How do I display the size of user mailboxes?

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Scalix Wiki -> FAQ -> How do I display the size of user mailboxes?

1) Run the following commands:

  omoff -d 0 omscan
  omscan –Z
  omon omscan

2) Wait 5 to 15 minutes while omscan runs in the background.

3) When complete, enter:

  omscan -u  

You can also direct this output to a file using the –f option.

4) If you run "omscan -u" without the above commands, you receive the results from the previous run of omscan, which might have occurred 24 hours ago or more.

Note that if you run the last command (omscan -u) too soon (and the background omscan processes are still running), Scalix sends a message indicating that omscan is still running. Try again later.