Fresh Install on Centos 6.3

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Fresh Install on Centos 6.3

Postby IanCoubrough » Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:23 am

We already have an old community version of Scalix running on Fedora 4, but to test this distribution I wanted to install on Centos (6.3).
First problem after installing dependencies was inability to find Java (I had installed Java of course) Scalix reported "Cannot execute java -version"
when I executed java -version in a separate console I got "java version "1.8.0". after trying to add specific paths to the PATH variable I gave up and installed openjdk - this then worked (with the expected warning).

Next problem:
Installation failed with:

Code: Select all

Configuring PostgreSQL...
Fatal error occured: Msg: An error occurred configuring Web applications -- check the log for errors.

Log file contained:

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2014-03-27 15:06:12,610 WARNING Could not determine PostgreSQL whitelist, OK.
2014-03-27 15:06:21,996 INFO Configuring PostgreSQL...
2014-03-27 15:06:44,072 ERROR Operation failed: Failed to reconfigure the PostgreSQL database.

At which point I have no further ideas....
help please!

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Re: Fresh Install on Centos 6.3

Postby ScalixSupport » Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:54 am

The latest supported java version is JRE1.7.99 . You can follow the link given below to install the supported java version and define the JAVA_HOME environment variable and PATH.

OpneJDK is not supported in production environment. So you might want to try with JRE.

To overcome the PostgreSQL error, please try to configure PostgerSQL database manually. To do this , make sure there are no scalix-postgres service running and then follow the steps given below,

1) Delete the directory /var/opt/scalix/XX/postgres/data
2) cd /opt/scalix-postgres/bin
3) ./sxpsql-init
4) ./sxpsql-setpwd yourdatabasepassword
5) ./sxpsql-whitelist <your server IP>


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