Our organization uses a script that auto-generates PDLs based on department. We would like to exclude certain accounts from this auto-generation process by adding an LDAP attribute (such as EXCLUDE-PDL). How do we do this?

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1) The file /var/opt/scalix/sys/dir.attribs contains mappings for Scalix attributes. In that file, add values to an existing attribute as opposed to creating new attributes themselves. Some good ones to use, if they are not already filled by something would be: (Description) (Business Category) (Postal Code) (PD Office Name)

2) Using "Business Category" as an example, populate the Business Category field with PDL-YES. The general format is:

 ommodent -e "S=lastname/G=firstname" -n "attribute=value"  
 [root@mail sys]# ommodent -e s=Wells/g=Vernon -n
 [OM 16961] Modified 1 entry in the Directory
 [root@mail sys]# omsearch -e s=wells/g=vernon
 S=Wells/G=Vernon/OU1=mail/OU2=scalix/CN=Vernon Wells/INTERNET-ADDR="Vernon Wells"  <Vernon.Wells@scalix.field>/ENTRY-TYPE=1/UL-AUTHID=Vernon.Wells@scalix.field/UL-CAPS=6/BUSINESS-CATEGORY=PDL-YES

3) Create a list of users who have the value "PDL-YES" for the attribute Business-Category.

 [root@mail sys]# omsearch -e cn=*/BUSINESS-CATEGORY=EXCLUDE-PDL -m CN
 CN=Vernon Wells

4) For text output of this list, redirect this to a file (-f).