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This wiki contains information about Scalix.

Most pages are freely editable by users who identify themselves through self-registration.


The FAQ answers some of the more common questions around Scalix.

Scalix 12 FAQs answers questions specific to the installation and usage of Scalix 12

Admin Resources

  • How-Tos describe in a "cooked book" and step-by-step fashion how to achieve certain results with Scalix.
  • Administration Plugins are used to automate common administration task directly from the Management Console. (Scalix 12)
  • Technical Bulletins are official Scalix communication with regards to specific topics requiring explanation and guidance
  • Problem Diagnosis notes contain recommended configuration and processes for investigating suspected product problems.

Download Software

  • The Downloads Index has links to all relevant files in the Scalix downloads site.

Manual Installation Instructions

Manual Installation of Scalix (e.g. needed for unsupported platforms such as debian) is described in the following document:

Developer projects


This has an alphabetical list of Scalix Terms and references. Under Construction.

The Playground

This Start Page is protected.

For the wild at heart, therefore we provide some really raw free space. Please go ahead and leave your own traces in the Playground. If what you do is a bit more serious, add it to the Community Docs Homepage

Enjoy! Your Scalix Community Team