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Fantastic Release.

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:34 pm
by kanderson
Just upgraded to the latest version of Scalix. It went really smooth and was seamless for our users.

So far, things seem to be fantastic. SWA is faster, ActiveSync is more reliable on some of the devices that have given us grief in the past. Outlook's search feature is working correctly.

Overall, things seem great, and I just wanted to say thanks for an awesome upgrade.


Re: Fantastic Release.

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:16 am
by Skek-Tek
We've been using Scalix for ~8 years. It is a solid product. Much less troublesome than the Exchange servers I've administrated.

Upgrade was super simple (11 to 12). One server was just omshut, rsync (rsync -avzrP root@source:/var/opt/scalix/??/s /var/opt/scalix/??/s), omrc. With the second server I had to run ompatchom after rsync.

So far the biggest improvement I've seen is in webmail. It is much more responsive. Unfortunately we don't use it that often, generally we only use Thunderbird and Outlook.