Mail Enabled Public Folders

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Mail Enabled Public Folders

Postby moq88848 » Fri Apr 24, 2015 7:48 am

Hi all

I've been a long time Exchange installer/administrator and am looking for alternative solutions, and Scalix seems to fit the bill. I'm currently running up a test system to ensure all the functions we are used to behave as expected. So far so good, but early days.

Something I have implemented at several Exchange sites is mail-enabled Public Folders. I assign a public email address to a folder so mail to that address goes into that folder for all to see. This is not the same as the Scalix Distribution Group which would duplicate the email to multiple users (and is fine under those circumstances).

I spent a while investigating this function in SAC but couldn't see anywhere to manage Public Folders at all. I can create the Public Folders in Outlook fine but can't see how to assign it an email address on the Scalix machine.

Is this something that Scalix can do but I can't work out how, am I missing something obvious, or is Scalix not able to do this (yet).

Centos 7/Scalix 12.5

regards, Ron
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Re:Mail Enabled Public Folders

Postby moq88848 » Sat Apr 25, 2015 1:30 am

Sorry guys, I'm still learning my way around Scalix. I've just found the addpf add-in so I'm about to try that out.


The URL is broken so I can't download it :(

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Re: Mail Enabled Public Folders

Postby ScalixSupport » Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:09 am

Hello Mr. Ron,

Only Premium-level users of the Scalix Small Business Edition or Enterprise Edition can use
public folders. For more information, see "About Scalix Product Editions".

Kindly check the below example for the Maintaining Public Folders, and with the help of point no. 5 you may create mail enabled public folder.

1. To create a top-level folder, run the following command.
omaddbb -s <“Folder Name”>
# omaddbb -s fd1

2. To create a subfolder under that one, This would be a second-level folder.
omaddbb -m “TOP” -s <“Folder Name”>
# omaddbb -m fd1 -s fd2

3. To create another subfolder under the second level, This would be a third-level folder.
omaddbb -m “TOP><Folder Name>” -s <“Folder Name”>
# omaddbb -m fd1>fd2 -s fd3

4. To list public folders:
For top-level folders only:
# omlistbbs
For all levels of folders:
# omlistbbs -d 0
a) # omlistbbs -m fd1 The name of the folder (match)
b) # omlistbbs -d 0 OR # omlistbbs -d 1 The number of levels (depth) to list. The default is 1. To list all levels below the current one, specify a depth of 0
c) # omlistbbs -s Display the size of the public folder in KB
d) # omlistbbs -S Display whether a permissoin file is associated with the folder

5. Assigning Email Addresses to Public Folders:
To assign a folder a mailing address:
Assuming the folder is called "Top Level", the command would be:
omaddent -e "S=+BB/CN=Top Level/OU1=mailnode/DDT1=BB-NAME/DDV1=Top Level/"
# omaddent -e "S=+BB/CN=fd1/OU1=sx125/DDT1=fd1/DDV1=fd1/"

To add an entry for a lower-level folder, for example Top Level>Second Level, the
command would be:
omaddent -e "S=+BB/CN=Second Level/OU1=mailnode/DDT1=BB-NAME/DDV1=Top Level>Second Level/"
# omaddent -e "S=+BB/CN=fd2/OU1=sx125/DDT1=fd2/ DDV1=fd1>fd2/"

For more information ref "" and "Scalix Server Administration Guide"

Scalix Support Team

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