where to find the scalix users for import

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Re: where to find the scalix users for import

Postby ltward » Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:38 pm

My response may be too late to be of any help but here is the information you were looking for. If it is too late to help you maybe it will help someone else in the future.

The command to add a user is:
omaddu -n "First Last/mailnode" -p <password> --class [limited| full]

So if you have a file with names and passwords you could script something.
Assuming your mailnode is "mail"
If your file is of the format:
John Doe secret
Julio Iglesias password
Mickey Mouse d1sn3y

You would use something like

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# cat /tmp/list | awk '{ print "omaddu -n \"" $1, $2 "/mail\" -p "$3 }' > /tmp/makeusers.sh

That would make a lot of omaddu commands in the file /tmp/makusers.sh
# cat /tmp/makeusers.sh
omaddu -n "John Doe/mail" -p secret
omaddu -n "Julio Iglesias/mail" -p password
omaddu -n "Mickey Mouse/mail" -p d1sn3y

Then all you need to do is

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sh /tmp/makeusers.sh

You might need to add to that awk command, if you want to include "--class limited" or similar in the omaddu commands.

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Re: where to find the scalix users for import

Postby mikethebike » Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:23 pm

If you still have the old server, you could use the information in the userlist to add the users and restore their old passwords.
There are a few threads on here on how to search and munge the data from userlist...just be very careful when modifying entries.

Before editing entries in the userlist, dump the complete contents to a file:

omsearch -e userlist -t h -e s=* > /tmp/userlist.txt


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