blocking software installed on your machine might prevent SWA from starting up.

You need to either disable pop-up blocking or add the Scalix Web Access URL to the list of allowed sites.

The use of non-ASCII characters in display or common names to log in to SWA and Outlook is not supported.


When upgrading SWA, customizations to the login page are not retained.

Prior to upgrade, save a copy of index.html and web.xml, which are where login customizations are made, and use these as a guide to make the same changes once the update has completed successfully.

Umlauts created from an English keyboard (alt+0228 or alt+0252) on Internet Explorer 7 do not display properly in the contacts list if the URL used to access SWA is not on the list of trusted sites. They do display properly in email or calendar items.

Use a German language keyboard.

SWA does not accept resource bookings made with global character sets.


If upgrading directly from 10.0.1 or later to Scalix 11, the event services may not start, which can cause the Scalix Mobile Web client to fail and SWA performance to deteriorate. (Bug 14133)

After completing upgrade to 11.0, the xinetd process needs to be signaled to reload its configuration. Run the following command: "/etc/init.d/xinetd reload". Then restart the Scalix mail server (omshut/omrc).

In Firefox, resizing the message list pane shrinks the entire pane to only one pixel, obscuring the message list. (Bug 10397)

At the top of the preview pane, pull the border repeatedly until it reaches the desired size. This may take a few repetitions as the border bounces back.

In some cases, the Drafts folder may have multiple copies of the same message. ()

Delete the extras after sending.

A JavaScript error appears when a delegate opens a private appointment from his principal's mailbox.


Clicking the ‘next’ arrow button of the message window prompts a JavaScript error.


Invoking SWA within a frameset yields erroneous error message (Bug 16549)

None, SWA is not supported to be run inside of a frameset.

SWA appears to allow changes to read-only Proxy Folder like deleting items from or filing items into them (Bug 17035)

None, the issue will be fixed in a later version of Scalix.

The From address of RSS/Atom Feeds is displayed as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Bug 17075)

None, the issue will be fixed in a later version of Scalix.

Links embedded in HTML Mails sometimes fail to open with Firefox 2.X

Upgrade to Firefox 3.

After uninstalling a language rpm package the language in question is still listed as available in SWA (Bug 17635)

After uninstalling the rpm package remove the corresponding locale directory from


Then restart tomcat to activate the change.

Attaching file having semicolon in filename removes all the earlier attachments (Bug 16813) or fails (Bug 14978).

Rename the file prior to attaching it.

Clicking URL link in e-mail does not open link in default Web browser when using Firefox 2 (Bug 17159)

Upgrade to Firefox 3.

Uninstalling Theme RPM package does not remove the item from the Themes pulldown-list (Bug 17638)

None, the issue will be fixed in a later version of Scalix.

Timer settings for message refresh don't take effect immediately (Bug 17355)

Logout and login to activate the change.

Attachments can not be viewed after being attached (Bug 682)

None, the issue will be fixed in a later version of Scalix.

Users with no password can not send mail in SWA (Bug 16826)

Do not create users without a password.

SWA Test sound button does not seem to work in IE7 (Bug 17693)

Set the sound notification to on, choose a sound and send yourself an email. If the browser prompts you to install/activate a plugin confirm this action.

Folder names containing < and > signs are not displayed (Bug 14911)

Rename the folder to not contain these signs

SWA truncates the last ampersand “&” sign used in PDL name (Bug 15325)


Folder names with ! don't work in SWA (Bug 17828)

Rename the folder to not contain a !

When selecting time slots in an appointment's Scheduling tab previously selected slots are not deselected (Bug 18236)

Switching from the Scheduling tab to the Appointment tab and back will clear the display. This issue will be fixed in a later version of Scalix.

When viewing a mail folder with Firefox 2 resizing the message list into the preview pane will shorten the displayed message list to 0 entries. (Bug 17773)

Upgrade to Firefox 3

Scalix Mobile Web Client



Cannot login when password contains ":" (Bug 14668)

Change password to not contain a colon.

Scalix Connect for Evolution



Recurring appointments "Every Xth Y of month M every year" cannot be created or edited in Evolution

You can create recurring appointments with the pattern "Every Xth Y of month M every year" in Outlook and SWA but not in Evolution. If created in SWA or Outlook, though, it displays correctly in Evolution although you cannot edit them.

Nested PDLs (address-lists)

You cannot create nested PDLs in Evolution. When created in Outlook, nested PDLs only show with their top-level members in Evolution.

Freebusy data of organizer not displayed

The "Scheduling" section of the meeting editor does not show the free/busy data for the organizer.

Offline mode

Only mail features are currently supported in offline mode. While certain calendar and contacts operations do work, they are not officially supported.

Message filters

Message-filters do not file new messages automatically although the "apply filters to new messages in the Inbox" option in the account profile is checked. "Apply Filters" from the Message menu however works.

SMTP configuration

You cannot configure the SMTP and IMAP servers separately. They are always the same and the SMTP port is always 25. If you need a different configuration, manually change your account profile settings through gconf-editor:

  • Run gconf-editor
  • Expand /apps/evolution
  • Select mail
  • Double-click on accounts in the right-hand pane
  • Select the relevant account and click "Edit"
  • In the text box, find the XML element <url> inside the <transport> element and add ":###" after the hostname, where ### is the port of your SMTP server.

Modifying an existing Scalix account in Evolution to a new account does not update the calendar and contact data for the new user.

Delete the existing Scalix account by choosing Edit ->Preferences in Evolution and then create a replacement ("New") Scalix account.

When accepting a meeting request in Evolution, adding a comment results in an empty message attachment in the response when viewed by an Exchange user in the Outlook client.


Evolution users cannot accept updated instances of recurring meetings sent from Outlook.


Additional invitees to a recurring meeting may not display when the appointment is viewed in Evolution.


Resource booking is not supported in Evolution.


Evolution does not display priority or sensitivity levels set in SWA or Outlook.


Evolution does not show message formats as saved in the Outlook Drafts folder.


Messages sent to PDLs arrive in Evolution as "Undisclosed-Recipient."


Cannot add an account that has a null password (Bug 15665).


Blackberry Cradle Synchronization with Blackberry Desktop Manager (BBDM) 4.1/4.2

Intellisync is included as part of the Blackberry Desktop Manager (BBDM) software bundle distributed by Blackberry. You can download Blackberry Desktop Manager from the Blackberry web site. The BBDM software needs to be patched with a patch provided by Scalix to enable synchronization with Scalix. Please see the "extras" subdirectory of the Scalix Connect for Outlook software package for details. The patch is provided for versions 4.1.x and 4.2.x of the BBDM software. The current version of Scalix Connect for Outlook is not compatible with versions 4.3.x of the BBDM software. This will be supported in a future release of Scalix.

Scalix Migration Tool



Microsoft Exchange out-of-office settings do not transfer during migration. So if a user's out-of-office assistant is activated during migration, it stops responding.

After migration, reset out-of-office notifications in Scalix.

When migrating a user with the Scalix Migration Tool, the Outlook rules are not preserved because Microsoft rules are not compatible with Scalix.


Scalix Administration Resource Kit

The Scalix Administration Resource Kit is located at
he current version of Scalix Connect for Outlook is not compatible with versions 4.3.x of the BBDM software. This will be supported in a future release of Scalix.

Scalix Active Directory Extensions



Scalix AD-extensions are not visible on Windows 2003 (Bug 17278)

Download and install the Administration Tool Pack for Windows 2003


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