How to install Scalix Appliance with Centos7 and Scalix 12.6 on VMware® Workstation 12 Pro

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1. Download Scalix Appliance from the following link.

2. Here is the available supported file for VMware Player (OR Workstation), ESXi and Hyper-V

3. Download OVA file to install appliance on VMware® Workstation.

4. Once download is completed, open centos7.ova file with VMware Workstation

5. You can give the new virtual machine a new name or leave it with the default name (centos7). Then choose storage path for the new virtual machine or leave it as default (C:\Users\Prakash\Documents\Virtual Machines\centos7)

6. Click on import, the import process will start and it will take a few minutes to finish.

7. After the import process finishes, you may change the setting in VM for a better performance.

8. Now Power on the virtual machine.

9. Login with root and use “scalix” as the password.

10. Press Enter to set static IP

11. You may use the nmtui command to set the static IP

12. Set your static IP and click on OK > quit.

13. Reboot the server

       Use the init 6 command 

14. After restarting the server, login again with root and type no and Press Enter

15. Press Enter to start the installation.

       Note: Read all instructions before you Press Enter 

16. Type 1 and Press Enter to accept your IP

17. Set Your FQDN (hostname) or leave it with default (test.scalix.local)

18. Change Domain or leave default (scalix.local)

19. Press Enter to create a new user after completing Scalix Server Installation (if you don’t want to create a user then type no and Press Enter)

20. Press Enter to reset the password for sxadmin and Scalix-postgres

21. Type the password for sxadmin and Scalix-postgres and Press Enter

       Retype the password again to verify password.  

22. Enter test user name and Press Enter

23. Give the test user a password

24. Installation has finished.

25. Now you can use following URL to access SAC and SWA (Webmail)