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Re: Forwarding Mails

Postby mikethebike » Mon Oct 31, 2011 6:57 am

You could have a look at the user's "g" directory and check their 3d file:

omshowu -n "Jan Ullrich" -f

have a look in that directory (th eone reported as user folder in above command) and see if there is a 3d (autoactions) file, and an associated 3e (autoforward DL file). These are both transaction file format (you can check using the unix "file" command)

You can use tfbrowse to look at the contents, I think tfbrowse is in ~diag directory in scalix install.

tfbrowse -c -i 0000003e.501 (or whatever the file is)


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Re: Forwarding Mails

Postby da » Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:13 pm

An easier way to get a list of rules for a user (including forwarding and redirection), is to use sxaa:

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sxaa --user "joe bloggs"

Then to get details of each rule on the list, for example rule number 508:

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sxaa --user "joe bloggs" --info 508

To delete the same rule

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sxaa --user "joe bloggs" --remove 508

More options are available, see the man page for sxaa

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