Port 25 vs port 587

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Port 25 vs port 587

Postby pinnks » Sat Nov 02, 2019 7:06 pm

Hopefully someone is still be monitoring this forum and be able to help.

I have been running a pretty standard scalix set-up for ages as a small family mail server. The only thing I have really changed from an out-of-the-box installation is to relay my sent mail via my ISP as I am sitting behind a dynamic IP addy and some recipient servers bounced my mails. Even with this I am at the limits of my Linux and scalix knowledge...

All was well until I got a new modem/router hub from my ISP today. It will not allow port 25 (or 53 for DNS) to be forwarded. One option, which I am using as a work-around, is to set the hub to modem mode and then do your LAN/Wifi with a separate router. I have an ancient 2.4G router which is stumbling along to give that work-around and thought I would have to shell out for a more up-to-date bit of kit.

However, after much googling I am wondering whether I can make scalix listen on port 587, rather than 25 as port 587 is not blocked in the hub's port forwarding software. I have found a few threads talking about this but am confused. Can someone give me some pointers of what to change where?



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