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This How-to helps you to view your Scalix mailbox on your personalized Google homepage (iGoogle).
The integration with iGoogle can be done through the Scalix integration API. Scalix is able to output your mailbox as an RSS feed. This RSS feed can be shown in iGoogle. But to access this Scalix RSS feed you need to authenticate yourself. Unfortunately the RSS gadgets can not authenticate you. The PHP script below will do the authentication for you and relays the RSS feed so you can view it on your Google personalized homepage. There is a security risk associated with this. Anyone who knows the URL to this PHP script is able to view you inbox.<p/>

How to use this script:
1. Create a directory where you can store three PHP scripts, for example 'ScalixGadget'
2. Copy/paste this script: ScalixMailGoogleGadget.php
2. Download the PHP HTTP Protocol client and copy the file http.php in the directory
3. Download the PHP SASL class and copy the file sasl.php in the directory
4. Upload the files (http.php, sasl.php and ScalixMailGoogleGadget.php) to your website.
(note: your website should support PHP 4 or higher)
5. Add a RSS gadget to your Google personalized homepage (see links below for RSS gadgets)
6. Edit the RSS gadget settings, the feed URL is ScalixMailGoogleGadget.php on your server (you should now see your inbox).
7. Add the CheckMail gadget (see link below). This will show how many new emails are waiting for you.
That's it.

Google RSS Reader (Labs)
Slim RSS Reader
CheckMail V0.9.2

ScalixMailGoogleGadget.php is is based on Manuel Lemos' and
Many thanks to Manual for these excellent PHP classes. It made development of this Google Gadget a piece of cake.