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Note: Localizing SWA will be officially supported as of Scalix 11 and we'll update the information with an official How-To posted here. I've copied Marijns's initial findings with Scalix 11. The main issue that he's running into - not being able to ADD another langugage, but to replace one of the existing ones, is part of the changes we make for Scalix 11. Marijn, many thanks. Florian.

Scalix 10.0.x

This was contributed by Marijn van Butselaar. Many thanks!

This is not yet officially supported, but it can be done without to much trouble.

Please note that the preferences still only state English and German after replacing the files, this is due to the fact that the language/locale list is still hardcoded.

A last note: Please contact the specified maintainer if you encounter any translation glitches or faults, thanks.

How to make your own SWA translation

(Work in progress)

  1. Choose witch Locale you wish to overwrite (English or German) Note that u might want to keep the English translation in most cases, so go for the German one.
  2. Backup the choose locale file (i.e. strings_de.xml) in /opt/scalix-tomcat/webapps/webmail/WEB-INF/data
  3. MOST IMPORTANT - Translate the strings_??.xml file (or download one)
  4. Put the translated version of the strings_??.xml in /opt/scalix-tomcat/webapps/webmail/WEB-INF/data
  5. Optionally - spellchecker
    • Backup the spellchecker file (i.e. german.0) and optionally the phonetics file (i.e.
    • Replace the spellchecker files (i.e. german.0 and with the correct iSpell (plain text) dictionary file for the translation language.
  6. Restart the scalix-tomcat service

Note that replacing the English spellchecker is a bit more complicated, but can be done as well.

List of translations

Language/Locale Spellchecker Maintainer Download
Dutch (NL_nl) Yes marijnvanbutselaar

10.0.0 10.0.1

Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) No Eduardo Righi

Download link available in the mantainer talk page.

Hebrew עברית (he_IL) (iw_IL) No Dotan Mazor Scalix 11.4.2 Hebrew translation

Scalix webmail (SWA) 11.4.2 Hebrew localization

תרגום עברית סקאליקס, התאמת הממשק לכיוון ימין לשמאל (לוקליזציה)

Spanish (es_GT) No Jorge Andrade You should follow the instructions on Scalix_11.4.1_Localization_How-To

11.x Spanish Translation XML
11.x Spanish Localization RPMs

Example (ex_pl) No <link to your talkpage> <dl links here>