Omsend to an internet recipient

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To use omsend to send a message to someone who is outside of Scalix, you cannot use omsend -u username -p password .... recipient@host.domain; you will get an error. Here is how to successfully omsend a message to a non-Scalix account.

  • Find the name of a default unix gateway
# omshowux
MIME Mailnode     : internet
TNEF Mailnode     : internet,tnef
TNEF Domains      : 
Dist List Abbreviation Limit : 0

For this example, I'll use the mime gateway, 'internet'.

  • Use the following syntax. Be sure to include the quote marks and the slash before the unix gateway name:
# omsend -u "first last/mail,node" -p password "/internet(rfc-822|first.last@host.domain)"
  • Example:
# omsend -u "John Doe/sxlab" -p secret "/internet(rfc-822|"