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Running a standalone Scalix Rules Wizard

The web-based Scalix Rules Wizard is currently installed as part of a Scalix Server. Some installations want to run this on top of their split-off SWA web server in the DMZ for external access.

This is currently not a documented setup. For the situation, the only way to properly install the SRW on a webserver right now is to do a partial server install and just not run the server. The steps are outlined here:

  1. Install the appropriate server RPM using the RPM command
  2. Execute ommakeom
  3. Disable Scalix Auto-Start in /etc/sysconfig/scalix
  4. link the apache config file into the apache webserver configuration
    • (on RHEL4: ln -s /opt/scalix/global/httpd/scalix-web-client.conf /etc/httpd/conf.d
  5. Enable Apache Auto Start: chkconfig --level 345 httpd on
  6. Start Apache: service httpd start
  7. Edit /var/opt/scalix/??/s/omhtml/config and add a line reading DEFAULT-OMSERVER = fqdn.of.a.scalix.server

As the Web-based rules wizard relies on referrals, this will work in Portal mode for all scalix servers that have their directories synchronized with the scalix server listed.

Localizing SWA

Please see SWA Translations (contributed)

Speeding up SWA

Scalix Web Access can be a little slow on first use after an intial import of a users data - especially if said user has hundreds of mail items in plenty of folders. SWA Speed can be increased immensley by creating the MIME headers prior to first use with the omtidyu command:

omtidyu -u "User Name" -MB

This can also be done for all users at once using the omtidyallu command:

omtidyallu -M