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Product Structure

Scalix 11

I don't see anything about Small Business Edition, the Scalix Appliance and Scalix Xandros Edition for Scalix 11. Will I have to switch to Enterprise Edition as those versions go away?

No. The new name "Scalix Enterprise" will be used for all non-open source versions of Scalix. Several editions of Scalix Enterprise will become available, including Small Business Edition and other Scalix products.

I've been using Scalix Community Edition in the past. Do I know have to use Scalix Community Edition Open Source instead of the binary, integrated, easy-to-install package I am used to?

No. Current Scalix Community Edition users will have two choices in the future. If you prefer to use a fully-integrated, commercial-grade product, you can get a no-cost promotional free license for Scalix 11 Enterprise, with full "Premium User" support for up to 25 users, including Outlook support. This will provide the same functionality as the "old" Scalix Community Edition product, plus some exciting new Scalix 11 features like SWA Mobile, server based indexed search or Scalix Messaging Services. Of course, you can also use Scalix Community Edition Open Source, which will provide ultimate flexibility in porting to other platforms, localization and customization. Scalix Community Edition Raw (CE/Raw) is no longer needed, so it will eventually go away once we release Scalix 11.

Are Enterprise and Community Edition Open Source two different products based on different code?

No. Both, the commercial Enterprise product line and Scalix Community Edition Open Source share a common codebase. Enterprise provides additional code modules for features needed in typical enterprise environments, such as High Availability, Exchange Coexistence, and Active Directory.

4. Scalix Community Edition Open Source will not contain the Outlook Connector and SWA. Does this mean I cannot use those clients with Community Edition Open Source?

No. Although the Outlook Connector and Scalix Web Access will not be made available as source code, you will be able to mix and match binary Enterprise and Open Source components to build your own customized system. Scalix Web Access is based on Java technology, so not providing this in source code form will not affect portability.