Scalix 11.4.5 migrate from x86 to x86_64

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Scalix 11.4.5 migrate from x86 to x86_64

Postby vinceo » Wed May 04, 2011 11:34 am

Hello all,

Sorry about posting this in "Installation". I suppose it relates, but it's more of a migration or backup-&-restore job.

I've recently inherited a Scalix installation and have been considering an upgrade from the current memory limited hardware (x86 box) to virtual x86_64 system. Seems that JAVA / Tomcat / SWA is taking up about 1/2 the available memory.

I've been looking on and off for the past couple weeks for some sort of upgrade guide, and have found nothing suitable. I can't even find a backup-and-restore procedure for the Scalix specific settings and files.

Is there a specific, recommended method one should use to perform this task?

Current system:
OS: CentOS 5.2
Concurrent users: ~160 IMAP, POP3, Scalix Connector (outlook), and SWA users
Total users: ~350

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Re: Scalix 11.4.5 migrate from x86 to x86_64

Postby mmas » Fri May 06, 2011 4:40 am


I migrate succesfully some scalix 11.4.x from x86 to x86_64 following these steps:
1. Install linux OS 64bit (redhat, centos)
2. Install scalix 11.4.x on linux OS 64bit
3. Omscan and Backup scalix folders (/var/opt/scalix, /opt/,/etc/opt/...), links, permissions from linux 32 bit
4. Restore scalix folders and permissions on linux 64 bit
5. Restart scalix installer, uninstall Scalix DB component, restart scalix installer and reinstall Scalix DB component.
If you skip this step service scalix-postgres will fail to start.
6. omscan, sxmkindex -R, ... on linux 64 bit

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