How do I hide a directory entry from the system address book?

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Scalix Wiki -> FAQ -> How do I hide a directory entry from the system address book?

Before beginning, understand that hiding system directory entries is not a common practice.

In order to hide an entry from the directory you need to hide it both from CDA (Client Directory Access - the directory used by the Outlook connector) and from SWA.

The change below will work for both:

- CDA respects the Value EX-CDA-DIRECTORY=1 and omits such entries.

- SWA uses the following default LDAP search filter and as such doesn't see any entry with EX-CDA-DIRECTORY set to anything.


1) Use the ommodent command to modify system directory entries.

2) There are two arguments to pass: Use the –e switch and a subsequent unique identification key followed by the second argument, which always is –n EX-CDA-DIRECTORY=1.

For example, either of the following will work:

  ommodent -e “common-name=Smith, John N” -n EX-CDA-DIRECTORY=1
  ommodent –e jnsmith@xyzcorp.local –n EX-CDA-DIRECTORY=1

Where jnsmith@xyzcorp.local is the authentication ID of John N Smith.

Test whether the changes worked in Outlook after running omexeccda (see Scalix Admin Guide for more on omexeccda) and waiting a couple of minutes.

Test whether the changes worked in SWA after logging off and logging on again.