How can I customize the login page for Scalix Web Access?

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The Scalix Web Access login page is easily customized. However, it is important that the original login page be backed up before making changes.

10 In the ~/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.2x/webapps/webmail directory, the file "index.jsp" contains the Scalix Web Access login page. First back up this file.

  #cp index.jsp index.jsp.bak

2) At this point, open the index.jsp with an editor. The actual instructions for how and where to modify the index.jsp are contained in the file itself. Follow these instructions precisely. Once the appropriate customizations are made, save the index.jsp and restart Tomcat.

3) If there are problems accessing the Scalix login page after modifications, some area of index.jsp that shouldn't have been modified may have been changed. Copy the original (index.jsp.bak) back over the modified index.jsp and do the modifications again.