How do I set up Delegate Access?

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Scalix Wiki -> FAQ -> How do I set up Delegate Access?

Scalix provides delegate access capabilities, which allows two or more users to share parts or all of their entire mailbox. Mailbox owners can grant delegates various permission levels such as reviewer, author, or editor to control the capabilities of the person granted access.

There are two main configuration steps necessary for this within the Outlook client.

Sharing a mailbox by adding a delegate

1) While logged in to Outlook as the first user (assume this is the user who wants to share) select Tools > Options. Click on the Delegates tab, and add the other user.

2) Set the permission level for each container.

Accessing a Shared Mailbox as a delegate

1) Log in to Outlook as the other user (assume this is the user who will access the shared mailbox).

2) Select File > Open > Other User’s Folder, and enter the name of the person who assigned delegate privileges, and the appropriate containers.

The delegate can also have the shared mailbox opened immediately upon logon to their Scalix mailbox, however this involves other steps:

1) The person sharing their mailbox must give the delegate permissions at the mailbox level. This is done by right-clicking at the mailbox level (Outlook Today), then clicking on Properties, then in the Permissions tab adding the delegate.

2) The delegate then should access Scalix Properties under Tools.

3) Then under the Advanced tab, add the person sharing their mailbox.