No BES support from RIM

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No BES support from RIM

Postby MDAFederal » Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:51 am

Figured I would see if anyone else is having similar issues, since RIM does not want to support their own product. Hopefully Scalix and RIM can get together on this piece of support, as the problems we are experiencing are strictly BES and in no way Scalix connector issues.

BES 5.0 keeps stopping to function, then it loses its ability to talk to our AD server, thus the users are locked out of the admin console. Added a locally authenicated user, and now that is the ONLY way to access this. There was a bug posted and a hot-fix that helped for a bit, but now that it also rendered ineffective. Liked BES/BPS 4.1 much, much better.

Not sure if anyone else out there in the Scalix community is having issues with their BES 5.0 server, and it is frustrating to find out that the software vendor (RIM) will not support their own software (BES) in this configuration.

Maybe we'll all move to IPhones, as the ActiveSync users are getting happier since the latest update.

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