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Exporting/Importing user account data

To export/import a single user's mailbox to a dump file, the omcpoutu/omcpinu (Scalix < 11.0) or sxmboxexp/sxmboximp (Scalix >= 11.0) can be used. Please see the respective man pages for details.

Handling large mailboxes

The dump files that omcpoutu creates are limited in size to a maximum of 2GB, i.e. you will get an error message if you try to export a mailbox that is larger than this size.

However, with Scalix versions of 9.4 and later, you can redirect the output of the command to "Standard Output" and then redirect the output to a file on the OS side. This will allow for backup and restore of large mailboxes. You can even compress the output on the fly, resulting in much smaller filesizes.


omcpoutu -u <username> -f - >username.out
omcpoutu -u <username> -f - | gzip -c >username.out.gz

omcpinu -f - <username.out
gzip -d <username.out.gz | omcpinu -f -

Note: On some OS distributions, you will still not be able to reimport mailboxes larger than 2 GB in size; this is through a bug in Scalix versions < 11.0 in conjunction with some OS file handling default characteristics. For Scalix SBE and EE users with active subscriptions, there is a Hotfix available for release 10.0 through Scalix Support.