Scalix Web Access functionality includes:

Calendaring. Over and Over.
  • Overlay calendars allow the user to combine information coming from multiple personal, public or shared calendars into a single view, allowing for easy planning.
  • Calendar sets group calendas into commonly needed sets that can be recalled by the click of a button.
My Theme? Your Theme
  • Theming allows operators and hosting providers to modify SWA's look and feel to match their CI and provide for a more consistent user experience in portal applications
Rich groupware functionality
  • Full group scheduling capabilities including ability to look up free/busy information for attendees and resources, ability to find next available slot for all attendees, ability to schedule required and optional attendees as well as resources (i.e. conference rooms), ability to attach files and view attachments in meeting requests, ability to track acceptance status of attendees, and the full selection of response options for meeting requests (accept, decline, accept tentative, and propose new time)
  • Transparent, standards-based auto-conversion of meeting requests and responses between Scalix Web Access and desktop clients such as Outlook
  • Ability for a user to define a delegate for their mailbox and to assign specific rights to delegates, such as the right to manage their email and calendar
  • The ability for a user to share personal folders with other users or groups and define the access level for each user or group
  • Access to user address and other user information in the global directory via Scalix Web Access address book
  • Permissions-based public folders for emails, calendars and contacts. Ability to drag and drop items from your mailbox (email, contacts, calendar) to public folders
Performance and usability
  • Users can freely interchange between Scalix Web Access and desktop clients such as Outlook without losing data or formatting of emails, calendars, contacts
  • Single-click sorting of messages by subject, sender, date/time
  • Sub-second mailbox-wide message searching which allows for searching of attachments and focused searches (such as searching only for messages that have attachments, that are marked as high importance, that were received within a certain date range, etc.)
  • Mouseover functionality for rapid browsing of appointments, contacts, and message previews. Right-click menus to view, modify or delete calendar items without having to open them or leave the inbox or folder in view
  • Ability for each user to tailor the interface to his/her preference (i.e. resizable and collapsible frames, hide/show part of the user interface)
  • Ability to send and receive emails in rich text format
  • Auto-completion while addressing messages
  • Auto-insertion of customizable signature when composing messages
  • Integrated spell-checker while composing messages or upon Send
  • Ability to set message importance and sensitivity – ability to set for outgoing messages and view for received messages
  • Ability to manage one or multiple calendars from a single user interface
  • Ability to create and manage contacts and personal distribution lists
  • Rules wizard to create server-side rules for automated management of incoming email
  • Out-of-office assistant to automatically reply or forward messages. Interoperable with Outlook