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Obtaining the Funambol Connector

The Scalix Funambol Connector is currently in internal Alpha has not been released yet. It is only available to selected partners for testing. Please contact your Scalix partner manager if you need more information.

Obtaining Funambol Server Software

Funambol Data Sync Server software can be downloaded from Funambol. This documentation is based on Version 3.0(a).

Installing Funambol Server Software

Installation should be performed as documented by Funambol. Note that when Funambol Server and Scalix Server are installed on the same machine and Tomcat is used as the application server for Funambol, port number conflicts for Apache Tomcat will occur. I recommend changing Funambol Tomcat port numbers by editing Funambol's server.xml config file. After Installation, it should be tested if

  • Administration GUI for Funambol server can be opened and used
  • Sample Sync client as shipped by Funambol works against the server

Installing the Scalix Funambol Connector Module

The module comes as a single file called
. This should be placed in the
directory. The file ownership and permissions should be set to be the same as other modules in the directory. Then, the
config file should be edited and the Scalix module added to the list of loadable modules contained within the
parameter. Then,
should be run and the database rebuilt, according to the script's questions.

For more information on module installation, please see Funambol documentation. After successful installation and restart of the Funambol DS server, the Scalix module should appear in the list of configurable modules within the Funambol admin tool.

Configuring the Scalix Funambol Connector

Note: In Version 1.0.4 of the Connector, the screens to configure the connector in the GUI don't work properly. It is recommended to modify the config files in
directly and restart the Funambol server.

Generally, the most relevant config files are


You will need to specify correct information for the RestHost and RestPort properties in all these files. The latter two files will also need RestPath (to be set to "Contacts" or "Calendar" respectively - the name of the sync folder as accessed through the API). In addition, RestType should be set, the required values are "IPM.Contact" and "IPM.Appointment".