Blackberries Stop Working

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Blackberries Stop Working

Postby willie147scott » Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:31 am

Don't know if anyone can help. Am a bit of a nOOb so please be gentle. I set up our BES and followed the instructions on the Sticky Thread and everything has been working fine for a while.
For some reason though over the last few weeks intermittently the Blackberries seem to suddenly stop getting mails and I end up having to reboot the server. Maybe an hour or two later the mails start to come through.
Should it take a couple of hours after a reboot for our BES to start to communicate with the RIM's Servers and then our Devices?

Not really got a clue about this so any help would be appreciated cos my CEO is starting to get annoyed that his Blackberry keeps stopping.



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