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This tool is used to enable and disable IMAP logging for all users, or a particular user.

Source: enable_imap_logging


To enable for all users, execute:

[root@test9]# ./enable_imap_logging -a
Using log file(s): ~/tmp/imap.%u.%p

The output means that the log files will be written to the Scalix server's 'tmp' directory (for example, /var/opt/scalix/t9/s/tmp) with the file name imap.<user_id#>.<pid#>. The user ID for a particular user can be determined by executing omshowu with the '-G' option and looking at the value of the "Internal user Id" line.

[root@test9]# omshowu -n 'User0 Test0' -G
Authentication ID: ut0
Globally Unique ID: 4510000044a21364-922.321.861.291
User Name : User0 Test0 /CN=User0 Test0
MailNode : test9
Internet Address : "Text" <User.Test0@domain.com>="User0 Test0" <u0@domain.com>
System Login : 36003
Password : set
Admin Capabilities : NO
Mailbox Admin Capabilities : NO
Language : C
Internal user Id : 103
Mail Account: Unlocked
Last Signon : 05.05.07 09:47:00
Receipt of mail : ENABLED
Service level : 0
Excluded from Tidying : NO
Recovery Folder visible : NO
User Class : Full
SIS URL : sxidx://test9.domain.com/0b10000044a21364-922.321.861.291

To disable the logging execute:

[root@test9]# ./enable_imap_logging -a -r

To enable logging for a particular user, provide the user's name with the '-u' option. The name may be specified in the form '[Given] Surname' or 'S=Surname[/G=Given]' where the portions in brackets are optional.

[root@test9]# ./enable_imap_logging -u 'S=Test0'
Using log file(s): ~/tmp/imap.103.%p

Note that the user ID portion of the file name has been filled in.

To disable logging use the '-r' option:

[root@test9]# ./enable_imap_logging -u 'S=Test0' -r

To disable logging for all users for which it has been enabled, use the '-X' option along with '-a' and '-r.' This will remove logging first for all users (that is, from the general.cfg section) and then recursively for each individual user for which it has been enabled (the user.cfg section). This is a convenient way to turn off all logging without having to recall the user names of each user for which it has been configured.

[root@test9]# ./enable_imap_logging -a -r -X