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How to Move Scalix 12.x to a newer OS version and upgrade to Scalix 12.6.

You will be moving Scalix across different OS and hardware . So a few additional steps would be required. Steps involved are,

Preparation :

1) Install OS on new server with identical hostname but different IP 2) Add the user Scalix and group named Scalix with the same UID and groupid as on the old server. 3) Install Scalix 12.x with a dummy messagestore on new server (to make sure that /opt/scalix* and /etc/opt/scalix* are in place)

4) Modify /etc/sysconfig/scalix (not to start Scalix at boot-time)

5) Copy over the message store,

   rsync -oavzHS old:/var/opt/scalix/ new:/var/opt/scalix/

On the day of conversion :

6) Shut down Scalix on old server

7) Copy over differential message store

rsync -oavzHS --delete old:/var/opt/scalix/ new:/var/opt/scalix/

8) Run the following to fix any permission issues, omcheck -i -s > sh ./ omcheck -d -s > sh ./ 9) If the IP address cannot be changed to that of the old server, follow the steps for IP address modification,

10) Remove /var/opt/scalix/??/postgres/data, and

run 12.x installer to reconfigure the "Scalix DB", 

11) Shut down scalix and remove imap-cache

12) remove /var/opt/scalix/??/indexes and /var/opt/scalix/??/s/indexwork/1* (see Releasenotes)

13) Run the installer to do the upgrade to Scalix 12.6

14) verify basic functionality, re-enable autostart in /etc/sysconfig/scalix

15) Perform Scalix DB population (, this will take some time.

16) Re-index the messagestore (basically: sxmkindex). should be done on a weekend or during the night time.