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Scalix Exchange Free/Busy Integration

This document describes how to setup Free/Busy integration between Scalix and Exchange for Outlook users only.

Setting up an FTP server

You will need an ftp server with read/write access enabled. When running on Linux, it is recommended that you use VSFTPD. Create a single account and check if you have access to the accounts home directory. In this example, the FTP server will be and the account name and password will be freebusy and freebusy.

Setting up Outlook to publish Free/Busy Data to the FTP server

In Outlook, go to Tools/Options/CalendarOptions/FreeBusy Options, enable "Publish at my location" and enter a URL in the following form:

Where freebusy:freebusy is username and password of the ftp user created above, is the FTP servers hostname, /home/freebusy is the name of a directory writable by this user and is the primary eMail address of the Outlook user.

Setting up Outlook to lookup Free/Busy Data on the FTP server

In the same dialog, enable Free/Busy lookups and enter a URL of the following form: