Scalix doesn't find Mails from fetchmail

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Re: Scalix doesn't find Mails from fetchmail

Postby BaldBoy » Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:12 am

I have never setup Postfix with Scalix but I guess it acts pretty like Sendmail.

In a Scalix environment the internal MTA (PostFix or Sendmai) should listen only on the loopback interface ( while Scalix's MTA should listen on the IP address of your network card (e.g.
If you do

Code: Select all

telnet 25

you should receive the greeting from postfix
while if you

Code: Select all


you should receive the greeting from Scalix

Fetchmail, by default, delivers messages to the internal interface (localhost) on thus allowing Postfix to handle messages in it's internal mailboxes.
If you want mails retrieved by fetchmail to be handled by Scalix you have to tell fetchmail which IP address you want to use as smtp.
Therefore you have to change you .fetchmailrc file adding the clause "smtp". Like this :

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poll proto pop3
    user "blahblha" pass "somepassword" is "realemailaddressonscalixserver" here options smtp

Hope it helps.

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